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Gradients are a wonderful addition to Paint Shop Pro, and I have found them to be highly addictive, both in using them and making them. Gradients can give your creations, and webpages a soft, serene look, they can add metallic sheens, Or, even bold colorful stripes of your choosing. The patterns you can create are endless.
All the gradients offered here for personal use, are the original creations of "Designs by Laela". Please do not add them to any other webpage or CD collection or claim them as your own. And, for curtesy sake, please leave all file names in tact. ~ Laela

Feeling adventurous? You can find our EASY tutorial for making your own personal gradients HERE

HOW TO INSTALL YOUR NEW GRADIENTS: Left Click on the gradient, click on save file to disc, and download the gradient directly into your PSP GRADIENT FOLDER. (Individual gradients, are in jgd. format.) Or, download the whole set of 16 gradients, offered in a zip file, below each table.
DBL Gradient Header
Page 1
Lemon Lime Twist Jamaican Sunset Pastel Softness Web Page Gradient Tropics Seafoam Plums Orange Ice
Christmas Playful Pink Blue Haze Ribbon Candy Green Canary Yellow Blaze Dark Blue Electric Magenta Shock
Download ZIP FILE of all 16 gradients above.
Sappy Sweet Soothing Brown Modern Art Easter Nightmare Shadows Light Jade Pretty Easter Brown Reflection
Americana Victorian Rose Storm Sixties Pot Luck Purple Fantasy Green Fade Raspberry
Download ZIP FILE of all 16 gradients above.

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