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Article: Motorambo Interview.
Writer: Brinepacer
Date Posted: 02/02/01

One of the bands that I tell everyone to check out is Motorambo from Germany. Check out their website and download their song Herzversagen from the mp3 page on this site.

T = Torsten Mast (Bass/Voc)
D = Daniel Wichter (Git/Voc)
Ch = Christophe Stoll (Drums)

1. What inspired the name Motorambo?
T: A 1982 "First Blood" Rambo poster - a guy put it in the back of the stage
Ch: Silvester looked great with us - the first time in his whole life!
D: The correct name is MOTORAMBO feat. TRIO ALBATROS which was a idea of Sly Stallone himself (......)

2. When did you form? How did you reach this line up?
T: by accident - providence - wrong time, wrong place...
Ch: We formed sometime in Winter 1997 and NOW the lineup is the same as it was in the very first rehearsal. In that context we wrote our first song called "Turbohai" and we put it on our 10" record and we still play it live nowadays. I think we fit together perfectly.
D: After we were 3 members we started to make such strange music that no other potential musician felt attracted anymore... I really don't know....

3. What would cause the band to break up?
D: ...if the drummer would move to Hamburg...haha...just kidding...
Ch: The death of a member or George W. Bush nicknaming his Penis "Motorambo" in public (i'm SHURE he's able to do that!).

4. Describe your music for someone who's never heard... music?
T: Does such a person exist?
D: ...our sound should not be the first music-like thing for somebody who's never heard any music at all before... (might cause mental illness?...)
Ch: You're kidding, right? You know.. There's too much music EVERYWHERE to not having heard any music. Maybe we should compare the sound of a crashing Airplane with Motorambo here..

5. What inspired you to play the music you do?
T: We like that stuff!
D: ...simply the love in noise...
Ch: Hmm, hard to answer without dropping names. I mean - listen to our new 7" (good reason to order one via!) and try to answer this question to yourself. We are all three listening to really lotsa different musical styles and bands. Me, personally, i'm into electronic music as well. Theres GREAT stuff going on with Post-Techno and some of it is more Punkrock or Hardcore than most of "real" Punk or Hardcore stuff today is! Fortunately you can find cool people everywhere.

6. What have you released so far?
10"EP: Eine Triologie in fuenf Teilen (fiction.friction, 1999)
7"EP: Sonique Equinox (fiction.friction, 2000)

7. How did you hook up with FictionFriction? How do you get on with them? If you could sign to a bigger label ( indie or major) would you?
T: The BUBONIX-singer introduced us.
D: Personally I could never imagine to sign to a major label...freedom is the crucial point in our music...the first thing you lose in a major contract is your personal freedom - the freedom to play the music you want to play and say the things that are important for you...
Ch: Johannes, the guy that runs the label, saw us on our worst concert ever. Too much beer there, bad sound, strange athmosphere, kicking punks off-stage.. But he liked us and asked us for a demo tape. He liked that one too and thats how all started. We're now GREAT friends (i run a label called 2.nd rec together with J) and Johannes' favourite Song (which was on this demotape) has never been released. And for sure it will stay buried forever. Hehe. I don't think we'd sign to another label. Why should we when everythings ok and comfortable for us? And Music is still too precious to earn money with.

8. How does the songwriting process work in the band? Is it one person or a democracy? Do you fight much over how a song turns out?
T: Most of the stuff consists of a basic idea and lot of jamming....
D: ...some of the songs took a long time to be structured - others did not - depends...
Ch: Oh.. Democracy sounds cool! Apart from jamming and the basic idea Daniel and Torsten do most parts of our songwriting definately (if it is still necessary). I mean, when i have Ideas i tell them and i create most of the Beats for sure, but i don't mind them telling me stuff like >>Try it like that: "Uff-Da-Tsch-Tsch-Da-Uff-Da-Tsch"!<<. Yeah, i like it - it's funny. And they don't kill me when i tell them that their ideas are bullshit or IMPOSSIBLE for me to play. So - i don't remember ANY real fight. There are discussions but without them you're not a band BUT executing musician for a certain composer.

9. What inspires your lyrics? Do you consider the lyrics to be as or more imprortant as the music?
T: Feelings... no special hierarchy - they just belong together...
D: ...same importance...
Ch: Our Lyrics are quite abstract (especially for non-german speakers.. hehe!) and you have to spend time on tryin' to understand them. Understanding them.. Hmm.. I think everybody should and will understand them in its own way and this is good. There's no direct message in our Lyrics. It's all about Interpretation.

10. What was the best show/tour you've played? Who's your favourite touring partners? If you could get on any tour, what would it be?
T: Favorite show: Bonn (Germany), last date of a tiny tour last year - and the last show so far...
D: idea...
Ch: Our best show? Wow, good question! For me it was that "surprise-gig" in the summer-garden-site of my best friend Christophers Grandpa. We played there outdoor for Christophers departure - the audience was some friends - and i thought it was awesome. I'm on the other hand not sure how his Grandparents saw that.. We played some Gigs together with KAOS MOENGERS (Germany) and we liked them alot - the people and their music. Both super cool. I think that band doens't exist anymore (I own a tape they did and this one's one of my very favorites!). It'd be a dream to play together with them again! Yeah, touring Europe together with them would be so great! :)

11. What do you fight over the most? What was the worst band fight?
T: The one with the plastic forks...
D: We donīt fight!! - we spread love and unity all over the northern hemisphere - hallelujah...
Ch: I don't remember any real bad band fight. We're no Hippies, but we know how to handle each other. I guess. And - this is important - we always wanted the same approximately. This makes things easier and avoids fights. We really love and prefer to discuss things.

12. How do you define selling out?
Ch: No, i don't think so. Let's talk about Sex! Is there something bigger than fucking? I mean - you can either think about unnecessary questions or you can seize that time having great Sex! Am i wrong? T: To prostitute yourself.
D: see no.7 (stay independent!)

13. Do you see the record as promotion for the tour or the tour as promotion for the record?
T: No idea - we sound different when we play live...
Ch: For Promotion fiction.friction sends our promo-releases to different Magazines, Fanzines, Mailorders.. Reviews are great and we really appreciate and enjoy reading them! I don't think we plan tours or live-gigs for promotional reasons. We love playing live so we do it for fun. And we appreciate people coming out to our shows, listening to our music. And when they like our set we'd never say NO if they'd ask us to buy a record! :)
D: I never thought about that point....

14. What is the nicest and meanest thing said about your band?
T+D: nicest and meanest at the same time: "I dont't understand you ..." (a guy after a show)
Ch: No, just water please!

15. Would you consider singing in english to attract more fans?
T: could we if we would do so?
Ch: Oh - there are some songs in english on our first 10"! But we think it is much more challenge to sing in german. And it is easier to express yourself in your own language. We don't make our music for attracting fans. If they love US, we love THEM - it is such simple! *grin*

16. Do you see MP3 as a help or a hindrance? How important do you see the web as a tool for band promotion?
T: can be helpful - but there is a lot of crap...
D: we donīt make music for economical purposes... in this case it is O.K and a pretty good promotion as well...
Ch: MP3 can be great! The technical format itself could be MUCH better, but we're just in the beginning. There is another encoding-algorithm called VORTEX in progress. This one will be of the same sound-quality as MP3 in its final version - but it will be open source, so that anybody will be able to develop it and nobody has to pay any taxes to any Fraunhofer Institute or whatever. And it will be able to save Images and Lyrics with it, too - so online-releases can get a little more concrete. In an age of fast internet connections everywhere it will be easy to publish music in a halfway independent way. You just up the files on your website (imagine how great you could include some artwork in a vortex release?) and they are released and available for everybody. Finding ways to get your releases paid leads to another discussion, but is important to mention how much cheaper it is production-wise for a band or a indie to release in that way.. We're not able to stop this whole internet bullshit. But we can USE it and try to shape it or at least influence or hack it in certain ways. I think the more independent (online-)labels exist the more problems the music industry will have to handle with that phenomenon. For me just waiting and saying "Fuck you!" and "The whole thing sucks!" is the worst thing a label or a band could do today.

17. Do you think people don't listen to european punk simply because they're not American?
D: most of the people who listen to our music are fairly open-minded and do not care about things like nationalities a.s.o. - I hope so....
Ch: Oh, i don't know. For sure there are people thinking that way, but we can't help THEM. I think it's more about the quality then about the origin, and i KNOW that there are loads of people thinking the same way. Which is cool.

18. What does the future hold for Motorambo?
D: world dominance in noise rok! - what else?
Ch: It is not easy to answer to this question quickly, but i'll try. We're not practicing anymore right now, cause i moved to Hamburg to live and work there. The other guys stood and are studying. Nobody knows what will happen afterwards. But i really really hope that we will find a way to keep Motorambo alive. Give us some time. There will be some live-gigs in Germany pretty soon! On the other hand i do experimental electronic music on my own. The Project's called NITRADA and i'm going to release a 7" called "LOVE ME" on 2.nd rec pretty soon. Just peripheric but at least Motorambo related. I would highly appreciate finding a maybe experimental way of collaborating with the other two Rambos despite this long local distance spearating us.