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Ahmed A. Khan's
Index of Online Fiction

Welcome to the first index dedicated to online fiction, launched on June 15, 2001.

This index was launched with an aim to provide more exposure to the excellent fiction on the Net out there. I maintained the site till about November 2002 (a year and a half) but then I had to give up when I found the work too rigorous and time consuming. In fact I would not have been able to maintain it this long without encouragement from good people out there like Jean Goldstrom, Gary Markette, Joe Fekete and some other writers, most of whom I had met (electronically) at

Even as it stands, I believe the website can provide interesting reading and resource because I am leaving the story links intact and also the ezine links. The monthly "Best" choices page would also provide interesting reading to people interested in speculative fiction.

There will still be some pages that I will be regularly updating. One of them will be the page that showcases my works. The other will be the "Links" page. In addition, I plan to add other pages to the site where I will be posting reviews of books and other such paraphrenalia on an irregular basis.

Currently, this website has the following to offer:

Ezine Index

The index lists e-zines and their current contents. The e-zines listed here have been selected with certain criteria in mind, some of them being:
  • Zines that pay their authors at least about $0.01/word
  • Zines that are currently in business
  • Zines that are known to be writer-friendly

Author Index

Stories indexed by last names of authors for the period June 2001 to September 2002.

Readers' and Ahmed's Choice

A showcase best stories of the month based on readers' choice and my own personal picks.

About Myself

More than you may ever want to know about yours truly and his works of fiction and non-fiction.



Interesting Links