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The Pride of Toronto--Wendel Clark, a True Warrior

One June 29th, 2000 the NHL lost a player whom truly is the epitome of courage. Wendel Clark will no longer skate in another NHL game. The man who time and time again sacrificed his body and soul for the game he loves.

Toronto will never again see a hockey player who plays with such a fiery determination as Wendel. Being traded twice from the city he loves did not stop him from coming back a third time and despite the criticism, played with the same passion and ferocity as the Wendel Clark of old once did.

He wore his jersey proud and his head held high. The colours blue and white flows through his veins. Nobody took the Maple Leaf lightly when Wendel hopped over the boards for one of his many intense shifts. If you look in his eyes, you could see the love he has for this great game, the team, the fans, and the city of Toronto.

I watched in disbelief as Wendel announced his resignation from hockey, with tears of sorrow streaming down his face. I fought back my own tears that were threatening to spill from my eyes. He had never hoisted the Stanley Cup, and he never will as a player. It seems unjustified that a competitive soul like Wendel's never won the championship. Toronto's favourite Captain hung up his jersey for the very last time. Farewell to a man who displayed every single quality that a hockey legend should have. Goodbye Wendel Clark, may you forever be remembered as the player who never lost his heart, no matter how many times his team turned his back on him. We love you #17.

Copyright June 2000

"He's everything you want. He's everything you need. He's everything inside of you that you wish you could be..."--Vertical Horizon

This is a poem that my mom wrote, with some help from myself.

The Last Hurrah

For the love of the game number 17 played

He left Toronto twice but his heart never strayed

He wore his leaf proud and his heart on his sleeve

June 29th was a sad day to leave

He gave it his all on his tour of duty

In the words of Don Cherry: 'This guy's a beauty!'

This guy demonstrated undeniable class

Poetry in motion when he intercepted a pass

Goalies all trembled when he slapped a great shot

Cujo took one in St. Louis he never forgot

17 we love you is all I can say

June 29th is Toronto's "Wendel Clark Day."

Copyright June 2000

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Quotes from Wendel Clark's retirement press conference