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Earthworm Jim 1 & 2, Snes Castlevania, Gradius

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Earthworm Jim
-andy's asteroids- -for pete's sake-
-new junk city- -slug for a butt-
-snot a problem- -use your head-
-what the heck!?- -anything but tangerines-
-jim's now a blind cave salamander!-
-lorenzo's soil- -puppy juggling-
-see jim run, run jim run- -udderly abducted-

Snes Castlevania

-Entrance and stables- -Theme of Simon-
-Forest- -Waterfalls- -Caves-
-Skeleton fortess- -Granite fortress-
-In the castle- -Chandaliers- -Long library-
-Cellar- -Cursed treasury- -The clock tower-
-Cursed castle bridge- -Gear tower-
-Dance of illusions- -Opus- -Bloodlines-
-Blood mix- -Picture of ghost ship-


-Gradius- -Storm- -Scramble- -Legend-
-Invitation- -High speed dimension- -Freedom-
-Dead end cell- -Crystal labyrinth-
-Mayor's on parade-