The English King James version Bible code - Part 10d - on the Aging Gene TOR, and DNA Telomeres and Aging

The "Bible Code" is a way of looking for hidden prophecies and passages in the Bible, by using a software program to search for messages in the Old Testament Hebrew text. The spaces between words are eliminated, so that the Old Testament is a continuous block of Hebrew letters. Then, by skipping letters at a programmed interval, the program searches for words. There appear to be patterns to the passages where the words are found, and what words are clustered together. The theory is that these words and phrases in the Bible Code can reveal the future. And on this site I show that the Bible Code also works in English in the King James Bible.

This page 10d on the King James Bible Code discusses research I did on an English Bible code in the King James version Bible, on the Aging Gene TOR. The TOR protein and gene resulted from research on Rapamycin, a drug found on Easter Island in the South Pacific, that slowed down aging in mice. Note Easter Island - Easter - related to resurrection. It was found that Rapamycin acts on the protein TOR. And much research is being done on TOR because it has been found to cause human aging, and understanding it could possibly lengthen the human lifetime. Also concerning Easter Island see this page and this page. Also on this page, matrices on the TTAGGG DNA sequence of telomeres of chromosones, that are connected with aging since they control cell division.

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By using Bible code software I searched for some words in the King James New Testament. I found that there is evidence of English Bible code patterns that the software found by skipping varying intervals, in the King James Old Testament or New Testament, made into a block of solid text. Search words in this New Testament search were: TOR GENE, AGING. This matrix is is at Hebrews 4:12 to 12:17. Also in this matrix are these relevant phrases that could be related to increasing human longevity:
- NOR END OF LIFE (Hebrews 7:3)

Search for New Testament matrices on telomeres and aging, and DNA telomere sequence TTAGGG that controls and limits how many times a cell can divide, did searches for search words TTAGGG and Aging in these 3 New Testament matrices. (Also see the Nostradamus prophecy page for a prophecy on TTAGGG). Found this matrix at Luke 24:32 to John 1:8, that includes John 1:4 "the life was the light of men". I have underlined other words of interest in these matrices.

This matrix is at John 1:4 to Revelation 11:7.

This matrix is at Luke 15:17 to John 1:51.

Officially the oldest living person ever was Jeanne Calment who died at age 122 in France, born in 1875 and died in 1997. When 13 years old she sold canvas to famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. She lived in Arles, France. Did a New Testament search for Jeanne, Calment; found this matrix at Luke 13:34 to John 13:24. Also in this matrix is "Eternal Life" at John 6:54.

A similar matrix at Luke 13:34 to Acts 4:14 that includes the town name Arles.

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