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welcome to Crimson Regret Zine Distro! i'm teresa and i run this non-profit distro which is based in sydney, australia. i started this distro because i decided it would be really wonderful to be involved in the community and because i was immediately enchanted as soon as i was introduced to the zine scene by a friend. my aim is to provide a platform for more growth in the zine community and by running this distro, i would really like spread the passion and to encourage talented writers to publish their own media and get it circulating to a wider audience. in Crimson Regret ZD, you will find a wide variety of zines to suit your taste, focusing mainly on personal, general and creative zines, but stocking all genres, all of which are available through mail order. now, i'm working on my own zine Crimson Regret and it should be released shortly! check out the updates section to read the latest events and releases. if you would like to have your publication distributed, then please read the how to get distro'd section. for any questions you may have, read the mFAQ section. otherwise ask me. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. enjoy!

21st oct 2003