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Advanced Health Plan Co-op


Brief Overview

The ADVANCED HEALTH PLAN CO-OP was developed to improve and protect the physical health for millions. A unique program created by the members, for the members to prevent needless suffering and death.

A Brief History

As with everything, this cooperative effort began with an idea. An idea born from a conversation concerning vital life saving information that was somehow being overlooked by the medical mainstream. In-depth investigation has given us the Scientific Proof that we can now share with others. Information that will provide the solution to some of todays most devasting diseases.

All people seem to be affected to some degree by disease and illness such as cancer, heart disease, alzheimers, diabetes, chronic fatique, etc., being either afflicted themselves or having a friend or loved one that is suffering.

We believe all things work together for good and there is a reason we have been given an opportunity to spread the word and there is a desire in most everyone to help others.

It is apparent to all that we live in an information age with paid commercials for nearly anything imaginable. What information can we believe and what information should we take seriously?

In April of 2000, information from the American Cancer Society stated that One in every 4 persons will die of some form of cancer. Late in the year 2000, that number changed to One in every 3. In July of 2001, the report came to us that One in every 2.5 will die of some form of Cancer. Now that frightened us and it should frighten you.

Heart disease is the cause of 2 in every 4 deaths in North America and can easily be prevented.

The important point here is that during our investigations we found these diseases are avoidable all together. Your first question may be "Why have we not been provided this information from our medical mainstream?". Well, there is no reason to waste valuable time in answering this question, our time is better spent in assuring information is now available to you and your loved ones.

The Advanced Health Plan is here to not only help you prevent diseases but to also offer solutions for those already suffering from these diseases. In addition to the right for good physical health, we realize financial health is also a growing concern for families. The AHP Co-op is concerned with ways to save the members money as well as create an option to allow them to make money.

After donating much of our time to accumulating resources and verifying the information we realized by finding the means to actually pay others to help spread the word, many more could free up their time to help. Now with the Internet there are more people than ever that would like to work from home.

The Advanced Health Plan was developed as the most logical means today in meeting the needs of those that may suffer from disease and those sincerely concerned with preventing disease. You will find in the pages of the website and those we refer you to, that the means of having good health is available to all. Why worry about the high cost of medical treatments and higher cost medical insurance if you can avoid the issue of disease all together?

Members of the AHP Co-op have devoted 1,000's of hours in identifying the resources that will be the most beneficial as well as the most trustworthy. Advanced Scientific Health is our #1 answer for both physical and financial health.

Advanced Scientific Health has the means to allow it's members to purchase non-drug formulas at lab cost. ASH is a company that has your best interest at heart. ASH has developed a compensation plan that will pay you for your referrals made to others. Be sure to check them out today!
Advanced Scientific Health

An AHP Free Membership will provide you with updated information with a bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter will supply information assuring you the most proven effective and safe methods and formulas for the best health in the future. Also included with your Free Membership are 3 FREE E-Books. These books include, How to Build a Website, How to use classified ads and an indepth course on Scientific Advertising. These books will not only help you in promoting the Free AHP Co-op so your friends and family can share the information, but can be used for a number of your personal and other business needs.

The Seek the Truth page is available for people that may be facing other stresses in life that can also lead to illness such as, loss of job, low income, judicial injustices, vaccinations, media propaganda and much more.

We are a non-profit organization, currently funded by the AnnyBelle Foundation and donations from our members. Donations are of course always welcome and can be made through the AnnyBelle Foundation's webpage. Simply designate your donation to the AHP Co-op.

You may also contribute valid information that will assist in educating the masses so people can make more informed decisions about their future. All people have the right to hear the whole Truth.

Best Regards,

Vickie Barker
AHP Co-op Director


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