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Greetings In the name  of our Lord and Saviour Jesus CHRIST  we Must  first thank you for visiting our website  we are glad to know u have an interest in our little congregation here in South America ,Guyana. Below You will find a little about our congregation  here and we hope you feel free to contact us

The soesdyke congregation had been in existence for about 15 years and has had 4 preacher to serve her in these  15 years .My name is Leon Nascimento I am presently  the preacher working with the church here in Soesdyke .The church is located about 30 miles out of Georgetown next to the Cheddie Jagan International Airport. It is a rural area  with population into the thousands, approximately 7,000 persons in  the village, it  is one of the biggest  villages on the West Bank of the Demerara river, about  2 & 1/2 miles long

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