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This is dedicated to my Nick

Catherine clung to Vincent with all her strenth--her small arms clasped around Vincent's neck and her face buried deep into his chest. His arms were clasped around her waist pulling her close.

He could feel her tears trickling down her face onto his soft chest hair. "It's alright now--I've got you. You're safe now," he whispered into her ear.

Sighing heavily he felt himself think back to those moments hours ago when Catherine nearly drowned in the trunk of a car. The car of a man who had been stalking her. He remembered pulling her shivering lifeless body out of the trunk. He breathed life back into her. By the time the police arrived he had disappeared into the shadows leaving his cloak behind to keep her warm.

Now, standing on her balcony--their balcony, he felt her relax and her breathing begin to slow.

"Come inside please," she said softly.

Instead of answering her, he gently picked her up and walked to her bed. Carefully setting her down he kissed her on the forehead. "You need rest Catherine."

Don't go Vincent. I need you here..," Catherine began in protest, thinking he was going to leave. But then he lied down on the bed beside her, pulling her close into his warm arms. Resting her head against his shoulder she closed her eyes. Within minutes he could feel her deep rhythmic breathing signalling that she had fallen asleep.

Closing his eyes, within moments he was asleep as well. A smile crossed his lips as they began to dream--together.

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