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Article: Questions
Writer: Fathead
Date Posted: 23/07/01

Do I want to be a rock star? Do I have the dedication? What am I doing with my life? Do I wanna be a rock Star?

I've played for years now, but am I as good as this? When can I find time to practice? Will I ever get a day off from work? How the hell did Jordan Burns get that good? Why can't I find that third kick on the single bass pedal?

What if we don't make it? What if they sound like us? What if she doesn't come back? What if they laugh at us?

Can I sing that high? Can I sing that low? Can I play that fast? Can I play that slow?

Why Does Joni Mitchel sound so good? Will I ever get out of this town? What does Joey think about all this so-called-punk-rock these days? Do I wanna be a rock star?-

Fat Mark