The brightening star Eta Carinae -- A sign of hope or of danger? -- Could it turn into a giant supernova soon? -- A New Age analysis

The star Eta Carinae is a star in the Southern sky, near the Southern Cross constellation. In 1843 its brightness increased greatly to magnitude -1, making it the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius. It then became dimmer decreasing to magnitude 6 to 8 until recently when it started climbing in brightness again, reaching 5th magnitude in June 1999. It appears to be going through another phase of rapid brightening and is likely to reach magnitude -1 again in the next few years. This is a supermassive star that will one day erupt as a supernova, and when it does this galaxy will see the biggest bang it has ever seen. This could happen in 10 years or in a hundred million years, no one knows when. Note the explosive nature of this star can be seen in the photo below.

Above: Eta Carinae (Source: NASA, Hubble Space Telescope photo)

The Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC3372) is a bright cloud in our galaxy the Milky Way, and the dark cloud in front of part of the Eta Carina Nebula is the Keyhole Nebula (NGC3324), which is next to the star Eta Carinae, a supermassive star that could one day become a giant supernova. The Keyhole Nebula, its name reminds me of the "Keys of hell and of death" in Revelation 1:18. And Eta Carinae could explode as a giant Supernova and it could then be very bright, by far the brightest star in the sky, as seen from earth.

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