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Article: Mezzanine~C14 Interview.
Writer: Brinepacer
Date Posted: 07/02/00

This interview was conducted via the wonders of E-mail with Will of Mezzanine~C14. They play heavy ass GvsB punk and have a new CD out now on Break Even Records. Check out a review here.

1. What inspired the name Mezzanine~C14?
We were waiting in the NYC subway for a Train and saw a sign that said" Terminal Mezzanine This Way". and the C14 is the local of a subway Mezzanine

2. When did you form? How did you reach this line up?
We formed in Feb.98. I was floating around the eastern half of the US for about 2 years and decided to go back to TN. When I got back I was introduced to Jason. Jason and I started playing with a drum machine ,then decided FUCK THIS. Jason and Chris played together in another band that broke up 2 years earlier. So Jason and I gave him a call and asked if he wanted to play, he said yes. So we went from there. I moved to Long Isand, NY and we did the long distance thing for a while. After the last Fall Tour Chris and Jason could not handle the road and distance anymore ,so they left the band. Currantly Robby Nickels and Miyuki Furtdo form Brooklyn have decide they would like to step up, bring the music to the next level and tour as much as possible..

3. What would cause the band to break up?
A fatal van wreck (haha)

4. Describe your music for someone who's never heard... music?
Genuine frustration and intensity of just being alive.

5. What inspired you to play the music you do?
Growing up with a skateboard in my hand and a Zero Boys tape in my pocket

6. What have you released so far?
We had put out an EP "MachineGun Camera" on Homicide Records in late 98. At the moment it is out of print. Then we did a couple of comps with several real small indie labels. And then we put out the new CD with Break Even

7. How did you hook up with Break Even Records? How do you get on with them?
We had recorded the CD in May of 2000 with Jean Santalis at Raw Recordings and did not know how we were going to release it. I had seen some stuff that Break Even was going and liked their whole out look on things ,so I sent Peter (Break Even) a copy. He really liked it and got back intouch with us. Get intouch with Peter via email or letter and send something in. He's a good guy. He will get back intouch with you and let you know what he thinks.

8. How does the songwriting process work in the band? Is it one person or a democracy? Do you fight much over how a song turns out?
I do most of the song writing, but we all get in there and decide if we should change things around or what not. No. If there is ever a promblem we will either work it out or get rid of it.

9. What inspires your lyrics? Do you consider the lyrics to be as or more imprortant as the music?
Heavy Drinking (haha) I think that the vocals are another instrument You can us them as just extra noise or as a major focus point. Personally I would rather hear some completely ass kicking music, than some one crying about their stupid Ex girl/boyfriend or they are going to change the world by sitting in their suburan mommy's house

10. What was the best show/tour you've played? Who's your favourite touring partners? If you could get on any tour, what would it be?
Our best show was in Carbondale IL (a college town). There was about 300 drunken people in a basment going nuts, we were shit faced and everything was perfect. The tour's get better each time we go. This next one in April should be out of control. We haven't really ever had a touring partner. But we hope to do a tour with some of the other Break Even bands soon. I would love to get onto Lillth Fair Tour(haha)

11. What do you fight over the most? What was the worst band fight?
We usaully fight over who has to stay some what sober to drive. The worst fight was over canceling a couple of shows toward the end of the tour,so that one of us (I'm not naming names)could go home to his lady friend

12. How do you define selling out?
Selling out to me is losing the right to do things the way the band decides and having to get down on your knees and kiss someone's ass for a $Buck$

13. Do you see the record as promotion for the tour or the tour as promotion for the record?
I feel the record is a promotion for the tours.

14. What is the nicest and meanest thing said about your band?
the nicest was "You Guys Fucking Rock!" the worst was "You Guys Are Just A Waste of My Time!"

15. Do you think the emergence of punk in the mainstream (a la Blink 182) has effected punk at a grassroots level?
Yes I think has defaced the underground. Pop Punk (a la Blink 182) has become the new Glam Rock (aka Poison) But as far as grassroots the people who have stayed with theire roots will always have their roots So Fuck the pricks who don't understand.

16. Do you see MP3 as a help or a hindrance? How important do you see the web as a tool for band promotion?
I thinks MP3's help some poeple find stuff they wouldn't find at their local record store As for web as a promotional tool ,I guess it's got it's upsides, because you can reach so many people, that would other wise never hear of a band.

17. What does the future hold for Mezzanine~C14?
Well for the present we are going back into the studio in Feb. to record some new stuff and iIn April we will be touring. Hopefully we can put out a couple of more records/CD and tour the world until we die in a trans-atlantic airplane crash. Hope to see all of you soon