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Darkthrone - A Blaze In the Northern Sky

Peaceville Records
Black Metal

Track Listing
1. Kathaarian Life Code
2. In The Shadow Of The Horns
3. Paragon Belial
4. Where Cold Winds Blow
5. A Blaze In The Northern Sky
6. The Pagan Winter
Album Line up
Nocturno Culto
Dag Nilsen

I was expecting to hear something that would resemble their classic 1990 debut album "Soulside Journey" which is actually my favorite Darkthrone album, but I was in for a surprise.

The album starts off with an intro that has a eery, haunting chant that makes you feel your in the bowels of hell, than once the intro ends "Kathaarian Life Code" takes over which right away you hear the Bathory influence with it's fast pounding drums and fuzzy guitars which you will hear throughout the album. Darkthrone do have their own style and are definitely not Bathory clones.

Production on the album is not great its got a raw, and almost primitive sound which really suits the album, plus it gives it a more evil, cold, and demonic atmosphere to it. The guitars have a chainsaw sound to them and the drums are loud and clear sounding.

This album was a breakthrough album with great Norwegian bands like Emperor, Immortal, Arcturus etc...following in their footsteps. If their ever were a legendary Black Metal album than this would be one of them.

If you listen to Black Metal than you must own this album. Don't expect any melodic keyboard passages, or female vocals here expect nothing but PURE FUCKING EVIL!

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