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2nd Sight Research Group
Intelligence Research, Analysis, Services

Austin TX
(512) 897-4134

2nd Sight Research is a private, donation-funded think tank.
If you share our concerns with the state of the world
please help us keep information and analysis flowing.
Join us as we explore new and old ideas of how to live harmoniously in a changing world.

Stand up for what is right,
and you won't be standing alone.

"As soon as men decide that all means are permitted
to fight an evil,then their good becomes indistinguishable
from the evil that they set out to destroy."
~ Christopher Dawson

The new 2nd Sight Research page on Facebook
offers updates and opportunities for your input and discussion on current news.
The 2nd Sight Research Yahoo! site is an archive of information on global issues
such as intelligence, activism, government agencies, conspiracy theories,
warfare, terrorism, historical and cultural perspectives, technology, space, science, and new discoveries.

Share your questions! Share your ideas! Share articles! Share your opinions!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing
that ever has."
~ Margaret Mead

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American Operations: Guantanamo Bay and Vieques Island
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Duck'n'Cover for the 21st Century
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The Iraq Happy Happy Song
Iraq War Dead
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Israel and Palestine: Is Peace Possible?
Issues in Media
Legalize It? The History of the War on Marijuana
Lessons Unlearned: Patton vs the Taliban
Middle Eastern Terrorism
Nuclear Energy
Pledging Allegiance...Under God?
Protests and Demonstrations
Pulp Fiction: What Do We Know?
SARS: Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome
The Shoe Bomber and Other Tales of Terrorism
Space News
Throwing Stones for Peace
Treatment of Women in the Third World
W. W. Dubya: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
War is Crazy: Finding Humor in the Face of Terror