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Satana bids you enter the Haunt Of Horror Listings!
picture by Bruce Timm!

Starting here and going as far as We can, We aim to bring you information, pictures and detailed histories of Our favourite Marvel Monsters. Follow if you will, but beware for your soul!

Welcome to Satana's Haunt of Horror Listings page! From here You will be able to do things more smoothly, until We cobble together a link box for the main page.
There is a whole Graveyard of mostly forgotten Monsters out there! We may find out about them all! And so shall you, if We can keep this place updated fast enough for you out there!
So many cobwebs to brush aside!
All courtesy to Us for doing this and all the sources We use, including

Thanks All!

Here Are The Listings:

  • Part 3 - Proof That Living Don't Start 'Till Yer Dead!
    and Morbius in black and white!

More Coming Soon!
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"When will Nighttime come, has it all been said and done?"
Missing Persons: 'Destination Unknown'

Some first apperances to tide you over; Click on the link to see the cover:

Gabriel, Demon-Hunter and his assistant Desadia - Haunt of Horror #2
Man-Thing - Savage Tales vol.1 #1
reprinted in Monsters Unleashed #3
Simon Garth - Tales of the Zombie #1
reprinted in Tales of the Zombie Annual #1
Blade - Tomb of Dracula #10
Morbius - Amazing Spider-Man #101
Legion of Monsters - Marvel Premiere #28
Werewolf By Night - Marvel Spotlight #2
Tigra - Giant-Size Creatures #1
Satana - Vampire Tales #2
Living Mummy - Supernatural Thrillers #5
Monster of Frankenstein - Monster of Frankenstein #1
more to come!

Satana, the Man-Thing, Morbius, and all Marvel characters, editorials taken from comics and pictures of such are

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We continue to seek to give credit where We can, especially to all those whose efforts make this possible. Ta!