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Illusion of time & Kirby

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Illusion of time/ Illusion of Gaia

+Itory village+ *Cape town* +Sky garden+
*Title theme* +End+ *Rest awhile*
+Mu+ *Mother* +Map+ *final*
+Edward's castle+ *Ankor wat*


-A new day in dreamland- +Boss battle+
*Dynablade castle* -Gourmet race-
+Later treaure hunting+ *Meteos*
-Great cave offensive- +Mine carts+
*Kirby superstar* -Kirby's dream course-
+Day at the beach+ *Player select*
-A new day- +Battle with Dedede+
*Stage select* -Battle with dark matter-
+Level 1+ *Level 2* -Kirby sand canyon-