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Origin: USA
Status: Disbanded
Style: Technical Death Metal

Website: N/A Nocturnus was formed in Tampa, Florida back in June 1987 by drummer/vocalist Mike Browning, 24, guitarist Gino Marino, 21, bassist Jeff Estes, 21, and guitarist Mike Davis, 18. They were one of the first bands to do technical death metal using horror themes in their music. Keyboardist Louis Panzer, 22 joined in September 1988, which added another dimension and completed the Nocturnus sound.

In 1988 they released ‘The Science of Horror’ demo, which had four songs from ‘The Key’ album. This demo caught the eye of Digby Pearson at Earache Records in Nottingham, England and subsequently they were given a record deal.

Sean McNenney replaced Gino Marino as one of the guitarist for ‘The Key’ sessions. Once the album was released it went over big in the metal scene selling over 50,000 copies worldwide. ‘The Key’ had technical guitar work that was not seen in death metal and therefore it blew everyone away. ‘The Key’ was also the first album by a death metal band to work keyboards into every song.

Nocturnus toured Europe in 1991 with Bolt Thrower and was amazing crowds with their live performances of those gripping songs. The Grindcrusher tour of the US with Napalm Death and Godflesh was up next.

After the two tours with Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death and Godflesh, Nocturnus went into the studio to record ‘Thresholds.’ Dan Izzo was brought aboard to do vocals for Nocturnus. This was a great relief for Mike Browning who could now concentrate on drumming. It also brought a better stage presence to the band. Chad Anderson replaced Jeff Estes as the bass player, but he only played bass during the recording sessions of ‘Thresholds.’ Jim O’Sullivan was recruited as a touring bassist. Emo Mowery joined in 1991 to replace their touring bassist Jim O’Sullivan for the tour with Confessor following the release of ‘Thresholds.’ Thresholds was released in 1992 on Earache Records. This was to be their last record for Earache.

Shortly after founding member Mike Browning, who was actually the drummer and vocalist in an early Morbid Angel, left Nocturnus. James Marcinek was brought in to replace Mike Browning. Dan Izzo was still the vocalist. In 1993 they recorded a two-song 7”/MCD for Moribund Records in Seattle, Washington. This 7”/MCD gave us two of the best songs ever from Nocturnus. Once the 7”/MCD was released Nocturnus broke up.

Now 7 years after the last Nocturnus record was released comes Nocturnus back stronger than ever. Sean McNenney and Mike Davis are back to bring us their unmistakable sound, and Louis Panzer is still making those eerie sounds on the keyboard. Emo Mowery, the bassist for the 7” now adds the vocal duties, since Dan Izzo is not with the band anymore. Rick Bizzaro, the newest member of Nocturnus, is taking over on drums. In 2000, Nocturnus release ‘Ethereal Tomb’ on their new record label Season of Mist Records in France. This album is a great album that still uses the sci-fi themes today as it did back in 1988 when they formed.

Discography Label
1987: 'Nocturnus' (Demo)
1988: 'The Science of Horror' (Demo)
1990: 'The Key' (CD) Earache
1992: 'Thresholds' (CD) Earache
1993: 'Nocturnus' (EP) Moribund
2000: 'Ethereal Tomb' (CD) Season of Mist
2003: 'The Nocturnus Demos' (CD) Karmageddon Media

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