LIFE__Yeah, Nick has one. A wife and a kid, two off-center pals, a Ta-Ching_56,
affection for matters technical and a partner who never saw a man she didn't enjoy ... shooting.

Nick DeLeon, Vitalle, Hricko ... they're tight. Everybody knows that - anybody in the first circle - anybody who matters in Charleston where a man speaks less and character holds first place. Narration belongs to Nick. You will find no explicit gore or porn. Swearing is the perps liberty, and sometimes the ladies ...
Otherwise, Nick DeLeon narrates as a gentleman, southron and gracious as circumstance allows. However, the crime stories reflect adult themes not intended for children. Ofcourse Charleston itself speaks.
The graphics reflect Nicks home on Colonial Lake as Charleston Penninsula divides, part of the SOB section. This historic district near Charleston Battery is better known for beauty than virtue.