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Abstract EP

Recorded - Dec/Jan 2001/2002
All Sound/Words by Xaven Taner

1 - Space Walk On Satans Shoes
2 - Seed
3 - Stalking Angels On A Wet Night In London
4 - Orchestral Crush The Threshold
5 - Scratching The Edges
6 - Astral Disaster
7 - I Don't Know
8 - Stalking Evil On A Black Night In Hell

The first of the three EPs themed around ideas of modern art is Abstract. This EP has Kavenism's first attempts at narrative composition. This can be heard on Stalking Angels On A Wet Night In London where the mix of layered field recordings and minimalist processing takes the listener on a journey through strange landscapes and buildings. Many of the tracks also use sequenced percussion and techno sounding loops.