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Black Star North



From Black Star North Issue #2

Are We Serious: An Introduction. ...Confronted with the prospect of ecological meltdown and the eclipse of humanity by the progress of computer technology and genetic engineering, we are forced to ask ourselves--- are we serious? Do we really want to destroy this society, or are we content confined to the comfortable ghettos of anarchism and activism?...

Depressed, Insane, and Emotionally Fucked Up ...who is really insane? Those deemed so by the state? The "hyperactive" child who would rather play in the sun and grass than sit still in a desk all day listening to her stuffy teacher lecture about math and grammar? The "insubordinate" factory worker who despises his job on the assembly line, and longs to be appreciated as more than a mere appendage of a soul-less machine?...

Space: Its Enclosure By Capital and the State ...This essay is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the transformation of space as a totality....

Tribal War NOT National Liberation

Revolution or Death (Lessons from West Papua) ...To the majority of West Papuans, armed struggle, despite severe tactical disadvantage, is the only honorable and reasonable form of resistance available to combat the onslaught of a capitalist state that surely seeks to annihilate their communal tribal societies and the rich jungle ecosystems in which they are so deeply embedded....

Anarchists and the Media ...As long as the present social order exists, it will be impossible to avoid interaction with the various facets of the power structure. Those of us who call ourselves anarchists need to choose to make these interactions clearly adversarial and conflictual, reflecting our desire to destroy the power structure completely....

Review of "Eclipse and Reemergence of the Communist Movement." ..."Capital has invaded all life, and determines the way we feed our cat, how we visit or bury our friends to such an extent that our objective can only be the social fabric, invisible, all-encompassing, impersonal... Our most vital need: others, seems so close and so far at the same time... When a sizable minority fed up with virtual reality starts making possibilities real, revolution will rise again, terrible and anonymous."...

Thoughts on Black Blocs with an Introduction to an Interview with a West Berlin Autonomist ...While black blocs have recently become a popular tactic among anarchists at large demonstrations in the U.S. and Canada, there is little understanding of its origins...

Anti-Work vs. Laziness ...Yes, we all know that work sucks....But what’s the alternative?...

Practice and Ideology In the Direct Action Movment ...Feelings of rage and the longing for community expressed by many of those active in this movement give us hope that there is still potential for the emergence of a revolutionary social movement that will truly pose a threat to the reigning order. For such a movement to manifest itself, however, will require that it break out of the mold of Days of Action; campaigns against specific corporations; legislation and electoral politics; and scenes, cliques, and subcultures....

Why We Are Not Members of NEFAC ...As anarchists, we share two fundamental aims: the abolition of capitalism and the state. Such agreement on certain principles, however, does not render anarchist ideologies and organizations (such as NEFAC) immune to critique....

The Art Question: Writings on the Wall and Point-Blank Surrealist Manifesto ...many have come to embrace this elitist category of artist. In doing so, they seek to separate themselves from the rest of society, while simultaneously creating an insular "scene". A scene as opposed to an identified movement, with its intent to supercede codified social roles....

Issue #1

Beyond "Anti-Globalization": Towards a Deeper Understanding of Capital and the State ...Capitalism has within its inherent logic always contained a motivation to ruthlessly expand. The Anti-Globalization movement is therefore false in asserting that the present phase of capitalism is somehow new...

An Anarchist Statement against the FTAA (and capitalism in general) ...We oppose the FTAA and all so-called "free-trade" agreements because they are an extension of capitalism-- an economic system based on ruthless competition, which creates hierarchical social relationships of rich/poor, exploiter/exploited, and have/have-nots. It is a system so entrenched in our daily lives and interpersonal relationships that we cannot escape it without demolishing it completely...

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