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On this page of this site " Astrology, Prophecies of the Future, Bible Prophecy and the Book of Revelation, the King James version Bible Code", I list some books and periodicals I recommend for further reading on Bible codes, Bible prophecy, other prophecies, world politics, and other areas. And some web sites for reference and further reading are listed below.


Books on Bible Prophecy:

An excellent introduction to Bible Prophecy, both a book and a video:
"The Late Great Planet Earth", by Hal Lindsey

A very complete scholarly book on the subject of Bible Prophecy, by one of the experts on the subject:
"Prophecy Knowledge Handbook", by John F. Walvoord. Published by Victor Books, SP Publications, 1990.

Clarence Larkin wrote some excellent books on Bible Prophecy, that are classics, and are must reads for those interested in Bible prophecy. They have excellent charts and illustrations. I recommend these two books by him:
"The Book of Revelation Illustrated" by Clarence Larkin.
Also: "Dispensational Truth"

On this page I discuss this excellent book on prophecies in the Psalms, by J.R. Church:
"Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms", by J. R. Church, published by Prophecy Publications, 1990.

Excellent books on the Bible code, (the Bible code is discussed on this page and the King James Bible code on this page):
"The Bible Code", by Michael Drosnin. "Bible Code II: The Countdown", by Michael Drosnin, published by Viking Penguin, 2002. "Bible Code III: Saving the World", by Michael Drosnin, published by Worldmedia, 2010.

"The Bible Code: A Journey to Judgement Day", by Dan Harlap, published by Equidistant Publishing, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2001.


"Life Application Bible", the best study Bible available today. I recommend the NIV version and King James version.

"Eerdman's Handbook to the Bible". An excellent introduction to the Bible, very readable.

New Age:

"The Mayan Factor", and "Earth Ascending", by Jose Arguelles

"The Source Field Investigations", by David Wilcock. Excellent book, very interesting, on New Age concepts.

"On the Edge of Reality", by Colin Andrews. On crop circles and some other strange phenomena.

Zecharia Sitchin has a series of books, including "The 12th Planet", proposing that a very advanced civilization existed in the area of Iraq around 3000 B.C., that had an understanding of astronomy and biology beyond our own. I find his books to be very interesting reading.

"Atlantis and the Cycles of Time", by Joscelyn Godwin, published by Inner Traditions, 2011. This book is very interesting reading, on various lost continent of Atlantis writings by psychics, channellers, New Age cults, etc..

"The Atlas of Atlantis", by Joel Levy, published by Godsfield Press, 2007. On various theories on lost submerged coninents of Atlantis and Mu. Most interesting is the section on James Churchward who wrotes books in the 1930s on the lost continent of Mu in the Pacific. Some think that James Churchward totally made up his unbelievable story on how he learned about Mu in India. But it is hard to dismiss Churchward as a crank, since he developed a new kind of steel plating for the steel industry.

"Fate Presents Slips in Time and Space", compiled and edited by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Good reading in several articles on time and dimension travel.


The best book I have seen on the prophecies of Nostradamus: "Nostradamus and His Prophecies", by Edgar Leoni. A very complete work on the subject, and objective. And another excellent book on Nostradamus is "Nostradamus, Prophecies Fullfilled" by Francis X. King.

"Chronicles from the Future, The Amazing Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach, Based on his Diary Pages", Edited by Archilleas Sirigos, This Way Out Productions, 2018. This book is a story of a prophecy of the far future, from a man who was in a coma for a year ending in year 1922. He recalls living at that time as a person in year 3906 A.D.. When he awoke from his coma in 1922 he recalled the events he had dreamed in detail, and wrote them down.

On the Jean Dixon prophecies discussed on this page:
"A Gift of Prophecy, The Phenomenal Jean Dixon", by Ruth Montgomery. A Bantam Book. Published 1965.

OAHSPE Bible and related books:

OAHSPE. "OAHSPE" was first published in 1882 by John Ballou Newbrough, a New York City dentist. An 800 page book of channelled material claiming to be about the history of the universe, the history of the earth, the origin of man, astronomy and astrophysics, the nature of matter, a now sunken continent existed in the Pacific, etc.. It states that vortexes (not nuclear fusion) power the sun and stars. Books by a follower of OAHSPE are: "Seven Years that Change the World 1941-1948", by Wing Anderson, The Kosmon Press, 1946. "Prophetic Years 1947-1953", by Wing Anderson, The Kosmon Press, 1946. These discuss prophecies, and also how the Kosmon era began in 1848. You may read Oahspe and think this makes no sense and is all nonsense. And I would recommend books by Susan B. Martinez, an Anthropologist, who writes on how Oahspe ideas on the origin of man make sense of the primitive man fossil record and distribution of mankind around the world:
"The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man", by Susan B. Martinez, published by Bear & Company, 2013.
"Delusions in Science & Spirituality", by Susan B. Martinez, published by Bear & Company, 2015.
"Time of the Quickening", by Susan B. Marlinez, published by Bear & Company, 2011.


A very interesting book, on Paul LaViolette's galactic superwave theory (see this page), that in ancient times our galaxy's core exploded, and this can happen again, with disastrous effects on earth:
"Earth under Fire", by Paul LaViolette, published by Starburst Publications, 1997. Updated in 2005: "Earth Under Fire", by Paul LaViolette, Bear & Company, 2005.
There is also a DVD based on "Earth under Fire" - it is fascinating! Get it!

A great book that is fascinating reading: "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" is a very interesting book that mentions Paul LaViolette's theories, and discusses other interesting ideas and prophecies. It is very interesting reading, although I don't know if I believe much of it. Discusses a very far out theory that relates a cross monument in France to a location in Peru, that they say is a safe place to be if another galactic superwave disaster hits our solar system in the near future. It also discusses the significance of the Southern Cross constellation, a constellation which is also significant in the prophecies of this Revelation 13 web site.
"The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Alchemy and the End of Time", by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges, published by Destiny Books, 1999, 2003.

According to the book "Intervention", (by Alan Butler, Watkins Publishing, 2012), March 27 2022 could be a critical date for revealing the future. The book "Intervention" comes up with the 3-27-2022 date by relating it to a number 27.322 related to the moon, and the unusual numerical facts related to the moon. This book proposes that the moon being unlike other satellites of the solar system, it appears to have been designed and parked in orbit around the earth, possibly by people in the future, to allow intelligent life to develop on earth.


"Freakanomics", by Levitt and Dubner, Harper Perennial, 2009. "Super Freakonomics", by Levitt and Dubner, Harper Collins Publishers, 2010. These books are about economic methods of analysis applied to other things in the world. Very interesting, and very funny. They have a different way of looking at things.

UFOs and Aliens:

(Note: see my calendar page where I discuss how Revelation 19 -22 describes an alien UFO invasion that could occur by 2022)

"Walking Among Us", by David M. Jacobs, Disinformation Books, 2015. A 2015 book to read on the idea that aliens are preparing to takeover earth now, by putting alien-human hybrids that are half-alien into the human population on earth. But they look like regular people. They could be your neighbors. And that alien invasion of earth may be soon. A serious and very scary book: "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity" by David Jacobs. What is super-creepy is these insect-like aliens are the head aliens, they look like a praying mantis. They are like the queen bees, that control the other aliens with their psychic powers. And there are these alien-human hybrids that are being created to infiltrate the human race and take over earth. Note Revelation 9:3 (King James version) "And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth...". Locusts - similar to the praying mantis - like lead aliens.

"Earth: An Alien Enterprise", by Timothy Good, Pegasus Books, 2013. Another very interesting book on aliens on earth, but it does not focus on the alien invasion idea. It says there are several different alien groups with bases on earth now: "Earth: An Alien Enterprise", by Timothy Good. He also has a lot of other good books on UFOs and aliens.

"Mass Contacts", by Stefano Breccia, AuthorHouse, 2009. Claims that there is a giant underground UFO base in Italy, occupied by friendly human-like aliens, but who can be very tall or very short, and some live among people. And that a lot of people in Europe have had contact with these aliens for many years starting in the 1950s. This Italian UFO base is discussed in Timothy Good's book "Earth An Alien Enterprise" also. Also there are supposed to be alien robots that appear to be human.

3 books by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger: "Real Visitors", "Real Aliens", "Real Encounters". On aliens, UFOs, contactees, ghosts, life after death, paranormal, etc. Very interesting and easy to read.

Colin Wilson, a British author, has written a lot of books on New Age and Occult subjects, that are very interesting and very good reading. On aliens, an interesting book: "Alien Dawn", by Colin Wilson, Llewellyn, 2010.

Erich von Daniken has published many books on signs of past UFOs and ET alien visitation to earth in archeology and ancient texts. His books are very interesting reading. Two of Erich von Daniken's most recent books: "Twilight of the Gods", and "History is Wrong".

Len Kasten has 3 very interesting books on UFOs. "The Secret History of Extraterrestials", by Len Kasten, Bear & Company, 2010. "Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, A True Story of Interplanetary Travel", by Len Kasten, Bear & Company, 2013. "Alien World Order", by Len Kasten, 2017. These books go into some really far-out subjects on UFOs and the possibility of U.S. - alien contact, including the story that in 1965 the U.S. sent some men to the alien planet Serpo on an alien spacecraft, and they stayed there for years before returning to earth. Also claims that there has been a joint Nazi - alien base in Antarctica that the U.S. tried to destroy, but couldn't because of the UFOs there. These books are very interesting reading, and are written by an authority on UFOs and aliens. Even though the stories are very far-out I give them a lot of credibility.

Life after Death:

There are a lot of sources, including Near Death Experiences (NDE), ITC electronic communication by radio, TV, or recordings, psychic mediums; and religions, that suggest that the Afterlife where we go after death is a real world with 7 levels, near earth extending into space but invisible to people on earth. People don't age there, and stay about 20-30 years old. People can reincarnate to earth from there, and can advance to higher levels. Children that die young grow over there to become adults. It seems to be a friendly no competition world, where everyone has housing and what they need. In the Bible's New Testament, 1 Corinthians 15 talks about resurrection of the dead. 1 Corinthians 15:21 "For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead". Also John 14:1-3 "in my Father's house are many mansions".

Magazines, books, videos and websites on the Afterlife:

"Psychic News". A UK magazine on psychics, Spiritualism, and communication with the dead. Most interesting is discussion on Leslie Flint, a now deceased psychic, who deceased people including Chopin, Gandhi, and others speak through. Not with his voice but a "voice box" forms next to him. Listen to the amazing Leslie Flint videos on Youtube at the channel "New Leslie Flint Trust".

"Proof of Heaven", by Eben Alexander. Written by a Dr. who almost died from a brain infection, and reported an amazing near death experience.

"After we Die, What then", by George Meek. This electronics expert built a machine to communicate with the dead. An amazing story. He also has videos on YouTube.

"The Afterlife Unveiled", by Stafford Betty. A college professor's serious study of the Afterlife. Good reading!

"Life Beyond Death", by David Fortana. An English college professor's study of the Afterlife.

"Ultimate Journey", by Robert A. Monroe. A book series on out-of-body travel.

"The Road to Immortality", by Geraldine Cummins. Communications through a psychic medium from the afterlife.

"The Afterlife", by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough. On the afterlife and communication with it.

"Life Beyond Death", by Reader's Digest. On the afterlife.

"Survival of Death", by Peter Brookesmith. On the afterlife.

"Electronic Voices", by Anabela Cardoso. On ITC communication with the other side.

"Unfinished Symphonies: Voices from Beyond", by Rosemary Brown. Rosemary Brown an English woman, was able to channel original music from great composers such as Beethoven and Chopin, although she just had a little piano training herself. There are videos on YouTube on this. Unbelievable as it sounds, I think this was for real. The music did seem to be something these composers would write, some music experts evaluated the music and were impressed with it. She said that Beethoven on the other side has his hearing back, and speaks some English now, and is easier to get along with.

"Journey of Souls", "Destiny of Souls", by Dr. Michael Newton. 2 books by a Psychologist who in his therapy sessions used hypnosis to send his patients into past lives. These books have very detailed descriptions of the after death process, previous lives, and what happens between lives. Really turns afterlife studies into a science. Indicates there is an unseen afterlife universe next to our own, that we can't see, but can be recalled by using hypnosis.

"Souls on Earth", "The Evolving Soul", by Dr. Linda Backman. Similar to Michael Newton's books, on hypnotic regression to past lives. And discusses interplanetary past lives on other planets at other stars, finding that many people have had past lives on other worlds.

YouTube videos:

New Leslie Flint Trust
Leslie Flint was an English psychic medium who apparently the dead can speak through. It appears they do not speak through his own voice but actually the voices come out of the air near him, and these sound like the real voices of these people. Strange as it seems, I think this was for real. Apparently there are very few psychic mediums who are direct voice mediums that can do this. On this YouTube channel there are a huge number of recordings of deceased people speaking through him, some well known such as Gandhi, Chopin the music composer, former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, and even Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, and others not well known but interesting. My personal favorite Leslie Flint video is "Jeremiah a 1600s Cromwellian Soldier". Jeremiah says he was a soldier of Oliver Cromwell's army in the English Civil War about 1640. Jeremiah says he was killed in battle, although Cromwell did win this war against the English King, and established himself as England's dictator, this being the only time England in its history did not have a King or Queen. After Cromwell the monarchy was restored. Jeremiah speaks well in 1600s English similar to the English of King James Bible. He speaks of being on earth for the hundreds of years since he was killed in battle. Also interesting are recordings with Rose the London flower seller, 4 recordings over more than 20 years, where you see Rose's education and evolution on the other side. Web site:, and this book discusses the Leslie Flint recordings: "Life After Death", by Neville Randall, Corgi Books, 1997.

Dr. Eben Alexander talks about his near death experience:
"Proof of Heaven Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander"


"Revelation", a paperback novel by W.A. Harbinson, published by Dell Publishing, New York, 1983. In this novel, a bright star appears in the sky over Jerusalem, and the Antichrist rises out of a tomb there. An interesting novel.

Web sites for further reading:

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, space missions:
Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn
SOHO solar satellite photos of the sun and solar flares:
Hubble Space Telescope:
NASA Near Earth Object Program, which tracks hazardous asteroids and comets that could endanger earth by possibly striking earth in the future:

Health and Diseases:

Religion and Prophecies:

Excellent sites on possible Doomsdays and Prophecies of the Future: Crawford 2000 is on prophecies and doomsday scenarios. is an excellent site on prophecies of the future.

You can also watch my videos on subjects discussed on this web site.

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