Rev. Spencer's Testimony by Statetrav

He sat at the back of the room, watching and observing everyone. He didn't know if what he had to say would make any difference, but knew he had to try. Upon receiving the telegram, he had gotten on the first stage out of Taos and headed here. Nothing would keep him from helping, if he could. He owed everything to these two, and intended on repaying in any way that he could.

Sheriff Trevors was motioning everyone to quiet down. The roar in the room was becoming more and more dense. He only wished he knew how everyone was feeling now. But no matter, he had to continue. He owed it to Heyes and Curry.

"Now, I would like to present The Reverend Spencer." Rev. Spencer slowly stood and walked to the dias.

"Rev. Spencer, can you tell us your experience with Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry?"

Rev. Spencer cleared his throat and started to speak. "Yes. I met Mr. Heyes and Mr. Curry a few years ago, in the town of West Bend, Texas. At the time, I had given up on my church and my belief, in myself and others. There was a hired gunman by the name of Joe Briggs that liked to terrorize the townsmen, or anyone for that matter that he felt was dangerous to his mission."

"What do you mean by his mission?" Lom asked.

"Well, he didn't want the townsfolk to vote in the election, so he ran roughshod on them. And he spotted Mr. Curry and Mr. Heyes right off, because they were wearing their guns. When Mr. Curry refused to remove his, Joe Briggs decided that he needed to make an example of Mr. Curry. Mr. Curry did everything he could to keep the peace."

"And how did he do that?"

"Joe Briggs wanted him to remove his gun, and when he refused, he gave him the chance to dance a jig."

"And Mr. Curry did?"

"Why yes. It was the first time in a long time that I saw someone unafraid but not willing to kill another person. I had become very accustomed to seeing lawlessness in people. I had even left my church and became the town drunk because I felt that no one believed in the Good Book and its teachings."

"So how did this event make an impact on you?"

"Because of what I had seen in Mr. Curry on those occasions, oh, he repeated that jig on another morning, for the same reason, I realized that believing was not dead, but my believing was. I had forgotten the reason I wanted to preach. And Mr. Curry also reminded me that people were not perfect, as I apparently thought they should be. So I packed my belongings and headed back to Taos. I explained to my church what had happened, and they took me back in. I have been preaching at Taos every since. If it hadn't been for Mr. Curry and Mr. Heyes, I probably would have been dead by now. I definitely would not have regained my faith, in myself and others."

Rev. Spencer slowly looked around the room and in a clear voice said, "The Bible reminds us that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. And that man can make a decision to follow a path of goodness or a path that is away from God's teachings. They have sinned, yes, but they have turned away from their evil ways. They asked forgiveness from the Governor in much the same way as we all ask forgiveness from Our Heavenly Father. God is willing to forgive them. Who are we to doubt that which God will do? They deserve to be allowed their freedom. I know that, in their lives ahead, they will touch many in a positive way. It would be a shame for someone to lose that which God is willing to give."

And with that, Rev. Spencer stood and started to walk to the back of the room. He stopped in front of Lom. "Please tell Mr. Curry I just want to thank him again. He gave me back my life and my faith. And because of him, I have been able to help so many others. He and Mr Heyes are a blessing from Heaven. May God go with them always."

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