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Howzit goin', eh? When I re-worked my website plan with the move to "Zine/Forty2" nearly 2 years ago, my aim was to keep things simple enough where I could keep the pages updated frequently and easily. Dang it, I haven't even been able to do THAT little since around the turn of the century! Stuff just keeps popping up, sorry.

This is not necessarily a bad thing...I may have found my calling at last, in the field of public transportation. I have become still more active within the Southern California Transit Advocates, and also in an Orange County bus watchdog group that merged with SO.CA.TA and is now operating locally as the Transit Advocates of Orange County. While I'm still new to Orange County, and am only slowly getting to learn Los Angeles County's myriad cities and transit agencies as well, I am finding much I can do for both groups already. I at least got to update some of the transit-oriented pages over Laborious Day weekend.

With those eating much of my time, and my baseball attendance up again (though only to Angels games so far this season, plus home games at San Francisco {In the Sunday part of the article} and at Los Angeles), most other activities have been suffering.

My aircheck trading is way down, despite contacts from many potential new traders, as I'm finding it a challenge just to listen to everything I'm getting from my old pals. I occasionally have this nightmare that every tape I was ever promised but they never bothered to send will suddenly arrive, though I'm safe in knowing that most of those clowns have kept out of touch (with me and with reality) for so long, they would not have my current address. My tape collection list, while worked on a bit since you last looked, is still woefully out-of-date. I just re-edited my sorry, thrown- together quick-fix of a tapeables list, just to have something closer to current. Pathetic how I was unaware of a few changes, such as at the Corona/1370, until I did a bit of rare dial-spinning as part of an even rarer visit to Riverside County this past weekend.

I have a loose plan to schedule more work on a few pages in the next couple months, especially more of the public transit pages, and the radio lists (certainly the tapeables and the favorite programs). If you want me to let you know when I get to a (or to several) favorite(s), please drop me a line at the usual e-mailbox. Thanks!

The remainder of the "front page" text will remain as-is until I get around to re-writing all that. I also need to work on the "Snuggles" audio link below, which Angelfire sometimes treats as an off-site link despite the sound-bite being in my files here?!? The trouble one goes through for a "free" web-page. Whatcha gonna do?

Amazing...a sample of my recent writings is temporarily sitting right about here!

-- MarkTime, 9/19/01 (slightly retouched 5/29/02)

'...And My Dollar Bills Could Buy the Brooklyn Bridge.'
The Best Things in Life Are Free....

Much of the radio slop is now up here, including my Chicagoland Radio History article, new radio lists for several different radio markets I have visited, and at long last some tape-trading guidelines to go with the stations I can record, those I want, etc. While I prefer trading with and for fresh airchecks, I did add what passes for my collection list as well. Will also dive a bit into radio music, futile as that may be now that most stations have stopped playing music and now just have "formats", cough!

Schmock! Schmock!
Hey ho, Steverino!

Have also been doing some work on the travel- and public transit-oriented materials, mostly several stories of my recent adventures. Links for all these and more are found below, or just go direct to the travel page or to the transit transfer point for more of those sort of articles and links.

How about a Morse decoder ring?

In the very near future, look for more pages covering more of my zine, travel, food, transit, and baseball interests for sure, and other selected articles from the
MarkTime and FortyTwo zines. Come back for more later, but in the meantime consult my older lists, and some of the pages in the other links below. Careful with those older pages though, especially the GeoCities ones, as some of the links, including most of the e-mail addresses will have gone bad in the years since those pages were abandoned. I have even included links to some of the "Yahoo!" message boards I take part in (on a very occasional basis). Amazing how little radio-activity there is on "Yahoo", though then again radio geeks can be a lazy bunch, eh? Could devote a lengthy page just to "outing" people who claimed to be tape traders, promising to send out tapes "right away" only to prove themselves to be liars, cheats or worse, but they aren't worth the typing time anymore.

 Find Svengoolie on WCIU, if you can!

Thank you for your patience! Check back when you can, and we simply MUST swap Web-page links! (Send me yours via the convenient e-mail button, just a few doors south of this very paragraph!)

 It's My Affair!
"There's a Girl at the Chip Shop, Thinks She's Fidel"

Oh, yeah...also should cover some of my musical interests, before ALL of my faves leave this planet (such as Kirsty MacColl above, sniffle).

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...and your little dog SNUGGLES, too!

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