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New Video below:  Chuck tongues a fish...more sneak peaks to the show to come! 



   Ken the Pickerel King     Chuck  Chuck the Bass Man   Pete Pete "Oh Boy"    Bob "Let's Go  Out"

MFW Story  


We pitch our sit-com idea. He's biting.  

MFW Story
Mandatory reading. 


Maine's bright 


      Chuck tongues a fish

MFW approved & featured.

Not yet rejected by Touchstone Pictures or NBC. Plus more.

We've come a long wave fishy.

Read silliness, meeting minutes, and more.

Don't pee in your pants they're free

MFW approved hats, shirts,

Never seen prior to competition.
Pete and Ken Video
Take 1 - MFW Intro
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MFW Intro
Take 2 - MFW Intro
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RED HOT NITRO- Sung to the tune of Hot Rod Lincoln
Bob said boys you best be thinkin',
About being back before dark,
For dinner and drinkin'.

Have you heard the story bout a bunch of guys,
Who drink beer, fish and tell lies,
That story is true I'm proud to say,
Cause it's tradition and will always be this way.

It started over ten years ago,
A vintage motor boat that was slow,
A weekend away from the wife,
Men working things out for a perfect life.

Ken , Pete and Chuck alone on a lake,
What a sitcom this would make,
We need a straightman that would be Bob,
To keep in line the Baylies slobs.

Every year Chuck would rule,
Pete didn't care and Ken would droll,
A new boat helped turn the tide,
Ken was feeling good inside.

He studied all the latest techniques,
Knew when the bass feeding peaks,
When the stocks hit record highs,
Ken got a Nitro for the guys.

Cassette stereo, holders for beer,
Trollin' motor thats easy to steer,
Power to spare we cruise to second lake,
More fishin' time a piece of cake.
In the narrows Ken gets a strike,
It bolts just like a pike,
Line is smokin' off the spool,
Drag is screamin' this fish is no fool .

The bronzeback  jumps but the hook is set,
Chuck scrambles around to find the net,
Pete is stuck on a tree on shore,
This could be a part of MFW folk lore.

Ken wore down the massive beast,
What happened next we expected least,
The net was too small it wouldn't fit in,
The fish was gone just a lure left on the rim.

Well we opened Nitro up to meet with Bob,
Told him the story watched Kenny sob.
Dinner and drinks  to end the day,
Another MFW is coming our way.

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                                           1st Letter to Dave Barry


Dave, if you ever visit this site check us out:
This letter to Dave Barry (famous author of men stuff) describes who we are

A smoke filled strip joint is where the idea for a men's getaway fishing weekend was hatched, while we nursed our $6 a bottle beer. Since we can get a 12 pack of cheap beer for $6, all we needed was a boat and a camp on a lake.

My brother Pete offered to buy the beer, I (Charles)  offered to teach my brother-in-law Ken to fish and Ken offered his father's boat and camp. This annual event has provided us with 17 years of manly memories.

This site will give you a taste of the experience. I told the guys that you would help us take the idea for a sitcom to the network, since there are few decent shows on the tube since Dave and Sienfeld were canceled. Pete and I were brought up being told to follow our bliss, and if ignorance is bliss, we are following our ignorance. I think you will agree once you check out our web site.

Pete, and I am not making this up, Pete was called Forrest Gump by David Letterman. He is the original at home dad, I am sure he has sent you a copy of his newsletter (  I am a forester in northern NH, and spend my days strolling through the woods with my dog. Ken works in the rat race, a perfectionist who like his dad has no tolerance for stupid people. Add a few beers to the mix and let the fun begin.

We just kick back kill a few brain cells and fish. We celebrate our differences as only guys can, sharing and caring is our motto. Bob drinks nonalcoholic beer because his brain cells are old and somebody has to drive the boat. Bob is our father figure, kind of our "big toe". He is our voice of reason, turn out the light, turn out the light, turn out the light ... OK.  

We have recently began video taping selected high points of the trip complete with music. We could even cut you into the sale royalties if you mention our web site in your column. I bet, god forbid, that if one of us dies, you could be the guest star on that very special men's fishing weekend.

We will vote on it at our annual meeting at the club. If you show up Super Bowl Sunday at two, check the next meeting on  the web site for details, you can buy the beer.

Sincerely, Charles aka bass man




***  Sitcom Business Plan for Mens Fishing Weekend ****

Presented By
Weedless Productions (a subsidiary of Mens Fishing Weekend) will produce 7 initial scripts to be presented to Touchstone Pictures, NBC and 3 other media outlets to be chosen at a later date to be chosen earlier.

Meeting One: If one of them reads the scripts at gunpoint and want to go further they will meet with us for a second time when we are unarmed. If they approve then we go onto the next phase,

Meeting Two: We will make first picks the actors for Bob, Charles, Ken and Pete. Then approve shooting for the first episode titled: "The first trip - How to hit cookies with a canoe paddle" (see list below for the other 6 initial shows)

Meeting Three: They will review the first show and if they like it they will approve for airing for fall of 2001 approve shooting for 6 more episodes and ask for 6 more screen plays.

When the first show airs they will let the ratings decide if the show should go on...

*** Episode List ***
Show Title: Men's Fishing Weekend
Presented by Weedless Productions

Director: Ken Donovan
Producer: Charles Baylies
Camera Grip: Peter Baylies
Third Camera Grip: Bob Donovan

*** Screenplays ***

Episode 1: Intro: The first trip - How to hit cookies with a canoe paddle
Episode 2: Stealing Magazines
Episode 3: Finding the Trestle Bridge
Episode 4: The Day Fishing Died
Episode 5: The  Finger Cutting Episode
Episode 6: Bob's Hostile takeover
Episode 7: [Celebrity guest appearance] A special Men's Fishing Weekend (Dave Barry's cut out joins us for a  weekend - but gets kicked out after one day)

Future episodes will include but not precluded to:
                                                                  •   The Deer hunter
                                                                  •   Bob tells ken to turn out the light
                                                                  •   Going out to dinner
                                                                  •   Timmy almost dies
                                                                  •   Aliens visit
                                                                  •   The Horse Shoe Brothers
.                                                                •    Pete makes a real Jerky Boys phone call
                                                                  •   Dwayne's Potato Gun
                                                                  •   Bob's note
                                                                  •   We don't eat with Bob
                                                                  •   Pete breaks his rod/Ken loses his
                                                                  •   Charles Simulates sex and the Dildo award (to be shown on Cable only)

                                                                               Sitcom slated to start: TBA

- pb

PS. I will not be giving out autographs:

My Oscar speech script:
"I want world peace for all and hope that all people, stupid and smart can all get along."



Official Attire

Hats: This is everyone's #1 priority. Introducing a new hat each year is a must. Like shoes, a hat defines a man.

Once Bob donned the ugliest hat. It had hooks in it. Kind of like the one the Major wore on Mash. He was laughed right out of that thing.

Bob now conforms to the standard baseball hat style.

Watches: Are you out of your mind! Time stands still and is of no interest. Unless, of course you're Bob. He wants to know the time so we can go to dinner.

Polarized Sunglasses: No fisherman should be without sunglasses. Get a pair that allows you see under the water. If you haven't tried polarized glasses yet then wake up! You'll be shocked at how you can see the terrain and fish. If you're a bass fisherman you'll not only be the envy of the boat, but you'll increase your odds by seeing a fish before anyone else in the boat. This gives you first casting rights if you keep your mouth shut.

Shirts: Pictures are taken so don't wear something stupid. Pete wore a Hooter's tee shirt. While he looks good with the bass, that tee shirt .... oh boy.

Shoes: Old sneakers. Any questions?!
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1997 MFW Video


8 - 10 Weeks

Rookie Video Tape

1999 MFW Video


4 - 8 Weeks

See the new boat

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Fishing is about competition. Period. Except for Pete, every fisherman wants to catch the biggest, catch the most, and watch the others watch him catch fish. So MFW is a tournament between 4 men. Actually 2. Charles and Kenny. In 1990 Charles was but the master and Ken the student. Since '94, Ken has become a master and is Charles' main competitor. Meanwhile, Pete and Bob compete against one another. Although '99 was a draw between everyone, Ken reigns as champ several years running. 

MFW started as a weekend for the men; Pete, Charles and Kenny. Leave Friday return Sunday. It's now a Wednesday to Sunday trip. After the first year, MFW became a ritual until death. Oh yeah death ... before we consider a new member, one of us must
die. Even then, the next year his seat remains open as a tribute. After that resumes will be accepted.

We stay on  a camp on Gardner's Lake in Machias, Me. Since Kenny's father owned the camp and boat, the death rule was waived for him. Two years later Bob joined and is a life long member. When he's gone, his seat doesn't open up. Peter and Charles are brothers who love to fish. Kenny is their brother in-law who loves boats. Bob loves Maine.

Two distinct sunrises on Gardner's Lake. Viewed from the deck of the camp.
Gardner's lake is the perfect spot. Huge and miles from nowhere. Men in the wilderness bragging, drinking, smoking, and acting stupid. Really stupid.


For example, Charles comes up with lines like "you can simulate sex, but you can't simulate fishing". Or Pete, using a paddle as a guitar, will do a whole skit on Wayne's world. "Imagine if Heather Locklear were here, bleb, bleb, bleb. She's a babe. Wayne's World, Wanes World, party on, excellent". The 1999 MFW video is a must see on that one. And Kenny goes along with either of them.

Nearly 20 years old the 17' boat had a 70 HP Chrysler. In its heyday, it pulled 3 skiers and was the fastest on the lake. Now the seats were decrepit and the engine was
Kenny fixes the boat. Again.
While Charles fishes in the canoe.
unreliable. No one cared, except for, of course, Kenny. He frustratingly made everything work. Pete and Charles blissfully fished.

Plus, if the engine was dead there was always the canoe.



Mens fishing weekend started in 1989, the year my father died.  In dad's honor I no longer use a hula popper, because my popper is dead.  Dad was great man who instilled moral values by example and with inspirational quotes like "it's only money" "get all 100s" and "follow your bliss".  Dad was not much of a fisherman, although he had some great fish stories about the relatives in his youth who had a place on a lake in Cape Cod.  His tales were of monster pickerel that were caught while they were water skiing.  Oh boy I love a good fish story.  

Our leaky wooden rowboat named the Hojojepecha, made by taking the first two letters of the Baylies kid's names.  I got the last three letters because I made up the name.  The boat was kept on North Pond in Lock Mills Maine a short ride from the family farm in Bryant Pond (BP).  

This fine fishing boat had a built in live well/wading pool, that gave us kids a real chance to get our feet wet. White and yellow perch caught while trolling around the lake provided us with fish almost everyday.  Older brother Chris and I spent dawn to dusk fishing when we were in BP, and bass fishing became a real challenge.  

Mom was always there to praise the fishermen and clean and cook the catch.  I now realize that she encouraged us to fish because she loved it when she had some time to be alone.  Mom is the woman behind the good man.  Always giving to see others smile.  

The Vangie Trophy was introduced by Mom to present to the best fisherman of the trip, in 1994, the year the curse began and Ken started winning.

Competition is a key motivation for most men.  Men's fishing weekend brings out the best in the Baylies/Donovan men.  I am the bass master and always will be.  I, as Ken will admit, taught him to bass fish in a leaky row boat on North Pond.  Once he hooked into a scrappy Largemouth bass, he was hooked.  

Donovan men were more interested in the boat than the fish, pickerel were easy, so they were pickerel fishermen.  I have to say I was a slacker in the early days.  Every year I would easily win the weekend with the best fish.  The highlight of my rein as bass king, ( have since been demoted to bass man), is the 6 pound small mouth that I got in 1992 at the end of second lake.  

Ken has been doing the work, he heard a splash, he caught a glimpse and he like most men loves a trophy.  It's a new century, my time has come.  Ken says, the new century starts in 2001, you idiot.  Stay tuned, the hype has begun.  Super bowl weekend should be fun.


  Pete Steals Porno Magazines
The first year of MFW, we went to Millard's farm to get the boat. It's a suck job. Pete and Charles never did this before. They stood around and watched. Years later they still stand around and watch Kenny put the boat together. Kenny and Millard wrestled the two ton motor from the cellar and onto boat. After wiring up the motor, off we went to launch the boat and FISH!
Pete & Charles the early years '91.

When the fishing got slow, Pete pulled out a few porno magazines. He had spotted a stack of them in Millard's cellar. He figured since he wasn't doing anything, "why not take a few, they don't cost nothing". When no one was looking, he stuffed them up his shirt.

Pete Cuts His Finger Open V1
Stolen from Saturday Night Live, it was the year of the "Bass O'rama" the "Bass Myster". Unlikely as it was, Pete caught a fish!

After a morning of fishing, Pete's on the dock and Kenny's in the boat cleaning it as usual. Pete was cleaning the fish he caught. That's the rule. Actually, it's a man's unwritten law, no one cleans someone else's fish. Pete has a brand new razor sharp fishing knife in his hand, provided by his mother, Vangie.  It's rare for Pete to catch a fish, let alone clean one. While cleaning the fish, Pete rambles on, to Kenny's amusement; "Fish O'rama, Fish Myster, Head O'rama, Dead O'rama". When suddenly and to Kenny's amazement, he cleanly slices open his thumb wide open! Blood! Ouch! Don't even look.

Pete Cuts His Finger Open V2
Pete didn't look; he quickly wrapped up his thumb in a rag and calmly walked up the stairs to the camp. Ken and I followed offering to get him to the hospital. Pete is no stranger to pain, as the little brother of the family he took a lot of abuse in the form of hockey pucks fired at point blank range. We felt this was a good way of building up his self-esteem, by aiming at him and shouting "great save Pete"!   
1990-Only picture on record for the 1st year of MFW
As the evening wore on the beer wore off and the thumb started to throb. At 5 the  next morning, I woke Ken and found Pete's bed  empty.  Pete is not a morning person and as I poured a cup of Bob's gourmet coffee, I saw him bundled up in his winter coat on the deck.

It was a cool Maine morning, the lake was glass the air was thick with fog. I joined Pete with my coffee, and commented on the best part of waking up. Not being a coffee lover he sarcastically growled he would rather sniff lighter fluid, not a happy camper.  We headed for the boat and Pete groaned that he we had to go to the hospital because his thumb REALLY hurt. We all stopped and realized Pete must be in danger of losing his thumb tip. Then we looked out on the calm lake and looked at each other.  The silence was broken as Ken said; " you had your chance yesterday."  We are going fishing. Sharing and caring has its limits.

Pete Brings a Broken Rod
The 2nd year Pete brought a rod he found in the middle of the road. The top of the rod had been run over by a car. None the less, Pete had a free rod and reel. The rod broke in half the first time he go stuck on something. Still ... it was free.

1994 Timmy Nearly Kills MFW
It was a  year I will never forget. 1993, no maybe it was '94.  As usual, I started the year thinking about fishing with the boys in Machias Maine, the now famous men's fishing weekend. The last weekend in June, a time all men should reserve on their calendar for a long weekend away from the pressures of l(w)ife.

I spent the winter sharpening hooks on my favorite lures while watching fishing shows.  Spring brought me a chance to try out the action on the local lakes. June arrives and the tension is unbearable.  I put in calls to brother Pete and brother in-law Ken and his father Bob, to be sure they knew I was the "BASS KING" *
(*be advised this is a register trademark).

My son Tim arrived home from school feeling sick.  After missing a few days of school, I began to worry.  No kid misses the last week of school unless he is deathly ill.  I forced him outside for a game of catch. His left elbow was sore, but I convinced him to keep throwing and it would feel better. I'm silly like that, no pain no gain, right?  It was at that point my wife took over and rushed him to the doctor.  Being  Father's day, and not wanting to work, the doctor insured her not to worry. As a true mother would,  she had Tim admitted to the hospital. Tests showed that a staph infection had lodged in his left elbow and was threatening his life.  

I had to break the news to the boys.  It was agreed that the trip would have to be changed to the fall. Tim survived and is now a healthy silly teen.  This was the first and last time, to date, that the date was changed.  I believe that from that trip on, I never fished the same.  Previous trips were dominated by my amazing fishing skills.  Ken seemed to be picking up some skills,  while Pete and Bob were actually fishing without hooking each other.  

I call it the curse of Tim. Also, it was the year that the lake won the fishing weekend as no one caught a bass.

At least we saw a deer swimming across the lake that year.



MFW Part 3
  Lures in the Trees by Pete
Oh Boy, It was the 7th or 8th men's fishing weekend, I think it was the year before I lost my eye in a freak accident while I was riding in a side car of a motorcycle and was driving all over the place and what not, and drove into the sidewalk and hit a few people (thank goodness I had insurance through a friend)!

Anyhow, Charles and I were fishing in second lake and I had on my double-jointed rapala and Charles had his weed less wonder. We both heard a splash and caught a glimpse of ripples toward the shore. Instinctively we cast toward the blue ripples cascading toward us and both hit the trees.
Ken, always ready to help his buddies, quickly picked up the video camera to film the calamity that ensued. Charles a well known forester, began to hack away and defoliate the tree to dislodge his lure from the young oak tree, the attempt failed.
Pete relaxing with a McCall's magazine
Then Pete wanted to be helpful so he got behind Charles and gave him a nice hug, but this didn't seem to work and only benefited Pete.

Ken, our voice of reason said, "Charles you stupid idiot what are you doing. You've grabbed every branch except the one that has the lure on it!!!!!" With those instructions Pete smartly took the paddle away and began hacking at the tree himself but missed nearly falling in the water. Charles then accidentally grabbed the branch with the lure in it and dislodged the weed less wonder. He triumphantly said "everybody gets a metal".

It was then time to party!!!!! And we drank several more beers to the sound of "Fly Away by Lenny Kravis"

  Lures in the Trees by Chuck
I read your account of the famous encounter that we had together in the trees.  Upon reading it I had flashbacks to the actual event!  Wow, I feel like it was just yesterday that we got caught in that Yellow Birch!  How can you call it an oak you big nut (a corny pun). Upon review of the video tape over Thanksgiving,  I believe that I was using the drop the silver minnow (aka the weed less wonder), from the branch method.  This technique involves pinpoint accurate casting to drape the lure over the branch allowing it to be pulled in and out of the water tempting the fish. Your attempt to copy my technique was flattering, but did cost me a chance to catch a prize winning fish.  My point is that we should consider going to instant replay to clear up some of the disputes that may cost one of us the "Vangie Trophy".

  Bob Joins the Club
Bob becomes a member of the MFW. Why not, it's his camp and boat. This year theme, "What about Bob" was taken from the movie of the same name. Every year there's a theme and a lot of mileage came out of this one.

  When Are We Going to Dinner?
Bob's favorite part of MFW is going out to dinner. Fishing stops at 6:00, or so he thinks, then we go to dinner. Which we do eventually. The first year Bob came, dinner cost about $5. A burger, fries and a beer. Real connoisseurs. Since then we all realized "hey we can pay someone to cook and clean up after us?!!". The bills run $30 a piece.
Bob Introduces Dining Out to MFW.

  Bob Fishes and Fishes
Bob wants to prove to the founders of MFW that he can out fish them. After all he grew up in Houghs Neck in Quincy Ma. and fished his whole childhood. So he fished and he fished while the others drank beer and sang songs. For example, "Well, the first thing you know ol' Jed's a millionaire ..." or "the weather starting getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed ... ". Bob never did join in the other reindeer games that day.
  Bob Loses
None the less, this is not salt water fishing. Bob cannot standup to the Pickerel King or the Bass Master and establishes himself as Pete's main competitor for years to come.
  Bob's in the Picture
Who cares about winning or losing (Charles and Kenny). Come Christmas time, the formal MFW poster is distributed to all members. If you look good in the picture, you fished good. The anticipation then starts for the next Mens Fishing Weekend.
MFW Part 4

  Aliens Visit MFW
Normally we would not even give a thought to the small white dot in the picture of Pete "oh boy" holding his fish.  The fact that for no apparent reason, Pete is catching big fish.  He has been taking baby steps, but this is a large leap.  What about Bob?  Why isn't Bob catching fish? He is doing the work he is not a slacker.  It could be due to his love of eating out instead of fishing, but I think not.  The 1999 weekend ended up as a three -way tie.  It has to be a sign, we are being watched.
Note the dot (alien) above tallest tree
Bob and Pete normally are neck and neck for the last place trophy.  One fish could be luck, but Pete is catching bass like he knows what he's doing!  He even spent one fishing weekend using the power of negative thinking to lose!  He still beat Bob, who watched a trophy bass grab his lure breaking the line while he yelled, "Pete you got one!"  As Pete skillfully played his Rapala to the boat gleefully shouting, "yes I lost it, I knew I couldn't catch one!"  Bob then realized it had grabbed his Rapala, and snapped the line.  Then as if to torment Bob, the bass leaped in the air next to the boat lure firmly sunk into its mouth.  If Bob had any alien influence that bass would had jumped into his lap.  Why do the aliens favor Pete?  Is he one of them?  Tune in after fishing weekend 2000.  We will study the pictures, go to the video, and scan the skyline.  This could be big, real big.  The feds will be notified if Bob wins.

  Power Goes Out, Light Goes On
Mens fishing weekend is a kick back and relax weekend. The Donovan men do all the work and the Baylies men do the relaxing. Charles and Peter try not to do any physical or mental work. That's left to Ken and Bob.

Donovan men are constantly trying to release that need to compete with their fellow man. Charles and Pete say great compete away, we are happy to benefit from your hard work. To give you an example of this we will go to the MFW archives.

It is the first day of an almost always, picture perfect Maine early summer day. We are in pickerel cove, the only place the Donovan men could ever catch fish, before MFW. Ken is hauling in the pickerel, Charles is harassing Ken and Pete is caught on a tree. Bob is at dinner.

The attention turns to Pete who has decided to read a Playboy while Ken decides to get his lure out of the tree. Charles, being the opportunist, immediately fishes in Ken's spot.

Ken turns the key to start the engine. RRRRRRR, no BaBaBaBa. Dead battery.

This quickly gets the attention of the Baylies men. Ken is concerned, but not worried, he has a spare battery that is charged and ready to go. No problem, the Baylies men continue to relax while Ken switches batteries and Charles becomes the pickerel king. RRRRRR, no BaBaBaBa. Now the Baylies men spring to action.

Hey Ken, they say, what are you going to do now? Ken says we got to paddle home a mere 3 miles or so. Now this is serious, Pete looks up from the magazine.  Why don't we just put the two batteries together? Ken says good idea Einstein where will we get cables? Pete thinks a bit, why don't we just touch the posts together and fire it up.  

Charles has put down his rod, and stopped looking at Pete's magazine. Hey Pete you MORON, don't you think I didn't think of that, but we would blow up the boat killing us all. Of course we don't really want to lose fishing time and having to actually do physical work is a problem, so why not try.

RRRRR, BROOOM, all right! Once again when the chips are down the light goes on, anything to avoid work.

Now you know why the next year Ken bought a new boat. MFW just has to be perfect.

    Off Season Fun with Dwayne

By Peter Baylies

The following is a true story made up by myself.
One day Kenny and I went  to Machias to go fishing, we invited Charles but he was in the middle of  something very important which will not be discussed in detail in this story,  but I will say it has something to do with him picking his nose and also had  a little to do with taking his returnable to Wisconsin to get 10 cents instead of a nickel in New Hampshire (needless to say there is no deposit on cans in New Hampshire and that is another funny story we will not get into here.)

Anyhow Dwayne, one of the fine upfalling citizens of Machias took Charles's place in the boat due to the fact that we found him living in the boat with his kids when we got there. While fishing Dwayne recognized a guy on the shore and started up a conversation. Let us listen in as we recount the discussion shall we?

Kenny will play the part of Kenny and Dwayne will be playing the part of Dwayne.

Kenny: Do you know that guy's name?

Dwayne: Yes.

Kenny: What is his name?

Dwayne: I don't know.

- end -

(If any of the characters names, ages, or penis sizes herein above seem to be like anyone you know it is purely coincidental unless you live in the state of Wisconsin)

MFW Part 5
 Separating the Men from their Equipment

Another beautiful day in MFW land, trolling along the shore with smiley clouds all around, and a bald eagle soaring majestically against the horizon.  "A  @#$ eagle", yells Ken, as Charles and Pete scramble for the video camera.

What about Bob? You guessed it, dinner.  

In the confusion, the focus fades from the trolling lures, and Ken's lure snags a rock or possibly a fish. A panic ensues as Ken's rod and reel, in slow motion of course, departs the boat. This is not a good beginning to MFW, for Ken.  

Charles smirks, Pete looks confused, and Ken is pissed. Ken springs to action and leaps into the lake after hastily removing his clothes.  The video camera documented the anguished angler, frantically searching for his lost equipment. Replay of the footage reveals the pathetic attempt to film the eagle, and the panic that ensued. It also reveals a special sharing and caring moment, men helping men in their time of sorrow.

The MFW archives will be searched for this rare moment when Ken makes a mistake. Yes MFW separates the men from the boys, as well as, the men from their equipment.

  The Hoop
It was in the early years of MFW when Charlie always won, Ken took a distant second, Pete third by default since Bob came late fished between meals and left early.  The boys (Bob being the “man”), noticed on the deck a basketball hoop Bob had purchased to install in the driveway.  

Bob, is always making improvements to the camp.  Relaxing is tough for Bob, so small projects supply his need to achieve. This overachiever has installed over 16 lights in the kitchen/living room portion of the camp at last count. The hoop was just what the place needed, something to do besides fish, or so Bob thought.

Basketball, instead of fishing?  We tried to talk him out of it over dinner. When a Donovan has his mind set on something the conversation goes like this. Bob Why?
Put it up. Why? Put it up Why? PUT IT UP.

Ok…After a morning of fishing, we put it up.  Perfectly, under Bob's supervision. The boys decided to play a quick game.

Charlie shoots, Pete (aka Lighthouse in his high school daze) gets the ball flush in the face.

The ball rolls into the woods.  “Let's go fishing” says Ken, Charlie agrees and Pete, still dazed says, I think my nose is broken.  Bob has gone to scout out a dinner spot.

The hoop is still there, the ball is in the woods and no one has used the hoop since.  

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Ken "Pickerel King"

27 Inches of Pure Pickerel (It's not a Pike!).

1999. Completely caught on video. Viewer discretion advised due to MFW language. It's an MFW Pickerel world record. Caught on the "Bomber" lure. Caught a 22" just 5 minutes prior.
This fish was released.



!Chuck "Bass Man"

Yawn ..... Another Small Mouth!!
1992. "A great moment". This is the biggest Small Mouth Bass on record. It measured over 20 inches. Chuck was fishing the Johnson Silver Minnow in the lily pads. It was the first time we made it to the tressel bridge which is about 6 miles from the camp.
1999. There's no picture of the lure because Charles later lost it on another bass. He made the ROOKIE mistake of lifting the bass out of the water before it was in the net. The line actually got cut as the fish fell back into the water as it dragged the line across the prop. ROOKIE.
Both fish were eaten.



Pete "Oh Boy"

My Trophy Small Mouth

This fish was caught near "Bass Boulder". The next time back to Bass Boulder, Pete caught another 17" bass. The spot is officially renamed "Pete's Boulder".

Can you see the UFO just above Pete's head and just to the right of the tallest tree?

1999. Pete caught this puppy on the weekend favorite lure, the tube. He used the MFW patented drag, wait and set technique.
This fish was released.



There's no picture of Bob with a fish.

By the way, we went to dinner.






To Be Held Super Bowl Weekend, 2008


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the "Annual Meeting") of Men' Corporation, a Massachusetts corporation (the "Company"), will be held at the Golden Banana*  located on Rt. 1 in Saugus on Sunday Super Bowl weekend, 2008, beginning at  2:00 p.m. local time or a reasonable time before the game. The Annual Meeting will be held for the following purposes:

1. To decide when to have the Mens fishing weekend and to elect directors of the Company to serve as directors until the annual meeting of stockholders to be held in 2001, until such directors successor has been duly elected and qualified or until such directors have otherwise ceased to serve as directors.

2. To approve all screenplays for the new TV show Mens Fishing Weekend.

3. To ratify the appointment of Bob Donovan as independent accountant for the Company for the fiscal year ending March 31,2000.

4. To announce any said lures that will be featured in the trip and in the broadcast. ALL LURES USED IN COMMERCIALS BY MENS FISHING WEEKEND PARTICIPANTS MUST BE USED ON MENS FISHING WEEKEND. We will also discuss other relevant fishing business as may properly come before the meeting or any postponements or adjournments thereof.

5. To review the new web site and make adjustment wherein however whereof.

6. To approve of a price range when Mens fishing weekend stock becomes public. The Symbol will be MFWE unless I screwed up somehow and some one else has it.

The Board of Directors has fixed February 13, 2000 as the record date for the determination of stockholders entitled to notice of and to vote at the Annual Meeting and any postponements or adjournments thereof, and only stockholders of record at the close of business on that date are entitled to such notice and to vote at the Annual Meeting.  A list of stockholders entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting will be available in Ken's boat somewhere, and only stockholders of record at the close of business on that date are entitled to such notice and to vote at the Annual Meeting.  A list of stockholders entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting will be available in Ken's boat too for ten (10) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Oh Boy, we hope that you will use this opportunity to take an active part in the affairs of the Company by voting on the business to come before the Annual Meeting either by executing and returning the nonexistent non-enclosed Proxy Card or by casting your vote in person at the Annual Meeting.


By Order of the Board of Directors
Peter Baylies
Charles Baylies
Kenneth Donovan



*the golden banana only opens once a year for mfw meetings

Cultivation Tips

When we first saw the " Marijuana Cultivation Tip Hotline", we

 thought now why would Maine give out tips on growing pot? Of course, you're supposed to report pot that you come across, you idiot. We still laugh about it today. "Yeah hello, do you have any tips on the best wattage to grow large crops?".

They got plenty of calls asking them for tips on growing pot. I have 3 old licenses with this hotline on it. So it must have gone on for some time. Today, that hotline gone from the licenses. Too bad.







Official Boats of MFW

1970-91: 16' with 70 HP Chrysler - On it's last leg in these pictures (1990). I was 12 when my father (Bob) bought it. It had 6 plush red seats, 4 back to back and 2 in the stern. A thing of beauty. I think it was faster than the Nitro bass boat shown below that has 115HP Merc.

Learned how to waterski and fish in this boat. My father let me take it out on my on when I was about 14. Basically owned it when I was 15. Imagine that 15 with a bullet.

The boat had seen its day by the time MFW started. But in its day, back in the 70s, it was the fastest boat on the lake. It would pull 3 skiers at a time. I used to double ski with a friend and climb up on his shoulders. I weighed 125 Lbs.

1992-99: 16' Forester w/48 HP SP Envinrude - Bought the Forester boat along with a Ford Bronco from my friend Russ Pearson. Russ has past, but he changed my life with this deal.

A great deal; a boat, motor, trailer, accessories, and truck for $12K. Without knowing it at the time, Russ basically gave it to me. MFW took off with the Forester. We finally made it to the Tressil Bridge with this boat. THANKS RUSS.
1999-?: 18.5' Nitro w/115 HP Merc - The Nitro is decked out with everything and converts to a ski boat. In '99 we'd just dropped the trolling motor and go for hours. Hey, even Pete was catching bass. It was the best fishing ever.

The Nitro put a new twist on the MFW competition. For the first time ever there was a 3 way tie for the MFW title. Sharing and caring. MFW 2000 here we
MFW Approved Lures
Moving Lures
* Per MFW bylaws, all recommended lures must be used on Mens Fishing Weekend. Look for the dents and bruises on the lures. They're right out of the tackle box.


For more fun, visit our Fishing Sites We Like.
1. Green Lizard - Rig it Texas, throw it in the Lilly pads and largemouth Bass devour them. Be patient. They'll come.
2. Salamander - It's weedless and floats. Better on Pickerel than Bass.
3. Crank Bait - This Bomber  nailed the 27" Pickerel around rocks.
4. Daredevle - It's been around so long for a good reason. Pickerel go nuts.     
5. Cray Fish - This puppy works best in the rocks.
6. Mepps Minnow - Send this one around rocks. Visit Mepps site.
7. White Mouse - Another weedless deadly floater.
8. Johnson's Silver Minnow - Picks Pickerel out of the water. Use when the day is dragging. Go into the Lilly pads and search for Pickerel.
9. The Tube - Rig it Texas with a 1/8 Oz weight. Bounce it up and down off the bottom. Let it rest on the bottom too. Feel the fish hold it in their mouth and BAM set the hook. The most exhilarating way to set a hook. Your friends will be impressed.

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Bass Sites - June '98 issue "10 techniques you need to know" - Thanks to Mr. Baughman. - Cape Cod bass site. Best fishing pictures on the web. A must see.

General Fishing Sites - Thanks to Darrell Hyatt.

Pike/Pickerel Sites

Lures For Sale - A fellow Trellix web builder

Outdoor Sites - Hunting, fishing, canoes, etc...

Fishing Locations I recommend fishing the West Cananda Creek  in central New York. From
Herkimer, NY north to Hinckly reservoir following Rte 28 north. Their is
an abundance of Brook and rainbow trout near and just south of the
reservoir. Just south to Herkimer from that point, you can find all the
brown trout you can want. The creek is stocked yearly in the spring.
Thanks to Joe Cirelli.

Recommend a Fishing Site  


Delivery Comments
1997 MFW Video
8 - 10 Weeks Rookie Video Tape
1998 MFW Video
We'll pay you
When we're ready It rained
1999 MFW Video
4 - 8 Weeks See the new boat
2007 MFW Video
Instantly Chuck tounges a fish



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Killer Lures for 2007
Never before has anyone so blatantly displayed their lure choice prior to competition. Odds on favorite for the year's most outstanding lure is the Bomber, the brown one that mimics a crayfish. Mr. Bass will never suspect a thing.  

Too bad Chuck doesn't have it. Too bad Pete doesn't have it. Too bad Bob doesn't, er ah, forget it, he doesn't matter. Only Ken has it.

Stay tuned to see if anyone else is so bold as to preview their lures prior to the June 2000 MFW tournament.
















Pete's Lures for 2000
Pete's look like Ken's lures. Sharing and Caring. Where are Charles'??!!