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From the first moment we heard this band's CD, we knew they had something. They were catchy, melodic, energenic, and you could hear the passion for what they believe in their music. Check them out in our first interview via the internet!

RxMag:  How did the band come to be?

Rob:  We started in Jan. '98 when Brad (drums) had two friends over that played guitar. Rob (vocals) lived with Brad and ended up all having fun together and so a band was formed.

RxMag:  Pillar seems to have a variety of influences, do you all listen to the same type of groups, or would you say you each have your own influences and who?

Rob:  We have a lot of influences. We all come from different backgrounds. Brad is Metallica, Dream Theater, Rush, and that genre. Travis (guitar) is almost all 311. He has some of The Urge influence also. Kalel (bass) is The Urge probably most of all. Me, I have a ton of influences from all types of genres. I was really into jazz for a long time. It's hard to say really for me.

RxMag:  What is the Christian music scene like in Kansas?

Rob:  As far as a scene in KS there isn't much of one. We have to go to Kansas City really to get into a scene. We have worked really hard out here to promote a Christian scene. As far as the scene thing there really isn't one.

"We are Christians in a Christian band!"...Rob

RxMag:  Would you say your home town is very receptive of the harder style of Christian music in comparison to the mainstream contemporary?

Rob:  Hays, KS is extremely mainstream. We don't even have a secular rock station. We have two radio stations and they are both top 40. However, we have developed a great following around the area for our music. We have helped people realize that there is a lot of christian music out there and they need to get into it.

RxMag:  On your release “Original Superman” there is a lot of phat DJ work... can we expect to see that live?

Rob:  The DJ was a last second thing. He isn't part of Pillar right now anyway. We may get a DJ to actually join the band later, but right now he plays with us about once a month. He is located in Riverside, CA and we are in KS so that makes it a little difficult. On certain shows though he is there with us, rippin up wax!

RxMag:  Are there any new recordings in the works?

Rob:  We just released Original Superman on March 17th of 2000, so a completely new release won't be for awhile, however!!

RxMag:  Will it be with the same record label?

Rob:  We just signed with FlickerRecords (AudioAdrenaline's label) in Nashville and are going to be recutting our "OS" record and releasing it on Flicker. There are going to be one or two new cuts on the album and most of the others will be on there as well. Travis Wyrick is going to be producing the album so you can imagine it is going to sound PHAT!!

"We give it all every show."...Rob

RxMag:  When can we expect the release of the CD?

Rob:  That CD is scheduled for release on September 26th. So be looking for it!

RxMag:  The artwork on “Original Superman” was excellent. Will we be seeing more or less of the same style of work or are you going for a different vibe?

Rob:  Brad (drums) and a friend did all the design on our album. They originally wanted to do a comic book layout on it, but time and money ceased that idea. Now Flicker is kind of throwing that idea out there. So more than likely it will be an enhanced version of the artwork you see now!

RxMag:  What can your audience expect to see at a pillar concert?

Rob:  Well, one thing that we always get complemented on is our energy on stage. We give it all every show. I like to get crazy and work with the crowd a bit. Travis sits still long enough to stomp pedals. We like what we do so I guess it shows! If there is a big enough crowd I love stage diving.

RxMag:  Many groups tend to make a point to say they are 'Christians in a band', not a 'Christian band'. What do you consider yourselves?

Rob:  This one is easy. We are Christians in a Christian band!

RxMag:  As a band, what kind of standards and goals have you set for yourselves?

Rob:  Our number one goal as a band is to further the kingdom of God. Whatever way we can accomplish that, then so be it. We do a good job of holding each other accountable in all situations. Even when we have disagreements amongst ourselves!!

RxMag:  What type of approach do you take collectively as a group, and/or one-on-one to witnessing to your audience ?

Rob:  We present the gospel ever show. that is our approach. When we play at secular festivals or bars, we just tell them God loves them and that they just had fun rocking out to a Christian band. People know before we get off of the stage that we loves Jesus Christ.

RxMag:  Thank you guys for taking time out for this interview. Are there any last comments you would like to leave with us?

Rob:  We would like to say thank you for doing this. We are going through a lot right now with the whole record deal and all, so if you have a chance to pray for us we would deeply appreciate it. We just want people to know that we love God and we would like to share that with them. Thanks again for the interview.