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Jeff Fahey, well someone's gotta love him :)

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Little bit more about jeff.....

Jeff was born in Olean, New York, and moved to Buffalo when he was 10, where he attended Father Baker's High School. After graduation in 1972, he traveled around the world doing odd jobs. He was a crwman on a fishing boat, drove an ambulance in Germany, lived on a Kibbutz in Israel and spent some time in India. He then returned to Buffalo and joined the Studio Arena Theatre. From there Jeff went to New York City where he studied with Myra Rastova, began dong off broadway theatre and television soap operas. He started a production company and produced off-brodway shows out of the Raft Theatre on Theatre Row. Jeff first gained attention as a motion picture actor in Lawrence Kasden's "Silverado" in which he played Brian Dennehy's deputy Tyree, a cold blooded killer with a thirst for vengence. Jeff starred in the acclaimed live television play "The Execution of Raymond Graham" and th TNT mini-series "444 Days." He starred for over 2 years in the daytime serial "One Life To Live." He appeared in the Broadway revival of "Brigadoon," toured with "Oklaholma," performed in Paris in "West Side Story," and in London in "Orphans" with Albert Finney. Jeff was raised in Buffalo as one of 13 children in an Irish-American family.


Cold Heart (2001)
The Last Siege (2001)
Blind Heat (2001)
Inferno (2001)
White Hunter, Black Heart (1990)
Curiosity Kills (1990)
Eye of the Wolf (1995)
Iran: Days of Crisis (1991)
Northern Passage (1995)
The Sweeper (1995)
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die (1996)
Serpent's Lair (1995)
Lethal Tender (1996)
Operation Delta Force (1997)
Virtual Seduction (1995)
The Underground (1997)
Catherine's Grove (1997)
Extramarital (1998)
Johnny 2.0 (1999)
When Justice Fails (1999)
The Contract (1999)
Backfire (1987)
The Execution of Raymond Graham (1985)
Psycho 3 (1986)
Iron Maze (1991)
The Lawnmower Man (1992)
Sketch Artist (1992)
Body Parts (1991)
Blindsided (1992)
The Hit List (1993)
Quick (1993)
Woman of Desire (1993)
Freefall (1993)
Temptation (1994)
Wyatt Earp (1994)
Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995)
Time Served (1999)
Detour (1998)
Smalltime (1998)
Revelation (1999)
The Newcomers (1999)
Apocalypse Trilogy (1998-2000)
Impulse (1990)
The Last of the Finest (1990)
White Hunter, Black Heart (1990)
Johnny 2.0 (1999)
When Justice Fails (1999)
Beneath the Bermuda Triangle (1999)
No Tomorrow (1998)
Split Decisions (1988)
True Blood (1989)
The Serpent of Death (1989)


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