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i’m a good little monkey and I read remorsecodeblues
white with red text, image of curious george reading.
design by violet. curious george is copyrighted by h.a. rey. please don’t sue me.

have you hugged your zinester today?
lavender with purple text.
design by violet, concept by andy eley and violet (and whoever invented those “have you hugged you child today?” bumper stickers).

super queer
multicolored, pink triangle superhero/ine image.
generic button design, with color, text and type modified by violet.

piss off!
baby blue with dark blue text, image of grumpy care bear and smiley stars. the #1 seller!
design by violet, concept by violet and andy. care bear image is probably copyrighted by someone, but i don't know who.

“of course, some do go both ways.” bi pride!
white with blue text, image of scarecrow from the wizard of oz.
concept by kyle white (thank you kyle!), design by violet. scarecrow image is public domain.

vous pouvez pas orthographier lesbienne sans bien!
grey with black text, black and purple venus symbol. Roughly translated, it means “you can’t spell lesbian without good!” see, it’s only funny in french.
design by violet. please let me know if there's a better translation.

each button is 2 1/4 inches diameter and costs $1, including postage. just send a note specifying which button(s) you'd like, along with your name, mailing address, and payment to this here address.

the folks at JASMYN (jacksonville area sexual minority youth network) make lots of kickass pro-queer buttons, so check 'em out online, and e-mail lindsey to order by mail!

if you want a button custom-designed just for you, these are the people to see:

The Punk Shop
or, just e-mail ms. susan, "the queen of pink punk," at