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N64 music

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Diddy kong racing! Central area Dino domain Dragon forest
Fossil canyon Frosty village Jungle falls
Sherbert island Snowball valley Snowflake mountain
Spacedust alley Spaceport alpha DKR

Castlevania Stairway to the clouds
Castlevania medley Castlevania medley 2
Scary maze Dungeon Illusions

F-Zero X Big blue Devil's forest Sand ocean
Ending Mute city Port town
Red canyon Silence

Mario stuff M64 cap medley Bowser Metal cap remix
Peaches slide Wingcap Cool mountain
Bob-omb stage Bowser stage

And the rest....... New tetris Pilotwings
Mystical ninja, Oedo castle Mystical ninja, Edo castle
NGC, Super smash bros. Yoshi GBA, Yoshi
GBA, Castlevania, Catacombs GBA, Castlevania, Tower
Orion plaza-blast corps Simian acres-blast corps