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Origin: Germany
Status: Active
Style: Death Metal

Official Website:

Discography Label
1984: 'In The Sign Of Evil' (EP) Steamhammer/SPV
1986: 'Obsessed By Cruelty' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1987: 'Persecution Mania' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1987: 'Expurse Of Sodomy' (EP) Steamhammer/SPV
1988: 'Mortal Way Of Live' (Live CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1989: 'Agent Orange' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1989: 'Ausgebombt' (EP) Steamhammer/SPV
1990: 'Better Off Dead' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1991: 'The Saw Is The Law' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1992: 'Tapping The Vein' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1993: 'Aber Bitte Mit Mahne' (EP) Steamhammer/SPV
1994: 'Get What You Deserve' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1994: 'Marooned' (Live CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1995: 'Masquerade In Blood' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1996: 'Ten Black Years - Best Of' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1997: 'Till Death Do Us Unite' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV
1999: 'Code Red' (CD) Drakkar/BMG
2001: 'M-16' (CD) SPV
2003: 'One Night In Bangkok' (CD) Steamhammer/SPV

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