Valentine's Day...

Summary: Xander and William solve Buffy's little problem with the First Evil and patch up their respective relationships...with the assistance of the First Good.

It had to be him. Who else could be so Good...


Disclaimer: All BTVS characters remain the property of Josh Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and all other owner/creators of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

A shortie...


"You're saying...You two have made contact with the First...Good?." Buffy stared at Xander, a slightly sheepish William beside him. All four standing in Sunnydale High's auditorium...

Anya frowned...Uh-huh...

But secretly bursting with pride...My Xander...Did it again.

"The Man of Love" beats out "The Law" any day... Hands down.

Through his Observer...Xander explains.

"Principal Wood...?" Buffy shakes her head.

"I admit he was acting a little strange last time we met. But..."

"We didn't plan it this way." William interjects. "It was just..."

"And he's gonna help us take care of the First...?" Anya looks at them.

Out of the goodness of his...Oh, right...she pauses. First Good...

Supposed to do it that way...

"What were you trying to do...?" Buffy turned to William.

Well...he began, looking at his partner.

Ummn...Well...Xander chimed in.

A flash of light. A tall figure appears. Principal Wood beside him, nods kindly to Buffy...Who stares back.

"Oh...My...Go..." Anya's jaw drops.

"Not God." the First Good smiles, speaking in a rich, deep, and very familiar voice. "I make no such claim, my dear girl. Just... Good."

"Slayer...I want to apologize for taking so long to come to your assistance. I was tied down and hadn't realized she was out and about."

She?...Buffy eyed him.

"What you would call the First Evil. My counterpart...My soulmate...My wife, if you like." he smiled.

We normally maintain a balance between us. A relationship that worked out for quite some time.

But, he sighed. She's an impatient lady...Saw her chance to wreak havoc...And grabbed it.

"She's your. Wife...?" Buffy glared.

"The other part of me...As it must be, my dear...As all life must be a balance of good and evil. But, apart from her nature, she is a wonderful companion. I was devastated to find she'd left me."

But...he smiled at Xander and William.

"Then these two fine gentlemen decided to call for some assistance."

"They called you in...To help...?" Anya looked at him.

"It was more in the nature of...A little romantic assist...You see, I also deal with problems of the heart." he smiled.

Yeah...Anya nodded, clearly a little smitten. I kinda guessed that.

"Thank you, lovely lady." he beamed. Showing his gleaming teeth.

We got...Problems?... Buffy hissed to William.

I thought we were doing just fine...Especially after last Wednesday night.

Just wanted to keep things moving in the right direction, girl...he hissed back. And after 122 soulless years I needed an expert.

"Buffy." Wood sighed to her. "I'm sorry I couldn't reveal my true nature to you. It's part of the rules we have to work by. But I was monitoring the situation and had also contacted the First."

"But you guys were the ones who got him...?" Buffy was beginning a slight beam at William. Who sensed he'd been forgiven whatever the hell she'd been planning to be mad at him for.

"For us...?" she grinned openly now, staring back at the First Good.

"Who better for Valentine's Day, lo..." William paused, then grinned.

"My love..." he took her hand.

Though it was Harris' initial idea to get him. In his human persona, before we realized.

"You mean...?" Anya looked at the First Good. "You really are him, too?"

"I love working with people, mending hearts as I go, lovely lady." he smiled.

"And I love to sing. Your little friend Sweet was actually a descendant of...Ours."

A flash...Smoke...The First Evil, in Morphy Buffy form appeared in the center of the room...Glaring.

"At last, Slayer!...It took a while. But, now fully recharged I will destroy you! My day is at hand! And...and...Oh..." she put a hand to her mouth.

"Darling." The First Good gently eyed her.

"Enough of hurting and causing pain. It's time to come home."

"I want my own time!..." the First Evil glared at him. "I should have my chance..."

"A balance, darling...Always a balance. It...And Love...Are what make the world go round."

"She caused the imbalance...!" Morphy Buffy pointed to Buffy.

"Now, darling." The First Good shook his head. "There was more here than a Slayer resurrection."

What's wrong, baby...?

The First Evil stamped her foot. "I want my time!...And...And..."

And you're never home these days...she eyed him.

"Baby." he took her hand gently.

"You know...You're the only one for me. Though all the hard times and the bad times...We've always been together. You and me."

She looked up at him. Ummn.

He waved. Music began out of nowhere.

"All the times baby...We've made love...And we've shared love. And I don't know, but somehow...It's never enough..."

"Gentlemen..." He turned to Xander and Spike. "Take your ladies by the hand and show them what is truly in your hearts."

And if you would, give me a little support here...

Willow and Kennedy entered the school hall and stared...

"Buffy...?" Willow called to the Slayer, now holding William's hand as he and Xander, likewise holding Anya's, joined. Barry White. In "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe."

Oddly enough, Barry's rather adoring girlfriend, now wrapped around him, seemed to be Buffy's identical...

Barry White (the First Good) - Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe


I've heard people say that...

Too much of anything is not good for you, baby...

But I don't know about that.

There's many times that we've loved

We've shared love and made love...

It doesn't seem to me like it's enough...

There's just not enough of it

There's just not enough...

Oh oh, babe


My darling...I, I can't get enough of your love babe [swings Morphy Buffy

around him]

Girl, I don't know, I don't know why

Can't get enough of your love babe...

Oh, some things I can't get used to

No matter how I try...

Just like the more you give, the more I want...

And baby, that's no lie...

Oh no, babe...

[Barry hands off to William, Morphy swooning in his arms...]

[William to Buffy, Barry in background]

Tell me, what can I say?

What am I gonna do?

How should I feel when everything is you?

What kind of love is this that you're givin' me?

Is it in your kiss or just because you're sweet?

Girl, all I know is every time you're here

I feel the change

Somethin' moves

I scream your name

Do whatcha got to do...

[William nods to Xander, takes and swings Buffy round...]

[All three]

Darling, I can't get enough of your love babe

Girl, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why

I can't get enough of your love babe

Oh no, babe

[Xander to Anya, Barry and William supporting]

Girl, if I could only make you see

And make you understand

Girl, your love for me is all I need

And more than I can stand

Oh well, babe

How can I explain all the things I feel?

You've given me so much

Girl, you're so unreal...

Still I keep loving you

More and more each time

Girl, what am I gonna do

Because you blow my mind...

I get the same old feelin' every time you're here...

I feel the change

Somethin' moves

I scream your name

Do whatcha got to do...

[All three sing...Each swinging their respective Anya, Buffy, Morphy round now]

Darling...I, I can't get enough of your love babe...

Oh no, babe

[spoken Barry to Morphy Buffy, William to Buffy, Xander to Anya]

Baby, let me take all of my life to find you...

But you can believe it's gonna take

the rest of my life to keep you...

[sung-All three]

Oh no, babe...

My darling, I can't get enough of your love babe...

Yeah, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why...

Can't get enough of your love babe...

Oh my darling, I can't get enough of your love babe...

Oh babe...

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know why

I can't get enough of your love babe...

Oh babe.


"Don't think the First is gonna give us any more trouble, Willow..." Buffy vaguely called over...Lost in William's eyes...As he sang to her. Anya waving a moment from where she hugged Xander.

"Happy Valentine's Day...Darling." Xander and William grinned at their respective partners.

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