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Feir's karaoke page......doo-be-doo!

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i'm after decent music and trance/dance or newer songs, so if you know of any good midi-file pages let me know! thanx **ones marked with** arent working yet....sorry

Feir's favourites :)

encore une fois/Sash
ever loved a woman/Bryan Adams
mama/Spice Girls
beautiful life/Ace of base
beach boys
what is love?/Haddaway
all night long/Lionel Richie (esp 4 stuart xx)
**barbie girl AQUA
**lollipop candy man AQUA
**my oh my AQUA
bomfunk mc's FREESTYLER

Other faves

fade to grey/Visage
freedom/DJ Bobo
drill instructor
born to be wild/Steppenwolf
**Walking after you/Foo fighters
i want to break free/Queen
**Big me/foo fighters
**i'll stick around/foos
**up in arms/foos
**Killing me softly/fugees
**no woman, no cry/fugees
**ready or not/fugees
as long as you love me/Back street boys
i want it that way/BSB
Quit playing games/BSB
show me the meaning/BSB
the one/BSB
we've got it going on/BSB

Ruined by being turned into midi's, or just funny!

walk this way?Aerosmith (check out the 'guitar')
Boney M
bohemian rhapsody/Queen
run to you/Bryan Adams
kiss, kiss/holly valance, yawn....
red red wine/UB40