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The Buffy Rebecca verse

Tales from the "Normal" Buffyverse..

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Two views of Buffy’s Resurrection-

Demon’s Due

-A season 6 tale...Buffy makes a devil’s deal with her worst enemies for her resurrection...
Spike faces moral choices and excruciating torment...


-A different season 6 tale...Buffy has been resurrected...At the behest of the Watchers’ Council on orders from the Powers That Be...However...She has been dead for a while...
Spike again faces moral choices and excruciating torment...

Other season 6 stories...

Very Little Rascals

-The nerd boys...Andrew, Jonathan, and Warren...Not our beloved BRverse
Warren, of course...Continue their sinister plan for securing the Slayer...
-Sorry, couldn't resist it...

Collateral Damage...

-A little twist on Season 6's "Life Serial" crypt scene...Buffy tells
Spike of her attempts to secure a loan...

"Hate Mail..."

-A little later on in Season 6...Following "Seeing Red"...Buffy gets
a visit from the Brooding One and his boy...

Qualities of Mercy...
Read Parts 1-12 Read Parts 13-25

-An alternate Season 6 following the "Tabula Rasa" episode
Buffy tries a new strategy with the Spiked One...
And meets her worst enemy...
Yep, moral choices and excruciating torment for WTB...

"On the Left Hand" Read  "Ummmn, On the Other Left Hand..." Read

-Tara helps Buffy make a list...A short tale
-While Spike does likewise with assistance from Willie the Snitch (by Devylish)
"The Time Machine"
Read Parts 1-XIII Read Parts XIV-XXVI Read Parts XXVII-XXX

-Desperate to win back his soul and hopefully, Buffy...Spike attempts to use Science to regain his humanity...Courtesy one Warren Mears...Follows the action of "Gone"...

(this story is now a part of the Cicelyverse page, along with
"Sunrise and other upcoming ones...see the link below)

"Your Email Always Alerts You Before It Deletes..."

-Things get noirish when a long absent Spike returns to Sunnydale to find Buffy
Married to Angel...Unhappily ever after...
Read Parts 1-XI Read Parts XII-XVIII

Oddballers...someday they'll get their own page...

"Redemptionista Wars..."

-Our comic answer to Star Wars...Can the noble Prince Consort and resurrected Queen
of the Buffyverse defeat the sinister Chancellor Angel...And
his Troika Lords?...
-Just having a leetle fun...
Read   Read one veteran's account..."Our Hearts Was Broke at Doublemeat Palace..."

"Randall's Crossing..."
-A little fun with the Coen Brothers' flick...
-Buffy is just no good and up to the same...

-I hang my head for this one...Inspired by S7's "Him"...
-Suppose, back in S1, the Master had learned about The Jacket...And changed his battle plan...

"Valentine's Day..."
-Just a Season 7 shortie...Xander and William enlist the First Good to stop the First Evil
-A little song and dance for Valentine's Day...

-A shortie...Buffy learns the truth about her friends and family...

"Duh, Prisoner..."
-In a follow-up to "Revelation", Buffy and Number 6 receive help from an unexpected source...

"Another Potter Xover..."
-Buffy has a crucial meeting with H. Potter...
About ten years from now...In New Sunnydale...

"Distaff Side..."
-The souls of Lois Lane and William the Bloody (Awful Poet) bump into each other in Heaven
and discuss their respective superhero lovers...

"Two Weeks at Saddy's..."
-After defeating the First a little ahead of schedule, Buffy and William deal with a little problem in Baghdad
-C'mon...You know you want to Buf and Spike take on Saddy and his boys
Read Parts I-XVII Read Parts XVIII-XXVIII

"S7 finales...Various endings to S7..."
-I end S7 my ways...
Read   Read on to "First Therapy"

Post S7...

A short one-After his ghostly reappearance in Angel's office, William gets a visit from Mephistopheles...
Who bears the usual offer

"Enterprise, eh..."
-A restored William finds his Buffy utilizing her newfound command skills

"The Way It Goes"-
After seeing Buffy in Europe Angel and Will each find contentment...

"Buffy's New Job"-
-Buffy makes a new, rather short-lived, career move...
-Just having a lil' fun...

"Buffy's Next Job"-
-Buffy tries politics again...
I figured it was only fair the other side take a whack...

-Summary: The First gives demon Spike a fitting punishment for his suicidal treason...

"The Road to..."
-Angel and William heroically to Buffy's 'rescue'...
-Just a little fun to celebrate Bob Hope's 100th...

"Lil'(Vamp)Men..." In the free fall after the "Destiny" episode...
Prior to leaving for Europe, William gives his take on his role in Buffy's world...

-Following the Angel "Destiny" episode
-William and Buffy have a bittersweet reunion in Europe...

"Lil Vamp Men...II"
-Harmony got it right in LVM I...He took another sister...

"One More Potter Xover..."
-Buffy and Harry P have an encounter...For those who love Harry and co as I do...
Boiled...Or Roasted...

-Follows the 'Destiny' episode on Angel
-William is not the only fool for love

"Words To Live By..."
-In London, Giles passes Buffy's sage advice on to William...Probably much to his benefit...


-(Post "Damage") There is yet another fool for love in the Buffyverse

"Reckless Love"...A Hell's Public Service Hygene Film...
-The First attempts to warn her demonic minions of the perils of association with those worthless humans

"The Very Thought of You..."
-Once Harmony had a secret love...

-At the end, One is chosen... -Nope, ain't our boys...C'mon, you know who really deserves it...

"Immortal Beloved...Versions 1-135+..."
-Different versions of what happened during and post the rendevous in Rome of the Angel "Girl in Question" episode
...(sigh, farewell Whedonverse Buffy...You lil'...Hey, I'm nicer to her in most of them than she was to our boys)...
Play main theme  Play Rome theme Play Will and Buffy theme(IB7,8,19)
Read IB1  Read IB2  Read IB3  Read IB4  Read IB5  Read IB6
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"Immortal Past..."
The Immortal takes Buffy on a trip down memory lane...
With consequences...

"The Bright Side..."
-if you can bear the grim news regarding...You know...
Hey, my end's better than David B's truck...

"Grief Group..."
-Another encounter in Rome following Angel and William's final encounter with the Senior Partners

-Buffy and Will reconnect at last following the battle at Wolfram-Hart, LA...

"Loose Ends..."
-Following final victory over the Senior Ps, the triumph over Darkness has been sealed...
But there’s always something left behind...

"I've Got You Under My Skin..."
-Following the battle with the Senior Partners,
Illyria does Cole Porter

"The Steadfast Plastic Soldier..."
-At the final battle in LA, Spike has a last encounter with one who loves him...

"Bloody Fine Madness..."
Giles can't get Spike out of his life...
Buffy has gone way beyond mourning...

"Let's Misbehave..."
-Dawn and Connor get to play detective when Angel’s post-Partners' battle celebratory party is marred by a minor incident...
Read ongoing

-Restored to Humanity William finds himself involved in a mystery centered around the love of his life
-...And suffering from a minor, rather understandable phobia...
Read ongoing

"Class of 2009..."
-Just a little fun stemming from an alternate S7/8
-And you thought the Class of '99 was bad...

"Valentine's Day...2006..."
-Another bow to the day.

-On an ominous day, despite doom-laden portents, Chairman Giles must face and overcome the greatest challenge of his career.

"With Napoleon in Russia..."
-During the horrors of the French 1812 campaign in Russia, a certain gallant Irish rebel captain provides heroic service to the "little corporal"...
His da would be so proud...

"Girl Talk..."
-During the great battle at LA, two famed ladies dish...

"Restrain Your Spunk..."
-Will and Angel are seeking to enter the field of artistic endeavor and have a brilliant concept for doing so...

"Amateur Night..."
-William tells a Halloween tale from his less-soulful days where Spike was, shall we say, a somewhat more reluctant reluctant hero…

-As you know I leave the "Pratt" to the Whedonverse, except for this one little bit... In early 30's Hollywood Spike offers advice to a distant relative...
Read ongoing

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