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Article: C43 Interview.
Writer: Brinepacer
Date Posted: 02/04/01

Channel 43 were one of the bands that stood out in all the music i got for the zine. Their mix of aggression and melody made their tracks on the MIssion Creep Vol 2 compilation. Here, i put a few questions to Tony.

1. What inspired the name Channel 43?
Scrambled Porn!!!

2. When did you form? How did you reach this line up?
We formed in Sept. 1999. We originally started out as a four piece but about 4 months into the band one member left leaving us the three piece that we are today.

3. What would cause the band to break up?
We arent breaking up!!!!!!!

4. Describe your music for someone who's never heard... music?
We like to describe our music as Energetic, Powerful, Inspirational, Loud, Fast, Melodic, and extremely Catchy.

5. What inspired you to play the music you do?
All three of us play three different styles of but when we play together we just end up with this somewhat unique sound. So it really wasnt an inspired sound

6. What have you released so far?
Weve been on the Mission Creep 2 comp, our album: False Sense Of Accomplishment. We are currently working on a split 7" with Red Angel Dragnet.

7. If you could sign to a bigger label (either Epitaph/fat or a major) would you?
Yes we would.

8. How does the songwriting process work in the band? Is it one person or a democracy? Do you fight much over how a song turns out?
We act primarily as a Democracy. And we have very similar ideas on how our songs should end up so we usually end up dicussing the music rather then fighting on how it should go.

9. What inspires your lyrics? Do you consider the lyrics to be as or more imprortant as the music?
Everyday life and all the shit we cant control. And the lyrics are considered to be an equal part of our music.

10. What was the best show/tour you've played? Who's your favourite touring partners? If you could get on any tour, what would it be?
We cant really pinpoint our favorite show because we look forward to and enjoy playing every show we play and we have a good time every time we play. When we go on tour its usually with bands that we are already friends with so we dont have a "favorite" touring band. If we could jump on any tour it would have to be the Vans Warp tour.

11. What do you fight over the most? What was the worst band fight?
Whats up with all the fighting questions!!!!!!

12. How do you define selling out?
To compromise in any way for the soul purpose of popularity or financial gain.

13. Do you see the record as promotion for the tour or the tour as promotion for the record?

14. What is the nicest and meanest thing said about your band?
We dont have a nicest comment about our band but we really appriciate anyone who gives us an honest and sincere comment. As far as the meanest thing said......"You guys suck!!!"....that comment always hurts.

15. Do you think the emergence of punk in the mainstream (a la Blink 182) has effected punk at a grassroots level?
yes....but only that style of punk

16. Do you see MP3 as a help or a hindrance? How important do you see the web as a tool for band promotion?
We think that mp3's can help when used in moderation. You dont want to put your whole album on the internet. And the web can be the best form of promotion if used correctly.

17. What music do you listen to, both current and growing up?
Motorhead, NOFX, AVAIL, Foo Fighters, Metalica, Gameface, Ozzy Osbourne, Hot Water Music, Inquisition, The Getup Kids.

18. Is there a strong punk scene in Richmond?
Small but strong

19. Tell us about your forthcoming CD.
This CD is everything that we have worked on in our first year together. The CD looks and sounds great and we are very proud of the way it turned out. The style is much like a rollercoaster in the sense that its not the same thing from song to song. But inspite of the songs being different it still maintains the "Channel 43" sound and style.

20. What does the future hold for Channel 43?