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Hello, these pics are me and also of my lovely kids, i'm a happy and freindly person and have seen a lot in my life, i've been through a lot myself too, i was born in 1973 and born in Bolton, brought up in Blackrod and have happy memories of this time, i've got 2 younger sisters and a younger brother and i love them all loads, i went to Scott lane school (infants) then went to St Georges (juniors) once we moved and then to Albany high (secondary),then i had loads of poorly paid jobs, but had loads of fun and made some great freinds too, one helped me with my anorexia but i've had a few relapses, none for a few years tho luckily, having my kids has helped my self-esteem loads :) they fill my life with love and happiness!

The main things i remember from my childhood are playing games with my brother like cowboys & indians (i tied him up, but he forgave me!) and older girls would play with us, i remember one girl taught me how to write in joined up writing, and another girl called Suzanne who used to call for us, unfortunately my main memory of her was the day she accidently let our pet dog out of the backyard and Sheba got run over and died. Scott Lane was a lovely school and i mostly played with the boys (probably coz i was more used to my brothers company) we learnt about Rameses and Jason and the argonauts, and played a game where you had to collect parts of a beetle! My most scary childhood memory is we had to watch an educational programme about a boy who was an alien and wrote everything backwards and i was very frightened of this programme and every week would pretend to be ill so that i could sit outside class and not have to watch it!!! My grandad picked me up from school and taught me how to make rude noises by washing my hands with lots of soap then squeezing my hands together! and I remember a few fun kiddy birthday parties! I got sent to my room for throwing a weeble at one of my freinds, but that's about it from my infancy. My brothers birthday parties always ended up as massive fights, loads of 5, 6, or 7 year olds having 'fun' (I hope this baby is either a girl or a very calm boy!!!) St Georges wasn't a bad school, i mostly remember either me or my brother used to get in trouble quite often by accident, and having to go to the head but i never got the slipper, my mum would never give her permission for any of us kids to have that. But i did have to clean the chalkboard or do lines as detention. The one teacher we all used to laugh at most was called Mr. Jones, he did music and if you didn't join in with the singing you were in trouble (he had a handbag and seemed a bit wierd to us kids). St Albans has loads of mad memories for me, i skived off a lot but the teachers were probably glad as when i was there i was quite a problem, i had loads of great freinds at this time and these really were nearly the best days of my life. :)

My first job was in a butty shop, my boss, Eleanor, was a geordie and really nice and freindly, I also remember Gail and Kath, who were both nice, i enjoyed this job even though when i went next door for the veg all the lads used to try and shove cucumbers up my skirt for a 'laugh' their boss asked me out and i fell in love, but stupid, naive me didn't realise he was married and when i found out me and a freind threw his melons at him from the front of the shop and went a bit mad. I was definately more wary of older men after this. I left that job and started a Y.T.S. as a catering assistant, and event though most of the trainees spent all afternoon in the pub accross the road, we all passed our N.V.Q.'s (and got 200 bonus for doing so) Being the ambitious girl that i am i left the trainig scheme and got a job in a pizza place, it was fun but the boss hadn't a clue how to run a business (it really didn't help that it was a franchise and his bosses were out to make money off him and in doing so bankrupt him) shame really coz his heart was in the right place, and his wife and kids were loving and lovely. So when this shop shut down.... I was ready to leave home! as far away from the dump i call chorley as possible!!!
To london, first living in muswell hill, which was great lots of drink, smoke and music,(and i think i turned alcoholic in the process..hehe i'm lying i was an alky years before then) i met loads of great people down there and went to loads of great places too, this was the best time of my entire life!!! then moved to deptford, south london. Then me and my brother moved to bury. I met my kids dad here, things didn't work out with him, but we had two lovely boys and most of my happiest memories are with them (we had a daughter too but she died unfortunately) then i made the biggest mistake of my life and moved to ******* and am desperate to move away, i've been here 3 years and hate it here (which is why i find cyberspace so appealling), but am applying to move to everywhere so hopefully me and my kids will be living somewhere nice soon :) i have made a few great freinds here and i'll miss them, but i wont miss living here! Help me move away!!!!PLEASE!!!

Things aren't all bad here though! Luckily Stuart (Oggy) is a great bloke, me and the kids love him loads! and we're expecting a baby 4th feb 2003, so keep your fingers crossed for us :)
hello to all who know me, i used to go on sega message boards a lot and got a lot of web knowledge and help off a few sega Dreamcast users, so thanx and see you on there soon, when i'm not so tired (hopefully soon) bye for now will tell you more about me soon, i've had a very busy life and would love to share my best times with you...
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