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A Special Bond

Author's note:This is part of a story that appeared on another website as a choose your own path story. The premise was given that Catherine had been having reoccuring nightmares and Vincent arrives on her balcony to explain how he knew about them. The conversation that ensues in my version is quite astonishing because of how Catherine realized she was in love with Vincent is the same way I knew I was in love with Nick and I wrote this three months before Nick and I were even flirting.

Vincent gently caressed her fingers as he searched his mind for the words to express what he was about to say.

"Catherine I can feel what you're feeling as you're feeling it. Like tonight, I felt your terror when you were asleep. I needed to know if you were ok," he explained quickly. Gazing down at their joined hands he felt Catherine's confusion.

"You can feel my emotions and my dreams?" Catherine finally questions squeezing his hand tighter. "How is that possible?"

"I don't understand it myslef. This has happened before. Usually when someone was suffering from an illness, or grief. Never had I been able to feel the happiness, or joy, until now."

Catherine gently released his hand. For one brief moment Vincent was afraid she was going to retreat back into her apartment. But then he felt her understand, her joy at what had been said. Reaching her arms out to him she pulled him tightly into her embrace.

"Vincent, this is wonderful. How I wishe I could feel it too," she breathed into his shoulder.

"But you can Catherine," Vincent replied as he stepped back and looked into her eyes. "When I feel your happiness, I am happy, when I feel your sadness, I feel sad." Pausing for a moment he took Catherine back into his arms. All at once he knew he could say the words he had wanted to express from the moment he found her in the park, "I love you Catherine."

Safe in his arms Catherine allowed the tears to fall. She knew how she felt when she was with him and when they were apart. Like a piece of her had been taken away. She knew she loved him the moment she heard his voice those many months ago. Holding him tightly she softly replied, "I love you too."