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Comments from emails to this site

This site "" was begun in early 1998. I have posted here some excerpts from email I have received on this site, with both positive and negative views. I have just listed the month and year of the emails, and I have just listed some excerpts from the emails. The email I have received tends to be one or the other: liked the site or strongly disliked it.

--T. Chase

Positive: liked this site

June 1998:
"I just found your site and all I can say is "Wow!" Your information gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. It would seem that the signs are here for us if we are listening. Thanks for waking me up!"

July 1998:
"Nice job on the web site. You must have researched these parallels for decades. Keep up the good work."

July 1998:
"Keep writing, you are absolutely correct, things are happening right in front of our eyes and people need to wake up and see it. Prophesy is unfolding right in front of our eyes."

Aug. 1998:
"I have been reading your predictions and interpretations on your web site for over six months now, and would be completely surprised if you are not 100% correct on all your predictions. At first, I thought you were just trying to get attention ... by placing huge texts of information on upcoming dates, and their significance to astrological conjunctions, biblical prophecies, and past prophets and predictions. I remember laughing then, but after watching your predictions unfold on CNN, the Asian Stock Market and inside the former Soviet Union, I am no longer laughing! Instead, I believe that you are correct in your prediction that the Antichrist will come from turmoil in Russia."

Sept. 1998:
"I am so interested in the things you know, there is so much that I believe in what I read about the bible and the predictions you proclaim....I am not a Jesus freak, I just keep to myself and the knowledge of a certain knowing that as every thing you said I understood in my soul. It just sort of clicks inside."

Jan. 2000
"I am impressed with the incredible insights you have posted on your web page."

Apr. 2001:
"I found your site today by accident....I got completely lost reading your pages. Where did you get all your ideas? I was totally mesmerized by what I was reading. It was amazing! Everything you explained in your pages made so much sense...."

July 2001:
"Revelation 13 LOVE IT!!! Man I love your site. You are a brilliant person....I read Revelation 13 all the time for inspiration..."

Aug. 2001:
"Fantastic! Fantastic is the only word that can describe what I read. Many of the things you talk about I have heard in the past by different people but not as finely expressed and explained as you have it here. I believe 110% of everything you talked about. The odd thing about it is that when I wonder about fate and look for an explanation of things happening now I always thought that there has to be something in old literature, new literature, the Bible, etc. that explains or predicts things to come. I guess all the universe is one great puzzle but we are the ones who have to put it together to see the whole picture clearly."

Sept. 16, 2001:
"...Your site is incredible and the balance between all sources available to us makes a great deal of sense. I applaud you in your study...I am glad you are there/here. Thank you for your work and efforts on our behalf."

Sept. 28, 2001:
"I have had your site bookmarked for a couple of years now. I'm not sure why, but your openness to events and interpretations is inspiring...."

Sept. 19, 2001:
"I just have to say I love this! This site has had me for hours and hours....It all makes sense. You have really opened my eyes. Thank you."

Sept. 16, 2001:
Thank you for making such an informative web site. I have truly enjoyed it. I find Nostradamus so totally fascinating. I believe in the revelations with all my heart. I am so glad that I found your web site."

Oct. 2001:
"I have read and reread your site and believe you to be extraordinary vast of perception and knowledge. Thank you for allowing me to read such an awesome report...Anyways, thanks for showing me your genius, details I feel are powerful in the wake of this new war.... You should write your own book."

Oct. 2001:
"I've never heard it put that way before. Any and all churches I've ever been to all preach against any use of the stars or astrology but I've always believed that there has to be something there. You've given me a lot to think about in a time when I had almost completely dismissed my faith."

Oct. 2001:
"A note of thanks. This is absolutely brilliant."

Nov. 2001:
"How do you do it? Your site is incredible. I like how you combined various forms of observations using Biblical prophecy, New Age studies, geographical coordinates, etc.. My Mother and I are absolutely jaw-dropped at the new entries you put in from time to time. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. ... maybe when all this happens, someone will stumble over it past 2007 and pull out their hair knowing the answers were here the whole time. I've bookmarked your site, and I can't get enough. I haven't even read everything in there. I'm returning right now, just had to comment on your work."

Jan. 2002:
"I came across your website and once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. Your predictions seem so fact based that it's really started to freak me out a little!..."

Jan. 2002:
"I believe you are definitely on the right track about things. Thank you for all your hard work!...Please please work. Your work is vital."

March 2002:
"As a first time visitor to your site, I wanted to offer my congratulations on a job very well done. It is so clear, so readable, and most of all, most thought-provoking. Thank you for taking all the time you obviously have to put this together for people like me to read. It is wonderful."

May 2002:
I am very inspired by your information that you have collected on the Book Of Rev. I am also suprised at the great detail and its vastness. Your info. is helping me a great deal because I have been studying things of this origin almost my entire life. I am constantly in need of more information because I love to tell people that are willing to listen. It also helps me to further educate some of my Christian friends. I am a Christian as well. I have such an interest in World History that my teachers can hardly keep up with me. I enjoy looking for and finding the connections between Mythology, Literature, Humanities ( Arts, Music, Writing, etc.), the Sciences, Math, and direct correspondance with God's Word. I believe All of it to be true and I believe he has put certain people here to shed light on these serious issues of mankind's past, present, and future. I also believe that it is my duty to research and get information about current situations in the world today and directly relate them to the Bible, in order to help prepare myself as well as others. I just recently 'happened upon' your web-site and I do not believe it was coincidence. That is one thing I don't believe in. God has EVERYTHING occur for a purpose. All matters are directly connected to God's plan for tomorrow as well as the future of mankind.
Thank You Very Much. Your info. has opened new paths of study for me."

May 2002:
"awesome site!!!
I've been reading thru your site for days now and I just love all the information on it. Congratulations on getting the truth to people who don't know what's going on in the world today. It's so sad that a lot of people will believe that Putin is the "good guy" and already do. Keep up the good work!"

August 2002:
"I don't know who you are or where you come from but your research is astounding. Maybe if we start now we can change and keep these events from destoying us all."

Oct. 2002:
"Thank you for your informative website. Your knowledge is amazing, and your writing is inspiring."

Oct. 2002:
"I must say that your knowledge is quite astounding. ... I am very interested in your work keep it up. It also says that mathematicians will calculate the number of the beast. My friend, there is no doubt in my mind that you could be the one who discovers who the antichrist is....Good luck and may God be with you."

Dec. 2002:
"I think you are a genius. Your interpretations are intriguing and inspiring...Thank you for this very informative website. It's people like you who help give insight to the rest of us. Keep the information coming."

Jan. 2003:
"Just wanted to let you know how fascinated I am about your site...Keep up your good work."

Feb. 2003:
"Thank you for publishing your brilliant analysis, combining astrology with cyclical history. ... I haven't finished studying all of your work but I am a student of cycles, astrology... and I appreciate your wisdom."

Feb. 2003:
"I come to your site often. Great work, got me to realize a lot of things in life."

Feb. 2003:
"I have been reading your website for several months now, and am amazed by the obvious gift you have for interpretation of signs. ...Thanks for such a great website!"

March 2003:
"...I really enjoyed reading your website, it is quite facinating. ...Thanks for this wonderful information and enlightenment."

March 2003:
"...You see I need proof and what you say in this very informative web site does grab you...A very interesting site and us brits like it very much. I will stay tuned
bye bye from all in england"

March 2003:
"you have done an amazing amount of research ...I was astounded by your findings."

April 2003:
"I really enjoyed reading your site. I'm just not able to stop reading it. I find it all very interesting. I would like to know how you came up with all this and how many times have you read the Bible to come to this conclusion? I'm not saying anything bad about what you say, because I believe It has begun. Thank you for a very interesting website. I think it's terrific."

May 2003:
"I stumbled across your website and (so far) am totally blown away! This is an incredible written work. You are either a member of Mensa, extremely well studied/read or just plain genius! I have looked for a long time for something to help interpret Revelations for me. Thank you for this documentation. It makes so much sense. "

July 2003:
"knowledge has been inprinted
r u a person or a group, i have always known these things existed in my heart, i feel overwhelmed how much info u have, every topic has entered my mind but i just thought is was just a phobia i had !!!!! "God does not play dice", quote by Albert Einstein....."

July 2003:
Your site touches base with many, many subjects that I investigate and ponder. Just wanted to say "great job", keep it up. Maybe people like you can help to change the conciousness of many people."

Jan. 2004:
"wow, i can't believe this. It all seems so true... Please email me anytime you update your site... i was blown away."

Jan. 2004:
"Regarding your website:
I've just gotten thru reading your website and found it to be very enlightening and brought everything into perspective. I believe all that you have shared, and found lots of it to be mind awakening. For me, it's a step into the next level of learning. I know the Bible is truly a guide for us in this life, to have your info is an added dimension that pulls all the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you for all the work! It's a great site! Again, thank you. "

Jan. 2004:
"...I was looking for answers and when I found your site I was greatly satisfied that a great many of my questions had been answered and gave me a new found faith in life. ... because of you I see life in a new light and I will always be thankful to you..."

Jan. 2004:
"...I found your web site and have been profoundly moved by it and all of your predictions and explanations of the universe...."

March 2004:
You have done a remarkable job and produced an incredible amount of information. I have been a Bible student for 25 years, and it was some of Hal Lindsay's work that brought me into the Faith, but I've never seen anything quite like the material that you have put up on that site."

July 2004:
I found your site today by accident (BY LUCK) .... I got completely lost reading your pages. Where did you get all your ideas? I was totally mesmerized by what I was reading. Its simply splendid."

Aug. 2004:
"I found your website after taking interest in the prophecies of the end times, the no of the beast etc... I found it incredibly interesting, even quite shocking at times - mostly though it was quite liberating. ...
Also, thanks for sharing your research and wisdom on the internet - it's given me quite a new perspective on things, and as strange as it might sound has helped me to understand myself and my ways a little more."

Sept. 2004:
"you are right on putin.
Hello , I have read your predictions of the future and putin as possible antichrist, now after the school carnage in russia and his comments, i'm now convinced 100 percent that you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I have read your article couple of years back, then the pictures were not clear, now it seem all true, he will bring the world to ruin. may god bless all and save us. Thanks for your painstaking work and bring to us a clear picture..keep up."

Oct. 2004:
"I find your website an eye opening 'revelation' promoting thought provocation. Your biblical timelines, historical reference, geographical, artistic, astrological and mathematical compiling of seemingly irrefutable events, is to say the least overwhelming. Quite scares me to death, yet makes me feel stronger... Obviously this is a lifetime effort, and it is appreciated. I will do my best to help spread the word....You had mentioned the Baha'i faith as well as Kabbalah on your website. In a way you in fact are unifying our world by spreading this information in a positive light."

Dec. 2004:
"I love your web site. I started reading it and 13 hours later was still in the same place reading. I read till there wasn't any more to read."

Jan. 2005:
"I stumbled upon your website... I was astonished!!! ... Your website is so easy to understand. I was reading through your email responses and one person said something that sums up what I felt entirely, September 1998"...I understand in my soul. It just sort of clicks inside." That's exactly how I feel, it just clicks, it makes sense. You provide adequate information to allow individuals to grasp the concept you are speaking of."

April 2005:
"Any negative e-mail you have received don't pay any attention to it. You are truly a genius! I have never read anything more interesting in my life. It scares me about how these prophecies are coming true right in front of my eyes."

May 2005:
"I Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your website. I do hope that you keep it up for many more years because your message needs to be heard by more people. I really do believe everything on your website. I know in my heart that Putin is the antichrist. The end times give me hope."

July 2005:
"Just a little note to tell you I have enjoyed and appreciate your time and effort in sharing your views and insights. Thank you for educating and enlightening site. Keep up the good work."

July 2005:
"I am so impressed with your successes in obtaining revelation from computer searches in the King James Version of the bible."

August 2005:
"i was reading the emails on your site and noticed the negative emails. i just have to say that maybe if people took the time to read and look at the events than they would realize that they are true. there just acting that way because people dislike what the dont understand. and i also wanted to say i love ur site."

Sept. 2005:
"WOW...I just spent my whole day off reading your web site.....I never knew you or any of this stuff intrigued.... You rock!"

Oct. 2005:
"I was lucky in finding your website, your work is really amazing."

Jan. 2006:
"I happen to surf on the internet today and it was wonderful that I found your website. It is such a great website ! I am a Christian but I never thought prophecy is scientific enough, until I read your wonderful articles ! Bible is the highest knowledge. Now I know. Thanks ! You should publish your articles as a book. I am sure it will be a great book. "

Jan. 2006:
"I know you probably get letters like this one all the time. I want you to know how much I appreciate your site. I have been reading it for day on end now. It has given me more insight than any other sites I have been on. You have given me doubt on people and events that have come to pass, that has/is changing some of the beliefs I was having. And you know what they say about doubt. "If in doubt, throw it out" ! The more I read, The more I want to read. It is 206AM, I have been on and off your site all day, on and off for the past three days actually. I am going to give it a rest for the night, but be assured I will be back on it again tomorrow. I am not sure why I started looking for answers here on the net, but I am glad that I found your site. I pray that God keeps showing you the path, that I may read and comprehend. Your site is a blessing !!"

Feb. 2006:
"Praise for your site.
Your site was a brilliant find. I know I won't be able to stop reading it. You've answered so many questions I have had with your well-read theories. Ever since I happened to pick up a child's book on the prophecies of Nostradamus I have needed to know more and more... it becomes frighteningly real. Ideas I have formed on past events I find that you have also; it was amazing to read the very theories I wondered if others had pondered on.
As for those who dismiss the prophecies as hokum or as superstitious nonsense only believed by religious doom-mongers, well...
One of your emailers asked if you hadn't heard of plate tectonics, and in doing so insulted your intelligence, clearly displayed his own narrowmindedness: no one denies the scientific causes of these events or even the possibility there is no God about to punish us for all of our sins. Religion can be seen as purely symbolic and these texts as insights into the future. Let's be sensible about this... there isn't a great percentage of such devout religious people that believe every earthquake is caused by an actual literal hand of God shifting stuff about. This is the 21st century - not the Dark Ages. The vast majority of even just the vaguely intelligent Christians know they are only symbolically taking the blood and flesh of Christ and communion nowadays. Symbolism my narrowminded emailing friend... symbolism.
And so, basically, thanks for taking the enormous amount of time to share all of this. I will keep reading."

December 2006:
"WOW, WOW, WOW....just spent my Saturday evening reading every word on your website. You are a very smart and interesting character!!
It's funny, because I just watched the movie "PROOF" last night, the story which portrayed Anthony Hopkins as a mathematical genius!! I found it extremely interesting. I don't know if me seeing the movie and being perplexed by it, and then 24 hrs. later me having found your website and somewhat relating it to the movie, which normally wouldn't be of interest to me. Makes me wonder if it could be mere coincidence, but I believe that the two experiences(the movie, and your website) equates somehow, to me giving thought to things that aren't of my own nature.
There has been a couple of times in my life when I have had enlightment on certain subjects, that took me quite by surprise, and I always figured that there must be something in the moon and stars, that led me to the enlightment that I didn't choose of my own accord.
I don't know if any of this makes any sense to you or not, but nevertheless I just wanted to let you know that you have an incredible "thinking cap". Thanks for sharing.
Your theories will have my brain pumping and boggling for a couple of days now. Somewhat mind blowing. WOW

December 2006:
"I read your writings on this website:, and I found it so much interesting. I wish I could have the entire book. I'm truly impressed by the way, You join the religion, to the science with the astronomy to reveal such astoninshing things. It just seems so real. I think that You brought a new age of philosophy."

January 2007:
"I just want to say I am grateful to your great website. It taught me so much in those pages ! It is the best website I have ever seen. Keep up the good work ! Thanks, you are saving the West, what you are doing is so significant that it matches what Charles Martel did many years ago for the West."

Feb. 2007:
"I discovered your website out of my curiosity to know what will be the things in year 2007. I printed and read much of your explanations and my soul was really awaken. Now I visit your website almost everyday to learn more and be aware.
I thank you so much for sharing all these things to the internet and for your noble mission. I will inform all my contacts about your website."

Sept. 2007:
"Hello, Saw your website last week .. And I cant stop reading it. I really find it interesting and scary at the same time. But also encouraging to see that how close the TIME is coming."

Oct. 2007:
"Remarkably extensive website.
Hi, I came across your website a long time ago. Periodically I'd come back and see if you'd updated or whatnot. I commend you on your logical thinking. A very interesting website to say the least."

Nov. 2007:
"Fascinating piece on Putin, thanks.
Anyway, it was remarkable, stimulating and worrying to read your brilliantly researched article, so different from the shoddy, baseless and hysterically accusatory works of so many with theories on the Revelations. Thank you for the time and effort you must have put into such a piece!"

Dec. 2007:
"I'll continue to visit your well researched site and keep my eyes on events in Russia, particularly over the spring. All the best for 2008, and thanks again for building such an informative and concise site."

March 2008:
"Thank you for spreading the wisdom. Bless you and all your endeavors."

Sept. 2008:
"Just a quick note to let you know how great I think your website is, not many are out there that have the research yours has. Keep up the great work."

Oct. 2008:
"You are doing your work unto the Lord and for that you shall be blessed. Often people don't get the insight they should, so I believe that this is an amazing site to help people realize where they stand. Regardless if the information is 100% accurate your studies are beyond awe. May God Bless you and the miraculous achievements that you gave up to stand up and spread the word of such a positive and inspirational guidance. Take care friend!"

Jan. 2009:
"Hi, I like to read your prophecies, and with all due respect I do find it fascinating."

Jan. 2009:
"I am totally mesmerized, amazed and stunned at what you have put forth... I too think its a combination of alot of things all coming together (like bits of pieces to a puzzle). It is facinating to put this all together and I will try to spread the word about your site.... I loved your site and will continue to reference it as I keep reading about all this stuff about what I can get my hands on."

Oct. 2009:
"Hello, I came across you web site a few months ago and have been following it with the calendar, as well as reading it piece by piece. I do not want to waste your time, just wanted to send you a quick email, letting you know that I am a great fan of your predictions,"

April 2010:
"I found this website by accident and must I say I was mesmerized/freaked the f*** out"

June 2010:
"Have you seen what just happened in Guatemala? There was a perfect circle that showed up and ingested the building or factory that was located there in the middle of the city of Guatemala, after the storm passed by and the rivers flooded the roads. Do you believe this is related to the black hole you refer to? And what is this CERN LHC doing? why is this necessary if it could cause such damages to the earth? I just found your website and it's fascinating, because I had already associated the horns to the countries you have mentioned, and the fact that China and Russia have allied and could become very powerful and deadly. There has been earthquake movements all over different places, such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, even Cuba has felt some trembling. There has been no damage reported, but the people have felt the tremble. So something is making the center of the earth move and split open in some areas."

Oct. 2010:
"I read your site with great interest. Thank you for all your marvelous work. I appreciate your site because it helps me understand what's happening to the world..."

Dec. 2010:
"Thanks for sharing your insight with the world. I think your website has lot of useful and interesting information."

Jan. 2011:
"I read your website and it's incredible. It was really mind blowing. How often do you update it and do you have a Twitter account which would be great to let the people who enjoy your site a way to know you updated it or anything. I was wondering if the recent animal deaths (birds dropping from sky in Arkansas etc) was a sign or something."

Jan. 2011:
"Hello sir..the other nite as I googled horoscope I came across your link for revelation13 website. I myself was curious long before and had been browsing around many, many websites and after all the sites i visited I came to believe that another planet (Nobu) will collide with mother earth. But after I came across your website...oh man it really opened up my eyes. You have everything. Your website explained everything that makes sense. Your site involved and connected everything in details like the Mayan's Predictions, Nostradamus, different Bible versions involved, codes, dates, past and present events, who the anti-christ is and how he had ties with events,netc. I mean Everything."

May 2012:
"... as we prepare for days ahead which few can foresee the peril that our entire society faces, I've stumbled upon your videos and have found inspiration and purpose. I think your predictions and analysis has brought about a sea change in the way we think, particularly about the impending zeitgeist which faces all of us on 12.21.12, or as you expertly pointed out, the possible rapture."

July 2012:
"I saw your videos on a radio show and I think you're fantastic. thank you."

Jan. 2013:
"I went through many sites and found yours the most reliable."

April 2013:
"I wanted to make sure you hear about my experience of making it happen with 3 small clouds in a row. I am totally blown away I actually did this on my 1st try not only once but 3 times in a row under 5 minutes!
I first saw your videos a year or so back and found them to be very interesting and with all truth. No disrespect I could not help but laugh at the way you sounded when doing the chants but at the end I thought your videos were pretty incredible but soon forgot about them until yesterday.
BTW How the hell do you tell this to people without them thinking you are a nutcase? I want to share this to everyone I know but realistically who the heck is going to believe it ?"

Aug. 2013:
"I've been spending a considerable amount of time exploring your website and browsing your cloud transformation videos on YouTube. I must say, I'm very intrigued by your work!"

Dec. 2013:
"I saw your website and I want to give you thanks for such amazing work."

Feb. 2014:
""Or a war could occur in Ukraine - civil war or Russian invasion of Ukraine, Korea, Middle East, Pakistan-India, China-Japan, or Iran in 2014 - 2015."
I've read your web site for years and was most startled by the dutch painting and Putin today. Do you realize you are the ONLY ONE, that I know of, that predicted the Ukraine invasion. Scary! Keep up the good work and spreading the message. Time is of the essence. Now if only people will listen..."

Nov. 2014:
"hello Mr. Chase,
I recently viewed your Ebola Bible Code prophecy video and was amazed. I noticed in the video when you had said that the code reference to burning up the bodies and you had said that it could be relating to the fever that comes along with the virus. what I thought that maybe it was referencing to the west Africans having to burn all the dead bodies because there is such a great number of bodies its too many to bury in a timely and safe manner and also they want to kill the virus as quickly as possible so there are towns that have large piles of their infected dead piled, burned to ashes, and buried under a layer of top soil. just thought id share my view. the entire prophecy is so real it shakes one to it's core."

July 2015:
"Let me just say that I believe that you may be on to something... Seriously. I've listened to some of your videos and have a few things I feel like you're missing that could really tie a lot of the things together. You're right about the DNA thing I believe. ... But, I see it plain as day. Johns prophecy is about an alien invasion. There is no doubt in my mind about this."

Jan. 2016:
"Your website is fantastic. Great stuff on Nostradamus."

Sept. 2016:
As an astute Christian worshiper, I have found your work on your website revealing to how the world actually works. I now know of dangers such as Putin (Putantichrist), the LHC, and other nefarious works of Satan on this planet. I would like to thank you personally to showing me the truth of the world as it is.... Thanks to you, I have also honed my gift of psychic cloud control, and can achieve up to level 2 at this point.
As a final note, I highly urge you to continue your quest of uncovering the truth to the world, as Satan and the Antichrist operate in many mysterious ways."

Sept. 2016:
"I was reading a page that you wrote on Your writing is very interesting. Your prophecies are very detailed and some are very accurate."

Nov. 2016:
"Hi ! I Wanted To Say: You Are Amazing. You Have A Fan .. Here. I Have Been Reading Many. Pages You Have On Your Site. I Just Cannot Stop Reading."

Feb. 2017:
"Hi! I loved to watch your movie about weather manipulation! I summonded thunder when I was seven years old on a very clear and sunny day. And one time I was sitting up all night praying and then I had a vision a tornado was hindered ( but i did not check the news ) so dont know! My question is how and if it is aliens/angels or any other unknown who manipulates the weather when they get the request from us. And how is it possible to keep manipulating weather and just not once in a millenium?"

May 2018:
"I have been perusing your massively in-depth website and was very impressed at your knowledge..."

Negative: disliked this site

May 1999:
"I came across your web site while searching for something interesting - unfortunately I hit on your extremely dull outpourings of naive and inane pseudo-scientific philosophy that bares a resemblance to the unintelligent ramblings of an institutionalized half-wit. What is that all about? Shapes of countries having some relationship to their recent history. Haven't you heard of plate tectonics?"

Aug. 1999:
"Hey, just followed a link to your web site. I was having a really crappy morning, and your site made me laugh so much that things look much better now! Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

Aug. 2001
"I think the only gases I see are coming from the nonsense spewed forth by the so-called "prophets" and "prophetesses" -- such as yourself"

Dec. 2001:
" offense, but you are such a dork! Please don't stop reading just because that sounded so immature... I meant it as if you were one of my friends who I make fun of for being so paranoid all of the time. Hence, dork. I'm actually inrigued by your irrational paranoia which is why I read your whole little 666-day cycle theory. ... the point is that if you're paranoid enough , and if you look hard enough, you can see monkeys flying out of cheese, wet tea leaves in empty cups forming symbols, and Putin as Antichrist.... You've obviously got some good mathematical skills, and I was going to try and convince you that your mind is too precious to waste on such ridiculous BS and that you could come over to the intelligent side of existence."

Feb. 2002:
"I just stumbled on your web page while searching for information on conjunctions and I have to say that I have not read such drivel in a long time. Where are you getting this stuff from?"

Nov. 2002:
(Subject: Ebola)"This is some of the best comedy I have read in these dark times. Thank you so much and keep those laughs coming."

Nov. 2002:
(Subject: I came, I saw...) "I deteriorated! Your so-called New Age Geography is something of the worst jabber yet seen on the internet and demonstrates why this age of information is surely an Iron Age"

Dec. 2002:
"Your website is arrogant. You assume to sit and judge the rest of the world from your ivory tower. Your "facts" are mostly coincidental, self proclaimed or entirely fanciful."

Dec. 2002:
"This is the most incredible bunch of bull I have ever come across - I laughed for hours. Thanks for the good giggle - I've passed it on to my friends to share in the laugh."

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