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About MORRIS KING, JR.: Black, Pro Tennis Coach and World Class!

Is The World Ready For This???



Golden Web Award

Against One Of The World's Best-Ever Tennis Coaches
Whose Existence Is Being Purposely Hidden
(Originally released Dec. 1999; Updated December 14, 2013)

"If blacks take over coaching like everybody wants them to,
there is not going to be anything left for the white people."

~ former CBS Sports commentator Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder (1988)

CURRENT STATUS: No changes, corrections or justice for Coach King to date.

  • If the world is ready, then why is black world class tennis coach Morris King, Jr., of Jacksonville, Florida, who assisted Richard Williams with Venus' rise in the WTA world rankings from #89 to #10 in 1 year, and with Serena's unprecedented 7 month rise to #30, having such a difficult time in tennis?

    Is it because he shaves his head? I THINK NOT!

  • Why is Morris King, Jr. NOT a hometown (Jacksonville) hero, and why did Jim Nasella, then-sports editor of the local newspaper, The Florida Times-"Onion" (officially Union; but it is called the "Onion" because when you read it, it makes you want to cry), "blackball" him and refer to him as a "fake" since the original articles, when that very same newspaper broke the story of his having been asked to coach the Williams sisters with an exclusive interview with Richard Williams (click here for the 4/8/97 Florida Times-Union article)? (That interview still remains the ONLY interview that Richard Williams has given to a member of the press regarding another coach coaching his famed daughters. Neither Macci, Bollettieri, Reneberg or any others can make the same claim.)

    This is the same newspaper that for two months in 1991 HID the extreme, anti-black, racially derogatory statements and insults of a racist circuit court chief judge named John Santora; statements made during an interview with "Onion" reporter Robin Lowenthal (10/91, finally published 12/22/91), that eventually led to the judge's removal by the Florida Supreme Court.

    And, it is the same "rag", that came under fire in January 2000 for insensitively editorializing that slavery was short lived, no different than the circumstances of other cultures and of little consequence (T-U, January 10, 2000). Onion editor in chief Patrick Yack issued a rather stoicly unapologetic apology in February, that summarily indicated that all was okay because the black community didn't riot (apparently his sign of domestic tranquility and acceptance).

  • What does it mean when an organized group of "UNACCOMPLISHED" Jacksonville area country club tennis instructors (acting similarly to the Ku Klux Klan), such as Danny Witt (USPTA, NFPTA - United States Professional Tennis Association, North Florida Professional Tennis Association member), formerly of Queen's Harbor CC and now Tennis Director for Deerwood CC (also the United States Tennis Association (USTA) area training center head coach, along with being on staff with Todd Martin Tennis); Louis Ballantyne (USPTA, NFPTA member) of Florida Yacht Club (which, in recent past history, disallowed black membership); and Barry Curley (USPTA, NFPTA member) of Marsh Landing CC (to name only a few that there are witnesses against), have been able to successfully implement an economic "blackballing" of Morris King, Jr., dating back as far as 1993 when "calling campaigns" were begun, by defaming him to whites (and anyone else who would give an ear) in the tennis community merely by playing the "race card" and by spreading vicious lies & rumors in order to keep people from doing business with Morris, which includes former Florida junior player and former University of South Carolina standout Danielle Wiggins (now Head Coach, Jacksonville Bolles School through Todd Martin Tennis - a high school, by the way, that refused to hire world class coach Morris King Jr. to be its Head Tennis Coach, some time ago, but saw fit to hire his former student in Wiggins) and her mother, Ingrid, who left Morris and joined in on the verbal assaults, and were rewarded with grants and other monies every year subsequently, including non-performance related tennis honors, from sources heavily influenced or controlled by the "clique" boys?

    Their slander even drifted all the way to the offices of the Florida Times-Onion.
    Joining the blackballing was Onion tennis reporter Chase Goodbread, who was tested 3 times in less than a year, prior to March 2000, in refusing to report anything about Morris King, Jr., including tournament results for his students and tennis events that were submitted. However, Goodbread did not fail to publicize his favorites, Witt and Ballantyne (who was falsely given credit for Wiggins' powerful groundstrokes), when called upon to do so. In fact, the Onion published "feature" stories on these two, attached to NO significant event, 5/7/99 & 10/17/99, respectively, with Goodbread having written the latter.
  • Why have people in Jacksonville's tennis community (and others) favored "rooty poot" country club tennis instructors over Jacksonville's 1ST world class tennis coach?

    I know the answer to this one. It's because country club tennis instructors are better simply because they are located at the country club. They don't have to produce at a world class level; the "silver spoon" in their mouths and their skin color (if they are white) automatically produce for them, although NO ONE can find the results or proof.

    Yet, they aren't being blackballed and called "fake" by the racist dogs down at the Onion or by Jacksonville's tennis community on a continuous day to day, year to year basis.
  • What did it mean when the famed teaching pros at the ATP Tour headquarters' tennis club in May '96 attempted to STEAL one of Morris King, Jr.'s nationally ranked foreign juniors, the Bosnian born muslim Amer Delic (now a former ATP Tour pro and current Director of Tennis at The Polo Club in Austin, Texas), by giving the, then, junior player over $700 (that's right, $700) worth of ATP Tour gear and merchandise as well as to have sent the ATP Tour's chauffeur driven car for the, then, 14 year old Bosnian kid?

    No other tennis coaches have had to deal with an attack against them utilizing the vast resources of the ATP Tour as a weapon and with such lack of ethics from the ATP Tour's club personnel, which included Brian Gottfried (as of early 2000, the former general manager of the ATP Tour club and now one of the heads of Todd Martin Tennis) and Ricardo Acuna (United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) member, a former USTA Player Development senior coach, and now a staff coach at the Evert Academy).

    ATP Tour officials not only refused to discipline their personnel but also refused to respond to Morris' written complaint, including a refusal to respond to his phone calls, specifically Flip Galloway, then the ATP's Chief Financial Officer (later COO) and supervisor of Gottfried and Acuna.

    (Eventually they got Delic and did little with him in comparison. Also, Delic joined in on the slanderous lies against Morris; even having claimed that Morris never taught him, and therefore was not responsible for his powerful serve (among other things). Delic, apparently, forgot that those sessions were videotaped. He concocted an incredible lie that his Bosnian coaches taught him the serve technique when he was a child and told him that he would grow into the serve, when ALL witnesses confirmed that Delic had NO flat or slice serves when he arrived in America. (See update note at bottom as well as the "Amer Delic Coach Controversy" photo page HERE))
    It is important to note that former ATP Tour club assistant teaching pro Bret Hinman, who is white, was fired by Gottfried (at the urging of Ricardo Acuna) when he went and trained with Morris King, Jr. while still working at the Tour's club. The excuse given was that Hinman had attempted to steal students from the club. Hinman said that he chose Morris because he considered Morris the best available, especially after having seen the others coach, weighed against Morris' track record of producing national and world class players. Hinman added that the ATP Tour club had been sold to the YMCA because of its financial woes and therefore parents were looking for places to relocate their kids for tennis lessons. Accordingly, WHEN ASKED for a recommendation, he gave one because the ATP Tour club was closing, in keeping with the much publicized deal. And yes, it was to train with Morris King, Jr. (AFTER the change, the YMCA mysteriously stepped away from the deal citing irreconcilable differences)

    To date, Hinman has been effectively forced out of tennis. But, on the other side, Gottfried (for all scholars of metaphysics that can understand this revelation), ironically, has been proven to be the dragon's obvious choice to ROB black tennis coaches of opportunities, once having been deceptively manuevered or finagled into position as one of 4-5 simultaneous (white) coaches of black, pro tennis player Alexandra Stevenson. And remember that he, also, coached MaliVai Washington, a former touring pro who also is black.

    Additionally, Gottfried was given yet another opportunity to coach by having been called in to work with much heralded junior player Ashley Harkleroad (who is white), who had been dubbed as "America's Anna (Kournikova)". No matter what Gottfried does to people (or does not do as a coach), the USTA, its representatives (like his USTA player development or "high performance" coach "sidekick" Ricardo Acuna) and its allies seem to always find more and more opportunities for him. Even, to date, Todd Martin Tennis has provided an opportunity for him!

    How interesting and ironic considering that no one has been able to find just one (1)... one out of millions of opportunities... for an exceptional talent, mentality and coach as Morris King, Jr.

    Perhaps if Morris had been a convicted pedophile, like ex-con Dr. Pete Fisher (a former Sampras coach in juniors), he would have been given the opportunity to coach a number of tennis students and pros such as Justin Gimelstob, Vince Spadea and (yet again) Alexandra Stevenson, as the ex-con Fisher had been able to do since having been released from prison.
  • And as it relates to the international or world tennis community, why have the player agents of such tennis management agencies as the International Management Group (IMG), Octagon Athlete Representation (formerly Advantage International), SFX/Marquee (formerly Pro Serv), B.E.S.T. and Lagardere Unlimited refused to recommend Morris King, Jr. to their clients over lesser accomplished white coaches when vacancies arise; or, over those "happily" RECYCLED coaches that everyone loves to re-hire after repeated dismissals, over and over and over? This peculiar illogic dictates that the more these coaches are released or fired, the greater their experience level and hence their value to the game, i.e. the number of terminations, now, means the opposite of what it does for everyone else in the working world.

    Is it because there's a "good ol' boy" system in tennis that stereotypes blacks? You know, "it's not their sport".
  • Finally, why is it that if a white coach was even remotely tied to the success of, not 1, but, 2 superstar pro tennis players that that coach would have been in great demand in direct contrast to the treatment that world class tennis coach Morris King, Jr. has had to endure?

    Even, why hasn't the "national governing body of tennis", the USTA, attempted to hire Morris, itself, considering his tennis ability and accomplishments along with his educational (the Ivy League Columbia University) and professional backgrounds & experience (see his website that is linked below for his biographical highlights)? Also, it is important to question, at least, the subliminal message that the USTA is sending by NOT having distanced itself from those perpetrators indicated herein that have positions within that organization; they haven't been investigated, chastised, asked to resign or fired for their unscrupulous, counterproductive and racist actions.

    Is this a silent sanctioning by tennis' equivalent to the KKK? The USTA has hired, promoted or financed, respectively, any coach or player that has taken an active role against Morris King, Jr., e.g. Gottfried, Acuna, Witt, Delic, Wiggins et al. Also, are we now seeing Todd Martin Tennis pick up where the USTA left off, by hiring those that are guilty of having attacked or actively worked against Morris? Todd Martin Tennis even has hired two of Morris' former top ranked students, in Wiggins (mentioned above) and Liana (Aguero) McCormack. Hmmmmm...

    And with all of this being a microcosm of the greater picture in tennis, is there yet still a question about why tennis is not as prominent as the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball or even golf?

    Yet, the dragon keeps protecting these demonic perpetrators by denying Morris King, Jr. access to any good players, so that no one in the general public will be able to compare actual and visible coaching skill levels and results. Is the dragon afraid that his prize picks will be shown up by Morris?
  • Then there's Morris' alma mater, the ever football winning University of Florida, who in 2001 had both men's and women's tennis team coach positions to become open. Morris applied for both positions and was the ONLY world class tennis coach to apply. Morris didn't get even an interview from AD Jeremy Foley! (It's interesting to note that years later, Foley would actually hire one of Morris' former students, Amer Delic, as a men's tennis team coach)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you attempt to cut off or sabotage a person's income or money in this economic system, you are attempting to destroy that person's ability to feed, house and clothe themself and/or their family. Therefore, you are attempting to murder that person or those persons.

Now then, who will prosecute this form of attempted murder; this form of "racial terrorism"? NO ONE (and they know that)! Everyone continues to practice the aryan protocol that says "you've got to go along, in order to get along".

When victims like these begin to strike back, non-violently or violently, in order to fight for their RIGHT to exist and survive as well as for their RIGHT to live life to its fullest, NO ONE should complain or utter the slightest disparaging remark or denunciation. Additionally, everyone must acknowledge that NO affirmative action programs are involved here; just "hard work" that is being sabotaged by those that oppose affirmative remedies as constituting "reverse discrimination". So what message does the sabotage of a black man's hard work send? Morris is not looking for a social program or a hand-out! So now, what 's the next excuse?

This exposé, since its inception, has met nothing better than sheer indifference. To date, NO individual or organization has made any effort to correct any of this, including the "Onion", the ATP Tour, the USTA and the United States Department of Justice. Morris even petitioned the United Nations for a hearing before the International Court of Justice as well as having filed an official complaint with the UN Human Rights Commission for violations of articles 1, 2(b,c,e), 3 - 6 of the UN Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and articles 2, 3, 5 & 6 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Be forewarned to remember the scientific law: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".

"Black, Pro Tennis Coach and World Class!
Is The World Ready For This?

Obviously NOT!!!


Many readers of this exposé, I'm sure, will delve into the mysterious depths of psychological denial. To them, I say, "Get Well Soon!" This exposé is IN NO WAY intended to deride or castigate white people or any other demographic group as a whole. Instead, it IS intended to attack those whose malfeasance have gone unchecked, undenounced and/or supported in whole or in part.

All major individuals, organizations, tennis management agencies, local & national media, national news, sports & tennis publications and TV news journals/shows as well as governing groups, organizations & bodies (including the USTA and the US Department of Justice), that have reviewed this exposé, remain indifferent, utilizing Daniel Patrick Moynihan's 1967 "Kerner Commission Report" recommendation of "benign neglect" in the handling of race related (black) dissension; the same type of shocking neglect that apparently was applied towards New Orleans' black citizens during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Subsequently, nothing positive or "just" has happened for Morris and he continues to NOT be able to get pro players to hire him or local competitive tennis students or any other tennis jobs. The above referenced are ALL precipitators and catalysts of social unrest and potential, violent discord.

(Noteworthy, Amer Delic, indicated above, won the 2003 NCAA Men's Singles Championship in his 3rd year at the University of Illinois. Ironically, Delic, at 14 years old and while being coached by Morris, was beating up on NCAA division I players. In fact, Delic, under Morris' tutelage, was the ONLY 14 year old in the boys 16s draw of the renowned Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, where now-veteran pro Marat Safin was the #2 seed and long-running #1 ATP ranked Roger Federer failed to make the draw. Yet 6 years later an NCAA championship is heralded as progress? On June 19, 2003, Florida Times-Onion sports writer Gene Frenette wrote a page and a half article on Delic's championship and life, yet indicated ONLY the white coaches, with the highly questionable ethical practices listed above, as keys to Delic's development. There was no mention by Frenette and the Onion of the lone black tennis coach that yielded the most prolific and prodigious results in Delic's tennis life. Morris says "Amer should have been completing his 6th year as a pro, competing against the likes of Safin, Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick; not still working towards defeating Division I players. That's not development or progress for a person who already had accomplished that at the young age of 14".)

Morris King, Jr. continues his marketing efforts utilizing his excellent, "award-winning" website for his MAGIAN WORLD CLASS TENNIS ( (Incidentally, the Florida Times-Onion, in January 2001, refused or failed to list Morris' award-winning website in its ".(dot) com" directory, which gave free listings to Jacksonville area websites. In April 2001, they finally included it.)

And if all of this isn't enough, in May 2004, the E! Network broadcast a show entitled "The E! True Hollywood Story: The Williams Sisters" where the show attempted to suggest subliminally that the sisters' success was due to whites, as E! only interviewed white coaches... a purely white supremacy based inference. Of course, Morris (or any other black coach) was not mentioned in the slightest as having contributed.

Morris says that "that was a malicious attempt by E! to defraud the public through the use of artful concealment, as defined in law. The trick even involved calling it "True"."

  • "Exclusive Interview with Williams Sisters Ex-Coach: Racism in USTA (and Pro Tennis) Coach Hiring" (December 2011)

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  • PRESS RELEASE - TENNIS WEEK MAG ACCUSED OF FOSTERING RACISM: Pro Tennis Coach Responds to Delic Lies In Interview By Tennis Week (February 2007)