The English King James version Bible code - Part 17 - Human Evolution, Neanderthal Man, and Homo Erectus. And is the Human Brain a Quantum Computer?

The "Bible Code" is a way of looking for hidden prophecies and passages in the Bible, by using a software program to search for messages in the Old Testament Hebrew text. The spaces between words are eliminated, so that the Old Testament is a continuous block of Hebrew letters. Then, by skipping letters at a programmed interval, the program searches for words. There appear to be patterns to the passages where the words are found, in what is called a Bible code matrix.

The Bible Code also works in English in the King James Bible, as shown on this site. Its important to not only look at the search words in a Bible Code matrix, but other related words or phrases in the matrix, that I have underlined, that can add to the meaning of the matrix. Its been found that other related words and phrases are often found in the matrix.
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On this page I show a Bible Code matrix on the subject of Human Evolution of Homo Sapiens, Homo Erectus, and Neanderthal Man. Neanderthal Man was a cave man like relative of modern man, that existed across Europe (in particular in France and Germany) and parts of Asia, before modern Humans migrated from Africa. They were much stronger and heavier built than modern man, with heavy brow ridges and the same brain size as modern man. It is said that they did not have modern man's creativity; 80,000 years of living in caves in Europe, but no signs of cave art by Neanderthal Man, like that drawn by Cro-Magnon Man (Modern Man, Homo sapiens) in Europe. But it also has been claimed that there have been signs of Neanderthal creativity that have not been made public anthropologists. And they had a brain size equal to or greater than modern man's. Some have speculated that they may have had deveoped psychic powers.

Neanderthal Man used stone tools but supposedly didn't go beyond that. They coexisted with modern man in Europe for a while, about 35,000 years ago, before they became extinct. Much debated is the issue of whether Neanderthal interbred with modern man, or was exterminated in wars with modern man, or simply couldn't compete with the smarter and thinner modern man that came from Africa to Europe and Asia. So far, genetic evidence seems to indicate that they did not interbreed with Homo Sapiens (Modern Humans). But that is based on mitochondrial DNA evidence, from the direct female ancestor, perhaps there was some interbreeding. It is possible that there is some Neanderthal DNA in European peoples.
But here we will see what the King James Bible Code has to say about this. Previous to Neanderthal Man there was Homo erectus, found in Europe, Asia, China, Indonesia. Homo Erectus dates to about 700,000-200,000 years ago, and may have been the ancestor of Neanderthal Man and Modern Man. Homo Erectus used fire and was a hunter of animals, and had a smaller brain than modern man and Neanderthal Man.
Using Codefinder software, I searched for Old Testament and New Testament King James Bible Code matrices using keyword NEANDERTHAL, in an ELS (skip) -300000 to 300000 search. The word NEANDERTHAL was too long, and was not found in the searches, so I had to split it up. I tried an Old Testament search for NEANDER and THAL MAN as two words. With Row Splitting disabled I did then find a matrix, in an Old Testament search. This matrix was at Judges 1:7 - Nehemiah 7:19, ELS = -30711. It contains these words of interest:
-- NEANDER (ELS=-30711)
And these other words of interest were in this matrix:
-- RED THEIR MEAT (apparently saying that Neanderthal Man ate uncooked meat from animals it hunted; actually its in "gathered their meat", which again could be about Neanderthal Man being a hunter)
-- HIS ARMS (Neanderthal Man was very strong)
-- WHEAT (later on, early Homo sapiens started agriculture)
-- SPREAD UP TO HEAVEN (in 1 Kings 8:54, here it could be about Modern Man spreading out to the heavens by space travel)
-- THE PHILISTINE, and DAVID (In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, in 1 Samuel 17, David defeated in battle the Philistine giant, the ten foot tall Goliath. The Philistines were the major enemy of ancient Israel. They may here in this matrix represent the strong and stocky cave-man like Neanderthal Man. This matrix may be telling us that Neanderthal Man did battle against Modern Humans in Europe, and was defeated and exterminated by the smarter modern humans with their spears and arrows. Superior technology and brain power won the war.

This matrix was at Exodus 28:43 to Exodus 30:7, and was a search for NEANDERTHAL MAN as 2 words: NEANDER and THALMAN.

This matrix was at Genesis 3:14 to 16:10, and again the search words were NEANDER and THALMAN, and also GENES, to see if Neanderthal genes could have ended up in modern man.

This matrix was at Genesis 30:29 to Exodus 35:35, and the search words were: NEANDER, THALMAN, GENES.

Next, I searched for matrices for Homo Erectus, using ERECTUS as the first search word and HOMO as the second search word.
The first matrix was found in the Old Testament at Psalm 107:16-111:4, and it resulted from a -1000 to 1000 Old Testament search. It contains:
-- ERECTUS (ELS=-122)
Also in this matrix, these relevant phrases:
-- THEY MOUNT UP TO THE HEAVEN, THEY GO DOWN AGAIN TO THE DEPTHS (about the future of mankind, and space travel and undersea travel)
-- ABOVE THE HEAVENS (also about the future of mankind and space travel)
-- UNTIL I MAKE THINE ENEMIES THY FOOTSTOOL (about the future of mankind becoming the dominant species on earth)
-- THEIR WITS (about the increased intelligence that began with Homo Erectus)
-- A WILDERNESS (where Homo Erectus lived)
-- THEY MAY PREPARE A CITY FOR HABITATION AND SOW THE FIELDS (about man developing agriculture and cities)
-- MULTIPLIED GREATLY (about man multiplying greatly and taking over Planet Earth in the future)
-- PHILISTIA (another comparison of primitive man to the Philistines)

The next Old Testament matrix at Ezekiel 1:24 - 9:10:
-- ERECTUS (ELS=938)
Other relevant words and phrases in this matrix:
-- RECEIVE IN THINE HEART (about emotions and feelings developing in primitive man as he evolved)
-- ALL THE MULTITUDE (about mankind multiplying over earth)
-- FIRE (which was used by Homo Erectus)

Next, I tried a limited area search in Genesis in the Old Testament, and I found this matrix at Genesis 8:17 - 24:47:
-- ERECTUS (ELS=1022)
Other relevant words and phrases in this matrix:
-- ALL FLESH BOTH OF FOWL AND OF CATTLE (these were food for early man, and modern man)
-- THE CAVE (where Homo Erectus had shelter)

Next, I tried a New Testament search, and this matrix was found at Matthew 5:30 - 9:36:
-- ERECTUS (ELS=-427)
And other relevant words and phrases in this matrix:
-- FRUIT, EVERY TREE THAT BRINGETH NOT FORTH GOOD FRUIT (about food for early man, but also about the "dead end" of Neanderthal Man developing from Homo Erectus)
-- THEY WERE DEPARTED, SPREAD ABROAD (about the spread of Homo Erectus, and later modern man, across earth)

Is the human brain a quantum computer?

It has been theorized that the human brain is a quantum computer. This could also may explain how psychic phenomena work.
Did a maximum New Testament search, with search words COMPUTER, BRAIN. Found this matrix with many interesting words and phrases in it, at John 1:9 to Acts 23:27. Most interesting in it is John 1:9 "that was the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world".
Other relevant phrases in this matrix:
- shall live forever
- miracles
- cometh to the light
- all the wisdom
- a skull (that the brain is in)
- being sent forth by the holy ghost
- come see a man which told me all things
- out of the world
- these things understood
- when the comforter is come
- hath made of one blood all nations of men

Also did an Old Testament search for: QUANTUM, MIND. Found this matrix at 1 Kings 1:10 to Ezekiel 41:21.

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