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Diva on a Rant!~ Welcome to Angela's Humor Columns

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Humor Columns from Angela (Anjuleyes)
Diva on a Rant~@
Undies 4 Sale
Welcome to my stories........I hope you get a kick outta them!

Angela in Vegas-I just lost my shirt, but I'm happy

January 2000

Close the Closet Door
Rant from Anjul's Two Bits

"A good friend of mine came out of the closet lately.
We all wish she'd go back in.."

The Bag Lady
Do I make you horny, baby?

December 1999

Is that your Final Answer?
Hold my calls..I'm waiting for Regis to make me a millionaire...

Fit to be Tied
I started tugging my jeans on. The usually breezy tug seemed to stall somewhere between the thigh bone and the hipbone...

I saw Mommy kicking Santa Claus...
"I'm having erotic dreams about Santa Claus..."

Who Wants To Be a Bingo-Naire?!
Damn these cards....... someone change the caller and shake those balls!

Undies 4 Sale
Used Undies are raking it in....sheesh.

Hymen Says
Talk about your embarassing moments. Those wacky kids.

Italian White Trash Cooking
You don't wanna eat at my house

An Italian American Beauty
Why would anyone name their kid "Apollonia"?

A Sphincter says What?
Exqueeze me?

Not in My Backyard
Get your hands off my ass, Bubba

B-cause I N-joy G-ambling, O-nline
Take that Senator Kyl-you can't tell me what to do on my computer

Candid Camera
Ooo..look what's on Angela's Webcam

A Bushel and a Peck
I'm just clucking around with you.

Dog Day Afternoon
My dog leads me around by the nose

Pamela Lee and Me
I bought Pamela Lee's Implants on Ebay. What a difference a size makes.

Eyes Wide Shut
How does Nicole's negligee look on me Tommy baby?

The FemmeDomme Menace
It's you know who your husband is having cybersex with?

The SchMoos
My apologies to Sharon Stone.. this is just a bunch of Bull.

The Sixth Spaghetti Sense
Bruce is hot in my garden. Those dead people aren't.

What's all this about Cybersex?
Dear Anjul, what do you know about this subject?

One Fish Two Fish Dead Fish Blue Fish
Farewell to Sparkles the Goldfish. You served us well.