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02:09 29/05/01
Because we really shoud be in bed:
                          We're Tired But Busy.
                          Writers, please!!!

We're Tired But Busy
Man o man o man. I should probably be sleeping right now but... I kinda felt i should update some stuff so i went through a bunch of different things and updated them, ie reviews, an mp3, a review (Of nakatomi plaza which i've been listening to practically all day) and some design stuff. I really like the new design, what do you think? I know a bunch of people come here regularly and i'm curious why and what they do? If you've read this far, please take a few seconds to e-mail me ( to tell me what you look at, what you like, what you don't etc... I know it sounds kinda pathetic, but hey, i'm tired....

Writers, please!!!
C'mon, i know some of you fuckers can write, please send me submissions. I'm off to france in three weeks, so i won't be able to review much, so i need writers in my place. E-mail me stuff and i'll put it up. Anything, columns, reviews, MP3 links, ringtones.....

I got a few songs off the new weezer album off some weezer site. They sound pretty good, but i'm not in the habit of having cah, so i think its gonna be a while before i get it. Anyways, from what i can hear, its really different to any of the old stuff. Y'know, that kinda drone kinda sound they had, well, finito. But it kinda makes me wonder, is that cos Pat Sharp is gone, cos he's still doing that with the rentals... But my point, i was reccomending Weezer to a mate, and i couldn't think of a good way to describe them, or anyone to compare them to... Thats so cool (i think). To be able to transcend labels and that, and have such a cool sound thats not vocabularisational.... Kick ass. And just for the record, Pinkerton is better than the blue album (kiss my ass shamie...).

14:36 12/05/01
And Now:
                   Zine News.
                   Cough Cough.
Zine News
I got two new songs for the CD - Nakatomi Plaza's Bottle Full Of Jesus (brooding emo) and Fariuza's When I Was A Jedi (Shellac/Muse only better). Hopefuly i'll get some work done on the bastard soon, i think theres a print layout type prog on my new comp, which sure as hell beats laying it out on MS works. If anyone has a prog specifically for this type of thing gimmie a buzz. I know its not really punk to do it on a computer, and some would argue that its not really a zine or it goes against zine culture or something, but... Whatever...

Cough Cough
I just downloaded No Gods No Managers by Choking Victim. Fucking hell, this album kicks ass!! Realy good ska core, the punk bits are just as good as the ska bits, as opposed to 90% of the bands that mix genres who end up doing a half assed job of both. This album kicks ass, highly reccomended, download it at wakey wakey.

Met one of the guys last night that runs the film society in the college and tried to talk him into making a film and letting me soundtrack it. I personally think its a waste of resources that the society hasn't made a film yet, all we do is watch and talk about old movies, which is cool, but at the same time a waste... Anyway, i was thinking how cool would it be to soundtrack a film. Theres always a visual in your head when you listen to a song, so its only natural that there should be a song in your head when you see something. I guess its something that would take a bit of time to do properly, but i'm really looking forward to having a go at it.

15:33 09/05/01
Today We Have:
The print zine is (as ever) delayed for a while, i have exams coming up and thats not something i want to jepordise. I'm working away, but don't hurry me. I know its dragging on (i originally hoped to have it out feb) but to be honest my interest is waining. You see, i had different taste in music when i started, and now i'm not as enthusiastic about whats on the CD as i used to be. I still think they're all great songs, and i still stand behind it 100%, but its not what i'm interested in listening to anymore. I think issue 2 will be very different. Though when that arrives is anyones guess!!!

On my brothers reccomendation i wen to see The Handsome Family last saterday in Nancy Spains, a venue in Cork. I was kinda expecting a Palace Brothers type thing. How wrong was i. I should have known by the masses of people in their 30s and 40s in the crowd, but the clincher was when the band walked on and they were joking around. Imagine the Palace Brothers taking the piss out of each other onstage. No, i can't either. In fairness, they were kinda cool at times, they guy on guitar and the girl on a variety of instruments, the only conventional one being a bass (and on of those slimling 80s synth ones at that). The harmonies were cool, but i found myself wishing for either Dillenger Four or Fairuza to blast out of the speakers at any second. Ah well, i guess we can't like everyone all the time.

08:32 02/05/01
On The Menu today:
                   A load of opening bullshit.
                   Bring me new music.
Opening Bullshit
Well, I've been up all night and i'm in a talkative mood, so i'm gonna start with a little info on whats going on thats relevant to you people who visit my site every day (all 40 of you) even though i know nobody reads this stuff and skips straight to the MP3s. That said, theres bound to be at least one or two people who read this so, here it is. Firstly, i took the chance to see the first band that have played here all year .(with the exception of the Heineken Rollercoaster Tour, but that was a college package jobbie, so it doesn't reall count) Damn they were good. Straight out of the pale (Thats dublin to the foreginers), Fairuza are an excellent post-rock type mess, kinda like Jeff Buckley meets Tortoise at a Mogwai gig. Extremely impressed as i was, i decided to trudge home and grab my trusty (see: Fucked) dictaphone and ask the two present members a few questions .(Dan the bassist being absent, his place filled for the gig with a video of him playing which was actually kinda cool!!) Vocalist/guitarist Kryz and drummer Carroll (the brothers that they are) and myself had a nice chat about the band, music, Steve Albini, Weezer and a Dublin company that shall remain unnamed. The fruits of said labours (ah if only all labours were so easy) should be up soon god willing .(I've learned that saying tomorrow is a bad idea, it boxes me in and I'm lazy, plus I have a project for college to complete so i need to prioritise my time, unfortunately) Also on the way is a review of the excellent (did i say excellent. Yes i did. Don't question me, boy!) CD "By Chester Copperpot" by well kickin' NY band Nakatomi Plaza, plus the Thursday album, "Full Collapse" which, despite Victory's claims that its all new sounding, and innovative, is not anywhere near Nakatomi Plaza. All that plus a wedge of MP3s on the way, soon. (He he)

Bring me new music.
I want new music dammit. Every day i hear loads of great music, like the Nakatomi Plaza CD and the new Ash album. But theres something more and i know it. I have a vivid vision of a sound in my ears. I can't exactly pin it down, and i havent heard it done yet, but i know it must be out there. Indulge me a while while i try to explain, and if you can see what i'm on about, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS AND WHO DOES IT. Its not punk-pop, i know that for sure. And it sure as fuck isn't hardcore. It's not indie. It's not metal. Its somewhere right in the middle of it all. Its a crossroads where Mogwai, The Beach Boys, The Dillenger Four and Leadbelly meet up. Its like Saves the Day only less sentimental and mushy. Its like that Leatherface song "Andy", only slower and more melodic. It's like Randy only more Beach Boys.Its like a slower and more depressed NOFX (And i'm not talking about Heavy Petting Zoo). Its like Minor Threat with more melody. Its like The Dandy Warhols with More Energy. It's like Mogwai with vocals and songs and energy. Its what the French call a certain, i don't know what. Am i making any sense. Does anywone get what i mean. If you do, please let me know, even if its only to say "I'm looking for the same thing". At least then i'll know i'm not going mad.