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Official Dark Age of Camelot site.
The Camelot Herald
Official Mythic site, almost updated daily with goodies like new Patch Notes and such.
The Camelot Vault
Excellent DAOC news site updated daily. Also holds all the DAOC boards where Mythic employees are known to post.
Camelot Warcry
Good DAOC news site with tons of information. Has enormous information about almost every single quest.
DAOC Catacombs
Home of such things as the Emblem previewer and the Character builder.. Try it!
Allakhazam's Camelot
HUGE database of -maps- quests, items, classes.. You name it.
Camelot Stratics
Site containing lots of guides and maps.
Daoc Tradeskills
This is a comprehensive guide how to tradeskill and where to get the different materials.