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27/03/01 19:02
I just got new headphones, so i got a bunch (10 to be exact) of new MP3s. Check them out here.

26/03/01 19:47
Hey! I updated the releases page, so you'll know all about what to buy with your cash!!!

26/03/01 11:55
Surfing around there and i found an MP3 for a song from the Dillenger Four CD "Verses God". Check it out on the mp3 page.

25/03/01 22:57
I was listening to Bad Religion's song "Punk Rock Song" from "The Grey Race" last night and a line from the song struck me as a bit, well, stupid. The line was "This is just a punk rock song, written for the people who can see somethings wrong". Doesn't that seem a bit pointless, it roughly translates (to me) as "We are preaching to the converted", and that kinda denigrates their message. On the other hand, if its a knowing comment on their position in music, as in "We're saying the same stuff to the same people", it is quite true. Either way, it seemed a bit stupid to me. The verses are quite intelligent, and to put a chorus like that in kinda downplays the message, takes from it too much. I dunno, just a thought.

09:39 22/03/01
Well, theres four new cool ones, i don't have time to go get more cos im in a lecture and i have stuff to do. C-Ya

09:21 22/03/01
You probably didn't notice, but i put a bunch of photos in with the interviews and stuff yesterday. Anyways, i'm gonna go get 5 or 10 MP3s now, all stolen, which is all i can do until someone tells me where i can store files...

20/03/01 08:31
Ok, here's the story. I slept about 5 minutes last week (I still didn't get to sleep last night, thus the early hour), and thus had no energy to update the page. However, i'm sorting it out, and so i'm ready to put plenty of time into it, starting with the new layout site wide as you can see, and soon to follow up with some interviews on the way later today. Plus i have the CD almost fully ready, so the preliminary tracklisting is up on the print zine page.

15/03/00 11:51
I got a few minutes free time so i updated the releases and added a few links. Please keep voting at the three sites on the left.

15/03/00 10:02
Again with the no sleep. Damn, thats the third night this week, i'm really sick of not sleeping. I end up all night playing populous and watching the videos we have lying around in my flat, which gets boring the 200th time... Ah well, what can you do... Anyways, i'm almost ready for the zine. The final layout is thus - the zine comes on the cd, along with a booklet where each song on the cd has a page with a the bands bio, a photo or two and stuff, that way you get a good idea of who you're listening to and you get the zine on the CD, hopefully for a pretty low price. Cool or what. Should have the full tracklisting up later this week, everythings in except for a few stray bits and pieces, so, fingers crossed, i may even get it out next week. Nice one!!!

13/03/00 17:42
Damn i need some sleep. I didn't get to a comp since sunday til today, so i promise i'll do something tomorrow, at least some mp3s. Gotta go, bye...

10/03/00 01:36
Yeah I know I'm a useless bastard, long story, long week, sorry for having a life and all that. Anyways, i'm thinking the zine will not be printed, it'll be a cd extra, as in a compilation on your stereo and a fanzine on your computer. That way i get to put shitloads of stuff on it and not leave anything out. Opinions to the usual address. Its almost two in the morning now, and i'm just out of work, so kiss my ass if you think i'm gonna update anything now. Maybe tomorow. Yeah, i'm lazy, Kiss It!

07/03/00 14:55
Took a bit of time last night at home to make a few stylistic changes, hope you like it. Expect a few more over the coming days and hopefully a big one at the weekend (which you may or may not notice...). I also reviewed the GC5 album, Kisses From Hannoi. Its excellent, so check it out. Plus i got a few new songs for the cd. Ah its all work work work :-)

06/03/00 17:04
Added a cool mp3. Gotta go, c u tomorrow...

06/03/00 16:22
Yeah, i know, i lag. Long story, i'll try get some stuff done now, at least a few MP3s anyways...

02/03/00 17:30
Fucking fuck. Can you say fuck? I certainly can. I can't get home for the weekend, my bus got cancelled cos of the sodding foot and mouth mini-epidemic going on. Shite. Ah well, more time to work on the site. Check out the two new interviews, and after i answer the dearth of e-mails i have, i'll put up a couple of MP3s for ya.

01/03/00 09:08
Goddam i'm tired. I was up all night again, fuck this insomnia, i'm starting to get pissed off! Ah well, my sleeplessness was productive, i wrote four reviews and two articles. Plus (i forgot to mention yesterday) i got a new song for the CD by a great German band - Mental Tearing After 9. C u soon!!