Hmmm, what do I call you?
Readers you are, but not only.
Contributors yes, but not always.
Members? Too snobby.
Participants? Too silly.

Some of you, oh beneficiaries of this Odd Little Ezine, maintain webpages. The rest of you don't.

Melissa Field.
Come look at the pretty pictures.

Tucker Lieberman.
Tucker is a college student who has lots of opinions and ideas and writes them all down when he ought to be studying. He reserves the right to change his mind.

James Keach. Dare I call him Floof Boy?

Jael Krebs.
Go meet peckerhead and say hi in her forum. Now! or the peckerhead will beat you with a rubber chicken.

Melinda Martin.
Commonly called Mika by quite a few, and Mari by many others, I'm a junior design major at the University of MD College Park. I'm an anime fanatic, and my site is just a portal into my world. [ed. note: and into the land of Tori Amos]

Brendan Robeson.
Computer Science major at Virginia Tech, and a kid stuck in an adults body! I can't get enough of playing games!!!!! :-)

Papa Trouter.
I'm boring: I live, breathe and game. My site is rather large and re-enforces the notion that I have FAR too much time on my hands. Come on in though, if you like D&D, Final Fantasy and other such stuff. (Ah heck, stop in anyway... I've got more than games in there. Welcome to my world)

Erin Whitt-Hilker.
The Page: Good for most stuff involving the ever-so-suave-and-interesting person behind it. Is approaching magnificence with great trepidation. Still suffering from a severe bout of image map fascination. Unpolished.
The Person Behind It: being Erin, a lightly combustible young female who may or may not give corn depending on her mood. Absentminded Unitarian Universalist type who flagrantly disregards sentance structure only marginally less than Yoda.