Saddam Hussein, the former evil dictator of a modern-day Babylon, and the Wars in Iraq -- A Bible prophecy and New Age analysis

We will discuss here the issue of Iraq by using Biblical prophecy to understand the war in Iraq. On December 13 2003 Saddam Hussein of Iraq was captured by the U.S. Army; Saddam was found hiding underground in a hole in the ground in Iraq. This brings to mind Revelation 13 where the 2nd beast comes out of the earth, like Saddam coming out of his hole in the ground. Also, Saddam was found near a sheep pen, bringing to mind also Revelation 13 where the second beast has "two horns like a lamb", Revelation 13:11 King James version:
"13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon."

Also, the sheep pen near where he was found was shaped like the Greek letter Omega, bringing to mind the "Alpha and Omega" quote in Revelation concerning Christ: "I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last". And Saddam was captured when he was exactly 66.6 years old, 666 being the number of the beast in Revelation 13.
There had been a great danger that Saddam tinkering with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons could come up with some method of mass destruction, such as a doomsday virus; it was very important for the safety of the world that Saddam be removed from his position of power. Remember the 700 oil well fires Saddam set on fire during the first Iraq war? Remember Saddam firing off missles at Israel during the first Iraq war? Saddam's crimes against humanity include using nerve gas against the people of Iraq. There was a major concern that Saddam could have been working on a Smallpox biological weapon, since when the weapons inspections were done previously, one piece of equipment was noticed that was labeled "Smallpox" in Arabic. He could have been working on biological weapons to unleash on the West, or even give them to Osama. Suggested reading: the very scary book "The Demon in the Freezer", by Richard Preston, published in 2002 by Random House. "The Demon in the Freezer" discusses viruses and biological weapons including Smallpox, and discusses what is known of Saddam's research into Smallpox and other biological weapons. Previous arms inspections in Iraq had found definite evidence that Saddam was developing Smallpox and similar viruses for weapons use. "The Demon in the Freezer" discusses how when the U.N biological weapons inspection team in Iraq in 1995 talked to Dr. Hazem Ali, Iraq's top virus expert, who had a Ph.D. in virology from England, and when they asked him what he was doing in his Level 3 Biolab in Iraq, he replied that he was trying to turn Camelpox virus into a bio-weapon, Camelpox being a close relative of Smallpox that infects Camels. If that was what he was doing in his lab, its an odd area of research. Although maybe he was actually working with Smallpox. The scariest possibility mentioned in "The Demon in the Freezer" is that Smallpox could be changed by genetic engineering into a form that vaccines no longer work on, that could quickly wipe out mankind. A similar example in the book concerns Mousepox virus, that infects mice, being modified by an Australian group of scientists into an unstoppable mouse-killer virus that vaccines would not stop. So the same thing might be done to Smallpox, modifying it to make it more lethal, and so that vaccines would not stop it. Saddam might have developed a vaccine for this super-Smallpox, and vaccinate himself, his friends, and his army against this virus, and then turn this doomsday virus loose on the world. Osama bin Laden would do the same thing.

The interesting thing about Iraq is how it fits into the pattern of Biblical prophecy, especially the prophecies of the book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel. In the Book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, had his dreams of future events interpreted by the prophet Daniel. Today Iraq is located where Babylon was, and I have read that Saddam (in his insanity) believed he was Nebuchadnezzar returned, and therefore he thought he was destined to rule over a new resurrected empire of Babylon. That is why he had been rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon, so he could sit on the throne there like a reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar. (Note also that in the Book of Daniel 4:33 Nebuchadnezzar becomes insane, and "did eat grass as oxen".) This attempt to create a new Babylonian Empire explains Saddam's unfortunate attempt to expand Iraq.

Daniel's prophecies help explain the Book of Revelation's prophecies of a future empire to come, in Revelation 13. In chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel, Daniel saw a vision of 4 beasts rising out of the sea, representing future empires to come. The first beast was like a lion, and had a man's heart. The second beast was a bear with three ribs in its mouth. The third beast was a leopard with wings and 4 heads. The fourth beast had iron teeth and 10 horns, one of which was a man that spoke great things. These are believed the represent the Babylonian empire (the lion), Medo-Persian empire (the bear), and Greek empire of Alexander (the leopard-- Alexander had the speed of a leopard during military conquest), and the Roman empire (with iron teeth). It is also believed that the final empire may be talking about the Antichrist -- the man who speaks great things. Note that these beasts are combined into the 10-horned beast of Revelation 13, which has the mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, the speed of a leopard, and 10 horns representing a confederation of 10 states. This could be Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, evolving into this angry beast. Since Revelation 13 describes the empire of the Antichrist as having the mouth of a lion and the feet of a bear, this could mean that the lion had been Iraq under Saddam Hussein (where the lion in Daniel's vision was Babylon, which is now Iraq) and the bear is Russia.
This may relate to the past alliance between Russia and Iraq under Saddam, and also a Russian alliance with Red China , since the beast gets its power from the dragon. Now I think the lion-bear-dragon is:
lion: Hong Kong, now part of China
bear: Russia
dragon: China.
Note that the lion shown above is on the Ishtar Gate, from the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq.

And in Revelation 16, the River Euphrates in Iraq is dried up so that the army of the King of the East (China?) can cross it to the Battle of Armageddon. It is interesting that a severe drought was drying up the River Euphrates in 1999, this was the worst drought in Iraq in this century, and also Turkey is building dams upstream which could dry up this river, so this is another sign that Armageddon is approaching.
In Revelation 18:2, King James version of the Bible,
"Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils" (devils -- Saddam and his government of Iraq). Concerning Saddam launching missles against the state of Israel in the Gulf war, this can be explained by Nebuchadnezzar being the conquerer of Jerusalem in chapter 1 of the Book of Daniel. So apparently Saddam had dreamed of resurrecting a Babylonian empire that includes Israel in his conquered territories. Also, on the page on the War against Terrorism I discuss how Osama bin Laden appears to be a demon from Hell in Revelation 9:11, the unholy angel of the bottomless pit, also called "The Destroyer".

Saddam Hussein events:

April 28, 1937. Saddam born in Iraq. 1959: General Abdul Karim Qassim, then leader of Iraq, was almost assassinated; Saddam says he was part of this plot.
1963: The Baath party takes power in Iraq, for 9 months. Saddam then worked as a torturer for them, torturing and interrogating political prisoners.
1968: Saddam rises to power in Iraq, to 2nd in command.
1969: The public hanging of 14 Iraqis is made by Saddam into a major festival event.
1979: Saddam becomes President of Iraq, and begins his reign of terror and murder.
1980: Saddam expels from Iraq 15,000 Shiite Kurds and 35,000 Arab Shiite Muslims. Eventually in the 1980s, during the Iraq-Iran War, 300,000 Shiite Muslims were deported from Iraq.
1980: Iraq attacks Iran, beginning a long war, that ended in 1988.
1987: Saddam uses poison gas weapons on Kurdish villages in Iraq.
Aug. 1990. Iraq invades Kuwait. Before expulsion from Kuwait the next year, Iraq forces set Kuwait's oil wells on fire, causing possibly the worst environmental disaster in history.
2000. Saddam's wealth was estimated at $7 billion, making him 55th in the list of the world's wealthy.
July 22, 2003. Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay were killed in a battle with U.S. troops. So the world now has two less psycopaths. Good job, U.S. Army!
Dec. 13, 2003. Saddam Hussein was captured by the U.S. Army; thank you, U.S. Army, for making the world a safer place! Saddam was 66.6 years old when captured.
March 2, 2004. Terrorists in Iraq working for Saddam set off a series of explosions during the Shiite Muslim holiday of Ashura; more than 140 deaths.
April 5, 2004. There is an uprising of the Shiite Muslims in Iraq.
June 28, 2004. In Iraq power was transferred today to the new Iraq govenment.
July 1, 2004. Saddam was brought to court in Iraq for his trial, and he made a statement. Note that also on this day the Cassini space probe went into orbit around Saturn/Satan.
Oct. 19, 2005. The Saddam Hussein trial began in Iraq. It was then delayed for several weeks.
Nov. 28, 2005. The trial is set to continue. Saddam Hussein Trial resumed for one day, then adjourned.
Dec. 27, 2005. A mass grave was discovered in Iraq, that had resulted from Saddam's murders.

July 23, 2006. Saddam was hospitalized and given intravenous feeding because of his two week hunger strike.
November 5, 2006. Saddam was sentenced to death by the Iraq court, but has automatic appeal.
December 27, 2006. Former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein was sentenced to die by hanging within 30 days, by the Iraq court. On Dec. 29 Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging.

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