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Greetings. I am Matt Rhyner, the current 2005 Masken world champion. I started playing Masken with the kids from my school about a year or so ago. They were all pretty good, one kid got like a 97 once. My high score back on my Sony Clie used to be like 62, then it went to 66 then to 71. 71 lasted for awhile, I though the seventies were "insane." Gradually I just got better.  I got my score up to a "miraculous" 107 right at about the time everyone stopped playing. Partly the reason for this was because none of them could break 70 and they just got discouraged since I had broken 100. I got my Zire 72, and things changed included my game. I sat down for old times sake to play another game of Masken on my "new" Palm. Within a few tries I landed a 138, the third highest score in the world. It is also interesting to add that the very game before getting a 138 I believe I got 2 points! I showed my score around and every basically rolled their eyes, all in good fun. I discovered this website only to be disappointed that I had been beaten out by Miguel Sterner and future theologian, Luke Sneeringer. I sat on my bed and formulated a "game plan" or a strategy. I went to work. Three tries later, 181. Using my technique which I like to call "Follow the Leader" I could/can get about 145-160 every time. The time I got 181 was just...special (no NOT luck!).


Play on Maskenites,

Matthew Rhyner





The world's highest Masken score was performed with Palm Zire 72.





By the way this is my dog, she was my only witness.