what you are experiencing here is a weak form of what I attempted years ago to express my views and opinions on such things that I take intrest in. So I hope you enjoy this web version of a zine I produced in highschool that didn't get any further than my bedroom closet, hopefully you enjoy. And please excuse the lack of material, for It is a work in progress.


It was October 10th, 2003. The last day of my vacation from a place that I call work. It all started when I picked up my friend from his house and we ran frantically around town to get prepared for the days events. As we got his clothes gathered, money put in the pocket, and gas in the car, we departed on the first half of our journey. It was a two hour drive to Indianapolis, but we made the best of times. With made up songs, and extreme laughter we arrived, not too late yet not too early. There we picked up his girlfriend, who is also a die hard fan as myself. Hence, we leave Indy and depart on our way to Ohio. Yet what to our dismay? We are stopped not a mile out of the city by dreaded traffic. Fear sank in as a couple of minutes of not moving anywhere turned into an hour on the same stretch of road. Tension grew as the fear of not making it sunk in. However we made it through traffic and were on our way. Finally we had made it to the destination, and not a moment late. Sure we missed the first band, but that was no matter. We walked in and it was crawling with punk rockers and freaks. My type of enviroment. As we made the main sanctuary, I could hear the first band finishing up. On takes the stage Holland. I was impressed with the band, I liked them quite a bit, I do not know where my friends view points stood though. Than comes the famous Pillar. What a great band, they put on a marvelous show. But nothing compared to what was next, the band assembled on stage. My good old friend, Reese Roper took the stage and cracked a few jokes while they were setting up. Than the show had started. I've never moshed or skanked harder in my life. It was an amazing finale. As the show winded down to an end, I stopped and reflected on what a great band we've been blessed with for the past nine years. The last song put a tear in my eye and a moment in my heart to never forget. As "Every new day" led us out of the show, it led us into a place of worship. And that's how the show concluded. Never again, will I ever be able to experience such a great band. Five Iron Frenzy will live in our hearts forever.

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::Well guys I gotta hand it to ya; you just keep becoming more and more amazing. I'm seriously thrilled, and I know the rest of your fans are as well to hear of all the success you guys have had. I remember when I first saw ya at cornerstone 2000, I just knew your talent was taking you places. It puts a tear in my heart. Well, don't forget me when you're all big and famous, I'm looking foward to when you guys record you're knew album. Which good luck with that. And I'll hopefully see you guys in chicago soon. Me and my friend John have been meaning to head up there to catch a concert. Oh, and don't worry, i'm GOING to get my friends at the Zone and Q101 to play you're stuff, if it's the life of me... Love ya guys!:: http://www.celestialstatic.net

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timmyMy name is Tim Fife, and as I've said before this is a weak version of what I attempted in high school.  See I attended a computer course in which I had the liberty to do whatever I wanted so I used my resources, if you may, to produce my own personal Zine.  Well, as luck may have it, not very many people recieved a copy of this product.  In result, I have like 35 original versions of it collecting dust in my parents garage.  So, being tossed with what to do on my internet webpage, I've decided to re-birth it here on the World Wide Web.  This page goes out to my wonderful amazing gorgeous girlfriend, all my friends, and those that help to produce what you see here today.  Please enjoy, and before I forget special thanks to the band Celestial Static for being great people.

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