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we greet the silence like a saviour
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters - This is Night of the World dot com

07Dec10 - I've added a couple of essays to the writing archive. The first on Hauntology (in music) and the second a discussion of political violence.

18Jul10 - Why update when you can wait for a year doing nothing. Well that's not exactly how I planed it. Truth be told all this facebook lark has rather drawn my attention away from the old site in recent years. But never fear I have got my act together to put up a seperate section for Xaven Taner music (this is linked off the main music page) and corrected some links. I have put up the main piece from the Luc Ferrari tribute and three of the wind chime pieces. I wont put them all up as space is limited. I have also embedded the soundcloud widget into the Xaven Taner section which plays my Debris of History mix. I also really need to do something with this front page as it's lame.

18Aug09 - The new domain name for the site, night of the world dot com, comes from a famous passage in Hegel’s philosophy:
"The human being is this night, this empty nothing, that contains everything in its simplicity—an unending wealth of many presentations, images, of which none happens to occur to him—or which are not present. This night, the inner of nature, that exists here— pure self—in phantasmagorical presentations, is night all around it, here shoots a bloody head—there another white shape, suddenly here before it, and just so disappears. One catches sight of this night when one looks human beings in the eye—into a night that becomes awful, it suspends the night of the world here in an opposition. In this night being has returned."

(from the Realphilosophie manuscript of 1805–06)

(Copyright xaventaner 2010)