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One by One--A Vignette

It was a perfect summer evening--not too warm, not too cold. Catherine had been taking advantage of the nice weather by sitting on her balcony with her beloved reading, cuddling, and kissing. Mostly cuddling and kissing.

As they separated from their latest soft and sensual kiss, Catherine rested her head upon Vincent's shoulder.

"It's getting late my love," Vincent whispered softly in Catherine's ear.

"I know. You should be getting back," Catherine replied softly running her hands through his hair. "But I don't want you to go."

"I don't want to go," Vincent replied as he planted kisses upon her neck. "But I must."

Catherine sighed deeply. Everytime they were together it became harder and harder to say goodbye. But like tonight Catherine knew they must. The hour was far too late and she had a deposition in the morning. She also knew that Vincent was going to be working on a new project somewhere in the catacombs.

"I really must go my love," Vincent said as he shifted his weight to stand up. Holding out his hand Catherine, she took it. He lifted her up and into his arms.

His arms tightened around her. "Mmmm..this is nice," Catherine said resting her head upon his shoulder. "But we must say goodnight."

Vincent bent down and closed his mouth over Catherine's. He kissed her softly and passionately feeling her lips respond to his, and her arms pull him tighter against her.

"Goodnight my Catherine," he whispered stepping back. His large hands had captured her small ones.

"Goodnight my Vincent," Catherine replied holding onto his hands for a moment before letting them go. "I love you!" she cried as he began to hoist himself over her balcony.

"I love you my fair Catherine," he responded before he disappeared into the night.

Catherine paused for a moment listening to the wind blow gently through the leaves of her rosebush. Slowly she opened the door to her bedroom before stepping inside to fall asleep alone.

No goodbyes for love brightens their eyes

Don't say Adios, say Adios, and do you know why there's a love that won't die

don't say Adios, say Adios, Goodbye.

--From "One by One" by Enya

This story is based upon an idea my friend Gin gave me upon hearing that my love and I have such a difficult time saying goodbye every night.

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