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Tuesday, 27 March 2007
The Evolution of Dad - from Super 8 to a Hi-Def Panasonic HVX200

It was his grandfather who taught him how to use a super-8 camera when he was just nine. Shortly before he died, Dana Glazer pointed a movie camera at him and shot hours of footage of him telling stories of his life. Now his own 3 year old can dangle his feet off a chair and watch his own great-grandfather spin tales out of his computer. "We are moving into a strange blend of real and virtual memories" Glazer notes, "and once they are gone, they are gone" Dana's fear of losing these memories is why he's been running around his Hoboken, New Jersey apartment with his Panasonic HVX200 High-Def. clocking 250 hours of footage of his own two kids.

Tired of "doing things too Hollywood and depending on having people saying yes" Glazer has just started a three year project on an ambitious documentary titled The Evolution of Dad. "Not much of the 250 hours of the footage will be in it" he says "In fact not much of me will be in it ether." Instead, Glazer plans to show something akin to a Michael Moore film or the indy hit Supersize me,, "I want something with a a little grit, edge and a little progressive, not a groupy movie about dads, but how this country and corporate America impacts fatherhood and how it can be be improved on." 

In a written proposal about the movie Glazer writes, The aesthetic approach of the film will be a blending of traditional cinema verite, stock footage, home movies, on-the-street interviews, as well as time-lapse photography akin to the films Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi. The overall intention is to create a film that is mythic, personal and profound. 

We begin with a collage of images of fathers from our collective consciousness. JFK walking with his son. Ward Cleaver (From Leave It To Beaver.) Atticus Finch. Dustin Hoffman (in Kramer Vs. Kramer) Darth Vader. John Lennon. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) Will Smith (in Pursuit of Happyness) Don Corleone (The Godfather). 

Glazer will be using his website as a home base to slowly build interest in the movie. By Father's Day he hopes to have enough images sent to him by dads to show off on the site. Over the next few years he will start showing short clips that will make it into the final movie. When the film is completed he will offer the DVD for purchase which could lead to a theatrical release. If you'd like to get involved you can contact him here. For further updates you can check his blog.

No doubt this is a challenging project but given his past work and achievements, this promising director is one to keep an eye on.

Posted by athomedad at 10:14 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 1 May 2007 8:28 PM EDT
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